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From Too Boring To Bother To Too Hot To Handle: 7 Sex Moves You Can Use For A Sexcellent Week

We said it in the title. We are going to take your sex life from the ‘too boring to bother’ station to the ‘too hot to handle’ station- in a matter of few quick-fix dishes that you will never have enough of! What’s more- you will have them in bed and not get scolded for crummies either! 😉

Sounds yum already, no? You bet.

couple in bed

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So let’s unzip more than denims and talk of the one thing that we think of, watch and even do- but stay tight-lipped about! Let’s talk SEX!

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If you think you are stuck in that twelve-minute jackhammer rut and need to send sparklers flying about in the bedroom and outside of it, we are here to help. NLT has compiled a crazy week worth of sex moves that you can use to make your mundane week magical:

1. Not so La-Z Monday

couple in bed (8)

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If you’ve always been too lazy to move it up and away from the horizontal position in bed (yeah, we know the morning blues hit us all), it is time you bring out the sun on your sex life. Enjoy the sunshine warming what had hithertofore been lying cold on the bedspread by taking it beyond the bedroom. Put her on a chair and taste her, put her on the kitchen sink and hump her or simply, have a quickie outside your child’s nursery. Can you imagine the thrill? Nah, Bruno will not tell anybody! He’s a GOOD boy and so, you can be BAD! 😉

2. T-ruly charged Tuesday

couple in bed reading

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Life has a way of getting to us- mostly, by kicking us in the nards every day. Yes, I mean – the wonky work hours, the household chores, the children’s projects and so much more! But don’t let these be slip-ups for sex or else it will bid you goodbye forever. Take your Tuesdays to the next level by putting more energy in your erogenous zones with some erotica- think sensual massages, adult literature and even striptease! No porn, though- save it for…

3. Like they do it– Wednesday

couple in bed (9)

Image source: Shutterstock

If steamy sex on-screen ticks your thing, then you’d love Wednesdays. Watch your favorite romantic flicks for these ohh-so-hot-scenes and reenact them together. In the mood for more? Bring out your favorite porn collection and try everything that makes you want to DO IT- the way they DO! <ooh>

4. Thirst quenching- Thursday

woman in bed

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Lord bless the man who invented 69! As couples, we tend to use only the most basic weapons in our arsenal (you know what I am talking of)! We undermine and hence, never use our tongues enough. It is time to bring it out- for the only dish you serve on Thursday- oral sex! Ladies, go crazy on the frenulum while guys, touch the commisure before going in. Experiment with different positions and locales and don’t shy away from topping some more scoops of dessert on what already is the sweetest dish ever! Or simply pour on your favorite tipple on what already has the power to keep you high for days! 😉

5. F*ck the freak Friday

a man tied to a bed with a pair of handcuffs

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

The reason Grey got to girls was because we like the rough stuff! So if bringing in some of the kink from an adult toy store revs up the playfulness in the bedroom, we say- give it a go. After all- all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, right? And we don’t like dull! 😉

6. Scent-sual Saturday

couple in bed

Image source: Shutterstock

When your pheromones go wild, so will you. Give them some help with that musky after-shave scent she loves on you or ask her to wear the fragrance that drives you wild. Throw in a shower together and rinse her with the body wash you know she smells like- allow her to do the same for you- you’ll never be able to tell what kind of WET-ness hit you! But you’ll sure be smiling the morning after! 😉

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7. Swinger Sunday

couple in bed (5)

Image source: Shutterstock

Now, now- this one may not be up everybody’s alley- but that does not mean we shall rule it out. After all, it is ohh-so-sexy! So, bring some swing in your life with this crazy contraption- coz trust us, you’ll love the deep thrust, the raw feel and the expression on her face! Try it, now!

Anything else you can think of to make the next week even more sexcellent? Tell us in the comments below…we are all… know.. 😉

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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7 Sex Moves You Can Use For A Sexcellent Week
Has your sex life gone from 'whoa, that was GOOD' to 'meh?' Then, you need sex moves tips for a sexcellent week!
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