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10 things that turn off men in bed, that you might not know of

It is no secret that sex occupies a very prominent place in the minds of men. Your man is sure to feel really great about himself every time he experiences some mind-blowing action between the sheets. Not only will he feel stronger, but it will also be a great boost to his masculine ego and sense of manliness. However, the downside is that every time he experiences bad sex, or he feels that he could not do his best, he is sure to feel bad, under-confident, and even depressed.

For a man, his sexual prowess is intertwined with his sense of masculinity. Although many may deny this, you as the female counterpart play a really important role in this. Just as women have their turn offs, even men do have certain things that turn them off and are a strict no-no in bed. And when that happens, he is sure to start avoiding you.

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Read on to know more:

Here are the top 10 things that turn off a man in bed:

1. Too much control

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Have you heard yourself say, “It’s either my way or the highway,” too often in bed? This is one of the biggest turn offs for a man in the bedroom. Men are often more adventurous and experimental in bed, and while he may enjoy a challenge, he is not going to like being intimate with someone who always wants to be in control. Sex for a man has to be fresh, exciting, and at times even innovative. Do take the reins in your hands, but know when to let go too.

2. The starfish position

Have you ever heard of a starfish that has had great sex? No? That is because there is no such thing as great sex for the almost-unmoving creature! Ladies, if you do not want to lose your man, then trust me – do not be a starfish in bed. There is often a misconception among women that plain penetration is the ultimate definition of sex, and that is where it all starts and ends, but the reality is anything but that. Women who just lie in bed without doing anything, or, worse, close their eyes and start making their grocery list or mentally organize their closet, are perhaps the worst sex partners for men. While I am sure you are really beautiful and attractive, a guy does expect you to be a part of the action.

3. An attitude – a bad one

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Of course you should have an attitude of your own – in fact, a good attitude, no matter how badass, can actually be a huge turn on for a man. However, trying to dictate terms in a bossy manner is going to make him run in the opposite direction, with his sneakers on. While having rules is fine, do not try to impose every single one of them. As I said earlier, rein in and let go as the situation demands. This is no classroom after all!

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4. Yes! You can play with it but it is certainly NOT a plastic toy

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Many girls and even women out there do not know how to handle a man’s private parts, and guys really hate that! Don’t try to yank it out of him. Keep one thing in mind here, girls – a man’s privates are really sensitive. So be gentle! And if you are unsure, ask him sensually if he likes what you are up to!

5. Selfish in sex? Really?

This is something that most guys and girls hate alike, but regretfully, everyone has no choice but to deal with it at times. Try and imagine a guy making all the right moves in bed in carnal pleasure, and the girl just pats him suddenly on the back and asks him to get it over with because she has had her closure already, complete with a vacant expression. I am sure a lot many guys reading this can relate to the experience with a great deal of frustration. So the next time, ladies, do not ask him to stop as soon as you are done, or he is sure to lose interest in you sooner rather than later too.

6. You don’t ever attain closure (the big O)

sexual dissatisfaction

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It is understandable that this is not entirely your fault – many women are shown to be unable to achieve closure, some due to medical conditions. But ironically, for guys, getting their girl there is a psychological path to glory. They are sure to feel that they are unable to satisfy you sexually if you are unable to experience it ever during physical intimacy.

7. Personal hygiene! Is this not a no-brainer?

woman taking a bath

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Keeping yourself clean in places where the sun doesn’t shine is perhaps a bare minimum requirement. Does his expression change after spending some time down there – indeed, does the entire atmosphere of the room feel off? Well, he may not even express it, but that does not mean you ignore it. While he may still be courteous enough to complete what he started, don’t expect anything more than that or even after!

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8. Yuck! It’s gross!

This one’s for all the girls out there who consider the male privates to be dirty and gross. Ladies, given that men expect some personal hygiene, they maintain the same standards for themselves! If you are one of those women who does not like touching and feeling the male organ, if you feel the only thing you should do is to guide it to penetration, then you are certainly going to see less involvement. But if you’re uncomfortable with certain aspects of the act, then you both could talk through it and work towards a resolution.

9. Texting between the sheets?

woman dialing

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This is an issue that bodes worse than it sounds. Are you busy gossiping on WhatsApp with your girlfriends about who wore what at the last party while he’s at it? Or making a list of chores that need your attention? This will perhaps be the most clear sign that you are not interested in sex, and, as will seem obvious, not interested in him either. Better end this, girl. It is not worth your time and certainly not his.

10. Being clingy is only going to make him run farther

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Lastly, while it is all but natural for a girl to feel more strongly about a guy after making love, let us not forget that everyone has lives of their own too. Your attachment to him is understandable, but don’t get him to cancel that much awaited movie he wants to catch up on, or that time out with his male friends. And he is certainly not going to like it if you start getting unnecessarily jealous about his female companions. Yes, do take the time to make him understand how you feel, but don’t become a clingy vine who cannot see your own life beyond him.

While I have tried to point out some common things that turn a man off in bed, there are certainly going to be differences in opinions and some of you may even downright disagree to what’s been written here. What matters more however, is the bond that you share with your better half!

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10 things that turn off a man in bed
Sex is intrinsic to an intimate relationship. But if you possess any of these 10 qualities, then you're bound to turn off the man you mean to make love to.
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