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10 Things That Turn Women Off, Which You Might Not Know

If you are reading this, then chances are either that you have faced a really embarrassing situation in the bedroom in the past, or you have a really hot date night coming up that you wouldn’t want to mess up! It is as important to know what can turn off women as it is to know how to please them in bed.

Whatever your situation may be, here are some basic things that you should know about what would make women squirm away from you in bed. Keep these in mind to prevent from being a dud instead of a stud.

1. Unkempt look

unkempt man

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It’s not okay to show up to your hot date wearing your worn out baseball shirt. Neither is dousing yourself with deodorant because you haven’t taken a shower in days. Women are sensitive creatures – they can sniff alcohol and lipstick on your shirt from a mile away. Just as you would like your date to look nice, offer the same courtesy to her!

2. Bad personal hygiene

bad personal hygiene

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Uncut nails, dirty elbows, and stringy unwashed hair are only going to appeal to a cave woman. Since a cave woman is hard to come by seeing as they’ve been relegated to the pages of Stone Age, maintain personal hygiene. And because you intend to bed someone from the civilized world, try and maintain yourself accordingly.

3. Unpleasant body odor

body odor

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Some women do love the unkempt look, but two days’ worth of stubble and perhaps some ripped jeans are just about the only things she would appreciate in her rough and tough man. Unpleasant body odor will turn her off quicker than you can say BO, leaving you high and dry. So remember to shower and dab on some cologne before your hot night ahead.

4. Unrealistic expectations

unrealistic expectations

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If you watch porn regularly, you may develop over-hyped notions about female sexuality. Just because your favorite porn star is a fellatio expert doesn’t mean the woman you are going to sleep with is as enthusiastic about the idea. Don’t pressurize a woman into performing sex acts from your private fantasies. Talking about your fantasies openly might be a better idea than pressuring her into it. If she’s open to trying something new, then it will turn out a win-win for the both of you.

5. Rough play

If you do not know a woman well enough yet, don’t assume that she enjoys rough play. It’s not okay to be rough with a woman – by gripping her hard enough to leave marks on her skin, hitting, punching, shoving, pulling her hair or using force in any way – just because you’ve seen it in the movies. Be gentle and you will be rewarded.

6. Self-obsession


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Most women love attention, and when it comes to sex, they expect their partner to be focused on them and them only. If you are nervous and have the obsession of constantly checking your hair or peeping at yourself in the mirror, then you need to be careful. These habits will cause your woman to read you out as self-obsessed. Don’t spoil her mood by talking only about yourself or your favorite car. Focus on her and reap the rewards later.

7. Pokerface

poker face

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You may feel the urge to concentrate wholly on the impending climax that you are working to achieve. But women are wired differently, and as a rule get turned off when they feel that their man is not “acting romantic” during sex. Try to whisper some naughty words into her ear, or at least say her name passionately in the middle of intercourse, and see the difference it makes to her sexual experience.

8. Profanity

using profanity

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It’s fine to swear a little during those really hot moments prior to climax, which may actually spice things up and take things up a needed notch. But using language that you normally only reserve for your best male buddies in the locker room, is going to be a turn off. Many women get peeved and even intimidated by profanity, and they may respond by withdrawing. It’s better to limit your swearing to a maximum of three cuss words per session. In fact, it’s better to lay off swearing altogether if you are going to bed with a lady you do not know much about.

9. The two-minute play

Hopefully this is something you already know about. No woman is pleased by a man who just rolls off and begins snoring as soon as he has climaxed. Women take longer to climax, so you have got to make sure she is sexually fulfilled as well before you sign off.

10. Monotony


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If you’re in a committed relationship or marriage and intend to make love to your woman in the near future, remember that the one thing that makes sex boring is monotony. Women hate monotony – she is going to be turned off if you stick to the same strokes and positions every time. You may think that your skills are well-oiled and fine-tuned for her pleasure, but chances are that she is going to appreciate more variety. Bring in some different moves to keep her wanting more.

So now you know what not to do to keep your lady in bed – read on here to find out what you should do to truly pleasure her.

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10 things that turn off a woman in bed
Sex should be enjoyable for both partners. But if you possess any of these 10 qualities, you're bound to turn off the woman you intend to bed.
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