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The Real Reason Why Some Women Are Attracted To Older Men

Don’t we all look at George Clooney and go baloney? It’s not hard to guess why Amal Alamuddin married him. Who wouldn’t, right? I mean, the man is just so… oh, never mind. And it isn’t only because of his stardom, his success, his good looks, and the thing that rhymes with ‘honey’. He is what a ‘complete package’ looks like!

There are many women who are attracted to men older than themselves (And by this we don’t mean men who are old enough to be their fathers!). Even when I look around in real life, I see quite a few women rooting for men older to them. There’s just something fascinating about older men, I guess. Their demeanor, their old-fashioned charm, their maturity, and their stability. Oh-so-hot. Quite an irresistible combination, eh?

amal alamuddin and george clooney_New_Love_Times

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney

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Well, we aren’t saying boys cannot be charming, refined, mature, and stable. They sure can, maybe a few can at the very least. But we’re speaking of men, real men. Men who grew up a long time ago, who grew up and learnt how to keep a woman happy, how to act their age, how to speak without offending people around, and how to be respectful – regardless of gender or class. There’s something captivating about these qualities that make a lot of women go weak in their knees.

Going back to the olden days, it was strongly believed that there had to be a certain age gap when a couple got married. A gap, where the man is (significantly) older than the woman. There were many reasons why people did so in the past. The common belief was that the younger the woman, the more children she could bear. The other reason was that an older man would be ‘well-settled.’ However, today, these reasons may not be the only ones why more and more women are attracted and are settling for men who are older to them. So, women who are attracted to older men aren’t looking to have ten children, or aren’t looking to dig into the man’s success; in most cases, the women are equally successful in their own fields and are independent. So what is driving them towards these older men? Let’s find out.

Older men are performers minus the drama

padma lakshmi and salman rushdie_New_Love_Times

Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Sounds convoluted, eh? Let us simplify this for you. Well, after a certain age, there’s only so much drama any person can handle. Be it man or woman, but especially for women, after a certain point, it simply gets to them. Let’s face it, they have their girlfriends to fill in for all the drama missing in their life. They don’t need a man who is a drama queen. So, in the end, they simply want stable performance without all the fuss and frills. Older men can deliver that. You see, as one grows older, they realize that you can get attention from your partner without making a scene.

Ticking 9 out of 10 things from the chivalry list

This may seem slightly clichéd that older men have better manners. But sorry to break it to you, it’s true. Whether it’s holding a door for you, letting you enter the elevator first, opening the car door, offering their seat in a crowded bus, or simply helping you out around the house. Displaying chivalry comes automatically to the older folks than most young people these days. And which woman doesn’t like that, however empowered and independent she may be? A man who knows his old-fashioned manners and etiquette is a rare find and has to be collected and kept safely.

They know how to treat you

Respect, understanding, love, compassion, and kindness. An older man knows how to treat his woman right, and that’s what makes women attracted to older men. Their ability to understand women and their emotions, and their own ability to emote makes them a preferred and better choice in comparison to all the young lads out there. An older man will be able to show respect and love in more than one way, in a way that women really like. He knows the fine line there is to making a woman either feel flattered or utterly embarrassed. He simply knows it.

They know how to treat you in bed

catherine zeta jones and michael douglas_New_Love_Times

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Ah ha. With age comes all the right moves too. You see, sometimes, it’s nice to see men do all the hard work. So when he is working on you, you know very well how it will end. An older man would’ve learnt the tricks of the trade and would be able to use them wisely in the bedroom. These days, women aren’t ashamed to say what they want and what they enjoy, so having a man with you who knows exactly what to do is a win-win. This sure does qualify as a great reason for women to be attracted to older men.

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Aged wine, not grape juice

Hmmm, we all know the difference between the two, and know exactly what it means. Women mature early on than compared to men, and mature in all aspects – physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, when we women have already reached equilibrium, we don’t want a guy who is still struggling to get on par with us. And that’s only because men mature late (it’s scientifically proven; I’m not making this up!). So, an older man is more likely to have the same wavelength as a younger woman as compared to a younger guy. So, you get it, right? The older, the better.

Being in control of a situation

calista flockhart and harrison ford_New_Love_Times

Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford

Image source: Pinterest

We aren’t speaking of the dominating douchebags over here. The ones who treat their women like doormats and walk all over them. There is a fine line in being dominating and being in control. Authority needs to be used and not abused, so a grownup man is usually someone who can control a situation and has his head over his shoulders at all times. He’d know what to do, and how to do it. Most women like that. We like not having to make all the decisions, and sometimes, a man who knows how to do it seems perfect.

Their stability is commendable

Be it in their careers, finances, or simply relationships, older men are comparatively more stable than boys. Their stability comes from past experiences and learnings. With age, they become much more dependable and stable. They make informed decisions and they’re rarely impulsive. No woman wants a guy who lives on the edge of a cliff or someone who has drastic changes in their life. Stability is assurance, and feeling assured and safe for a woman is a big deal.

They’ve learnt from past mistakes

Binge drinking, rash driving, and one night stands don’t always end well. An older man knows that very well. But apart from these three things, an older man has had several other life experiences and has learnt from them. He wouldn’t make the same mistakes he made when he was in his 20s! He’s better than that, way way better than that. And that sure is attractive for any woman.

They are clear about what they want

soon yi previn and woody allen_New_Love_Times

Soon yi Previn and Woody Allen

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Walking into a restaurant and taking hours to decide whether you want pasta or a burger is quite frustrating. It’s even more annoying to see someone struggling to make a choice. That doesn’t happen with older men. They know exactly what they want and it is kinda refreshing. Refreshing in a lot of ways. Because a woman would hate it when her man takes years to figure things out, figure his life out, and therefore, make her wait unnecessarily. Even if an older man doesn’t want commitment, he’ll know it and that’s good enough as long as you aren’t pretending that you want it and then acting confused. Whatever it is, there seems to be more clarity with an older guy.

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Being attracted to older men is a pretty damn natural thing, because every woman wants a fine man to be with. Older men are more than just fine. They are refined, they can stand their ground and be confident. They can be providers and protectors, they display traits that promise a healthy and long lasting relationship. And all these things make them so much more desirable than they already are. So, it’s not just money and power that these older men bring to the table. They have finesse, charm, a right attitude, and maturity, and those are some very attractive qualities that women are drawn towards and look for in men.

That said, there is nothing wrong with younger men, and some women may prefer them over grandpas. Some women like that immaturity, the thrill, the drama, and the mistakes. It’s equally fascinating. It increases curiosity and passion. That’s what women mean when they say they are attracted to someone for all the ‘wrong reasons.’

To each their own.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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