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10 Amazing Benefits Of Showering Together That You Never Thought Of

If you don’t get the hype of showering together, you might want to read on. Showering together is one of the best and most underrated things couples can do together. They should incorporate it into their daily routine and indulge in it more often. Showering together has a lot of benefits — we’re not just talking about saving water!

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Here are a few reasons we think you should get sudsy with your partner that may push you into giving it a go!

1. It increases intimacy

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Showering together brings you closer as a couple in a way nothing else does — not even sleeping in the same bed. When couples shower together, it is as if they are sharing all aspects of themselves. You discover your partner’s body in entirety, and all its glory. It’s not just about the visual excitement, though. It helps keep the flame of your relationship strong because you’re not hiding yourself at all, and connecting to your partner at every level. Nothing screams intimacy as much as you and your partner starting your day together.

2. It’s sensual

showering together_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Showering together is probably one of the most sensual things you’ll experience in your life. It is a jolt of excitement into your relationship, and helps keep it romantic and fun. What could be better? Use this opportunity to pamper your partner: soft washcloths and scented body washes are your friends. Remember to take your time when you’re lathering up your partner: you want to drive them absolutely wild. This change of scenery will probably dial up the romance in your relationship hugely. It’s all about thinking a little differently and being opening to new things.

3. It’s great for private conversations

Being trapped into the small shower space is a great boost for conversations, especially since there are no other distractions. If your phone or book or the television stops you from talking to your partner, the shower is the perfect place. You can discuss anything under the sun. It’s a great space for private communication. Make sure you lock the door for optimum alone time. A lot of people say that their best conversations have happened in the shower. It’s also a great way to talk it out after a fight! Making up has never been so fun, eh?

4. It relieves stress

Showers are known to be relaxing places, and sometimes, during a long day, we await taking a shower desperately. Adding your partner into the mix can only make the deal sweeter — nothing could be better than experiencing two things you absolutely adore, together! When work is killing you and you’ve used up all your vacation days, this can be your romantic getaway — and you don’t even need to leave the house. Perfect!

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5. It’s a no-effort date

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Image source: Tumblr

You don’t always need to go to an expensive restaurant to have fun. Yes, dressing up to have a great night out is fun, but sometimes you just want to stay in. For those days, a relaxing shower together can be a beautiful thing. Tidy up your bathroom, put on some nice slow music, turn off the fluorescent lights, and switch the mellow lights on, and enjoy your evening.

6. It’s easier to let someone else scrub your back

Hygiene is important! This is more of a practical rather than a romantic reason, but it really is easier to clean when someone is helping you. Try it to believe it, but I promise you, it’ll change your life. Oh, and the shampoos you love when you go to a salon to get your hair cut? Imagine that, every day. You’ll feel squeaky clean and very content, and you’ll never want to shower alone after you’ve experienced showering with your partner. It’s just so easy and convenient — not to mention really, really fun. It means you’ll stop seeing taking a shower as a mundane, everyday task (yes, no more dread at having to get up and scrub every inch of your body). It’ll be something you look forward to.

7. It makes you comfortable with your body

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Image source: Tumblr

Everyone has insecurities and body image issues. We all have certain things about our body that we’re not very happy with, that we want to change. Perhaps your thunder thighs and rounded belly make you cringe, and you always hide those things from your partner. Well, showering together will help you be less self-conscious about your body. Your partner’s reaction to you will make you feel unbelievably sexy. It’ll make you much more comfortable with your body, and a happy satisfied you can only mean good things for your relationship.

8. It removes all barriers

A shower is a very private act. So, more than anything else, showering together helps you create an unshakable bond with your partner, because you’re removing all barriers of personal space and saying: Hey, you’re welcome in every part of my life. It’s an intimate thing that you wouldn’t do with someone you didn’t care deeply about. You don’t shower together when it’s a casual fling — it’s a sign of a strong and comfortable no-barrier relationship. A couples’ shower is all about building trust in your relationship, with a nice dose of spontaneity. It doesn’t always have to be about shower play, though that’s great too. Sometimes it’s just you and your partner hanging out.

9. It’s amazing foreplay

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Image source: Tumblr

It really is! A sensual scrub down, or a massage, can be a great precursor to more fun activities later. It’s an erotic opportunity that should be exploited as much as possible, especially since it gives you access to places that a bed normally wouldn’t. You should take full advantage, and explore your partner’s body. Experiment with water temperatures and shower head settings for an adventurous experience. There’s no right or wrong here. It’s all about what makes you and your partner feel good. You can add this to your arsenal of seduction techniques!

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10. It’s fun

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Image source: Tumblr

Ever explored your partner’s playful side? You should! Even something simple like splashing water on your partner then laughing at their reaction can become a sweet memory years later. It’s not always about being serious or romantic. Sometimes you want to let loose and have fun, and finding someone to that with is the best thing that can happen to you. Also, this is one time you can literally get ‘steamy’ with your significant other. That makes us giggle! What could be better?

Are you convinced yet? You should be. Showering together for couples is a great idea with tons of pros and no cons, really. It’s a lovely way to bond and spend some time with your significant other away from the rush of the outside world. It can be your daily quiet time — whether you talk, or just snuggle. Maybe double showers should become the norm in every bathroom!

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10 Benefits Of Showering Together You Never Thought Of
If you're not yet showering together as a couple, here are 10 reasons why you should start - TODAY! :)
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