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The Ultimate Guide on How to Wash Hair Professionally

After you leave the salon, your hair looks the best that it could, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot preserve its beauty after a few days when you need to wash your hair. Even using the shampoo and conditioning product that you buy from the salon cannot give you the magic touch.

When it comes to silky and smooth hair it is not just the hair products which help achieve the look, but how you use these products as well. Along with shampooing your hair regularly to get rid of all of the dirt and grime, you must also use moisturising products o your hair as well. Using a hair mask, or a leave-in conditioner as often as possible helps you restore all of the essential oils into your hair and help it retain its shine.

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Learn how to wash hair professionally for silky smooth hair!

The day you wash your hair, you almost feel as if you are in a hair commercial, but the very next day it seems to have lost all of its beauty! With the help of the following tips, you will not only learn how to wash your hair like a pro but also how you can ensure that your hair looks shiny and beautiful during the days after you shampoo as well!

  1. Soak your hair

This may seem like an obvious step, but many times when we are in a hurry, we do not wait long enough for our hair to fully soak in the water. When you are following this step make sure you use lukewarm water and not hot water as it can dry out your hair by stripping it of its natural oils. Soak your hair and scalp for at least a minute before you move on to the next step.

  1. Oil your hair before you shampoo

Now, we know that most people do not have the luxury of having enough time to oil their hair before they shampoo, but even doing it every other time that you shampoo can help you out. Shampoos, no matter how mild they claim to be, have ingredients that often strip away the natural essential oils from your hair; oiling your hair before you, shampoo can help fight this problem and ensure that your hair can retain the moisture that it needs. At least 2 to 3 hours before you shampoo you can apply deep conditioning oils such as coconut oil, or even mustard oil to help impart some moisture to your hair. If you feel that your hair has become dry and brittle, oiling your hair can help resolve this issue.

  1. Rinse with cold water

This is perhaps the most important tip on the list, and it must be followed every time that you shampoo your hair. While it may sound like a nightmare standing under the cold shower, it will help your hair look glossy and shiny! Try to rinse your hair of shampoo and conditioner using cold water only! Why does this help? Well, cold water closes the cuticles in your hair and helps them seal in all of the moisture and hydration provided by your hair products. Hence, it helps the benefits of your shampoo and conditioner last longer.

  1. Don’t be too harsh

When your hair is wet, this at its most fragile state. This means that when you are trying to dry your hair, you need to be gentle with it. There is no problem in towel drying your hair, as long as you are not too harsh. The best way to use a towel to dry your hair is to use it to help squeeze out and absorb all of the excess water and then allowing your damp hair to dry naturally. Being too harsh when rubbing your towel through your hair can cause t to become frizzy and remain so for the entire. It is not a look that you should be aiming for.

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  1. Get those knots out of your hair

You should ensure that your hair is free of any knots before and after you shampoo. Brushing your hair before (or even during your shower when you are about to wash your hair) is a great way to help stimulate the circulation of blood to your scalp. While brushing your hair, you can also ensure that your hair is detangled, smooth and ready for a wash. After you have shampooed, you need to remove any knots which may have formed during the washing up the process. As mentioned earlier, your hair is at its most fragile state when it is wet, so when you are trying to detangle it, you need to be gentle. Before you start smoothing out any knots, divide your hair into four sections and then tackle them individually; this helps the process go much smoother.

  1. Make sure you dilute your shampoo

Shampoos can often contain ingredients that can cause your hair to dry out, which can cause flaking and result in your hair looking frizzy and dry. Often this means that people throw away their shampoo and move onto something new only to be faced with a similar problem. One way to break out of this endless cycle is to dilute your shampoo with some water. Thus, the shampoo has a milder effect on your hair, and as an additional bonus, your shampoo ends up lasting you longer. Every time that you use your shampoo, make sure that you dilute it with some water; the amount of water that you use depends on your personal preference, and you may have to try it once or twice to get the ratio just right.

  1. How to condition your hair

Firstly, let’s get this out there, conditioning your hair is very important. There are several hair products out there that claim to be a shampoo and conditioner all in one but believe us; they do not provide the type of conditioning that you need. You must always invest in a separate conditioner and make sure that you use it every time that you shampoo. After you have rinsed off your shampoo, it is time for you to apply conditioner to your hair. When using a conditioner, it is important to avoid the scalp (unless otherwise specified) and focus on the tips of your hair. Mainly you should apply the conditioner throughout the length of your hair, avoiding your scalp and roots. To ensure that your conditioner has been applied evenly, you can make the use of a comb, and section off your hair. Once the conditioner is applied, you must keep it there for one r two minutes, or more if necessary. Before you start using a new conditioner, always read the instructions since some may have requirements than others. After you have allowed your conditioner to rest for some time, use cold water to rinse of your conditioner. Make sure that you get rid of all of the conditioner in your hair since any residue can often make your hair look dull, and can attract dirt and damage your hair.

  1. Massaging and scrubbing your scalp

When you are applying shampoo onto your hair, make sure that you are not too harsh. The most important lesson in learning how to wash hair professionally is to ensure that you are always gentle with your hair. Before as well as during the process of applying shampoo to your scalp, you must gently massage your scalp in a circular motion; not only does this help the scalp absorb all the goodness of the shampoo, but it also helps in stimulating the circulation of blood. Make sure that you do not scrub your scalp as it is very sensitive and scrubbing it can cause it to damage easily.

  1. One at a time

We know that it is tempting to get your hands on a new product and start trying it out as soon as you have it. This results in many people using two different types of shampoos alternatively; while it is true that your scalp will not understand the difference between the two types of shampoo, it is still not the best idea to use more than one at a time. Firstly, they may have some different ingredients which may react poorly to one another, and secondly, since it takes some time for hair products to bring about a difference in your hair, you will not be able to tell which product makes your hair look nice and which one does not.

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With the help of these tips, you will soon master the art of washing your hair like a professional! These tips not only help you learn the right way that you should wash your hair but also go a long way in helping you learn how you should take care of your hair. All you have to remember is that you should always be gentle with your hair to keep it looking beautiful and feeling soft.

This is all we have on today’s post on how to wash hair professionally. Did you find this helpful? Let us know in the comment section.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Wash Hair Professionally
The most important lesson in learning how to wash hair professionally is to ensure that you are always gentle with your hair. Here are other tips.
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