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Chinese University Actually Offering Lessons In Love!

How many of you have wished for there to be a course on love and dating instead of the mundane Math or impractical History? Love and dating and relationships are all things almost every adult dabbles in, rather than Math or History. So it makes sense to have teachers explaining how to go about breaking the ice with the opposite sex, rather than learn how to solve quadratic equations.

Apparently, a university in China is doing exactly that! Tianjin University in northern China has announced that from the beginning of 2016, it will start a brand new course named ‘Theory in Love and Dating,’ which is an elective. The course apparently aims to teach students to find their better half.

tianjin university

Tianjin University

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

The new course is a part of the university’s education reforms, which will give students more flexibility in getting academic credits. Unlike other lessons in China, where the teacher stands at the head of the classroom and lectures the students, the new course will be more interactive in style. Apparently, the students will be engaging in discussions and attending various social events. The course, which comprises of 32 classes and two credits, will help the students to sharpen their interpersonal skills in the hopes of finding their better half. It has both theoretical as well as practical lessons, including social etiquette training, which are all necessary to find a potential partner.

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Unsurprisingly, students who succeed in finding a partner by the end of the year, will be given full marks by the instructor. This instructor will not be taught by the faculty, but by members of a student community called Magpie Bridge.

The supervisor of Magpie Bridge, Cong Ying, said that the course is designed to act as a platform for students to talk about love and meet new people. Further, she added,

“If our students put the theories into use and find a partner at the end of the year, we can give them full marks for the module accordingly.”

Not just finding a partner at the end of the year, but the students will also be assessed on their note-taking ability, and a group drama that will be expected to be presented at the end of the academic year.

It certainly is interesting, don’t you think? Would you attend such a course on love and dating if it was offered in your university? What all would you like to be present in such a course than what Tianjin University is offering? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Article Name
Chinese University Offers Course On Love And Dating
Tianjin University in northern China will offer a new course on love and dating from 2016.
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