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10 Quick Fix Hair Hacks For Your Wavy Long Hair

All those who are blessed with long beautiful waves are indeed lucky. Maintenance of that long wavy hair is not just difficult, but can also get very exhausting. Unlike their sleek and straight counterparts, these hair types tend to get dry really fast as the natural oils that are secreted do not reach from the roots till ends. Curly and wavy hair types are often prone to dryness and split ends.

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So, here are 10 quick fix hair hacks for all long wavy-haired women.

1. Chop off the split ends

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When it comes to hair fixes, you need to face the harsh realities. Your long wavy hair will be prone to split ends, and once you spot them, all you can do is chop them off. For these are dead ends, and it is the hair shaft that splits, and it cannot be fixed. You may use products to seal these split ends, but this does not work in the long run. So before these split ends travel all the way to the top and pull out the whole hair strand, cut off the ends for healthy hair.

2. Condition all of it

All that your long wavy hair needs is moisture throughout the day.  And conditioners help retain the moisture in your locks. Make sure you follow each wash by conditioning even if you do not use shampoos. Do not hesitate when you have to invest in good conditioners.

3. Monthly or weekly moisture boost

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Do not get settled with just conditioning whenever you wash your hair. To keep your locks pampered and bouncing with life, treat your hair with occasional hair masks. You can prepare homemade hair masks using curds, eggs, essential oils, bananas, avocados, and many other ingredients that will give the much-needed moisture boost to your hair.

4. Say no to sulphates and silicons

These chemicals can strip your hair out of all the moisture and make it brittle. One of the best hair hacks for curly hair is sulphate and silicon-free shampoos and conditioners. They might be a little expensive, but definitely worth it.

5. Leave in a bit of moisture

Sometimes, your waves will not be all that well defined. If you are looking for such perfectly shaped waves framing your face, you need to get that serum or maybe wave-defining gels that give shape, hold moisture, and protect your hair throughout the day and stay until the next wash. Get the correct product that is suitable for your hair type.

6. Wide tooth comb

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Wavy hair tends to get tangled more than straight hair, and you cannot use any normal hair brush or comb to untangle them. This will only lead to hair breakage and brittle hair. In fact, you don’t need such detail combing for your wavy hair. For your long waves to take shape of its own, it is best if you use a wide tooth comb.

7. Treat with proteins

Your hair is going to need a lot of protein during your hair care routine. Due to severe pollution and lifestyle, the hair tends to lose its proteins which are the building blocks for hair. Protein packs are the best solution for this. You can do this at home using egg yolks, or if you are willing to invest more, you can get protein treatments done at salons.

8. Miracle oils

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Oil will always be the age old and evergreen hair hack to give that overall and complete care for your hair. Starting from hair growth, to softening and preventing breakage, oils can work wonders on your hair. You can choose the hair oil of your choice almond, olive or coconut oil, or even use a mixture of these.

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9. Protect your hair

The best thing to keep your hair intact is by keeping it away from the factors that are harmful to your hair. Always wear a scarf while you are going out. Whether winter or summer, you either need to protect your hair from the cold temperatures or the harmful rays of the sun. And also try using a satin pillow case or wear a scarf when you go to sleep, as hair tends to get damaged while you sleep on rough surfaces. Try using a t-shirt to rub your wet hair and not a bath towel for similar reasons.

10. The right stylist

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The way your hair can look depends a lot on your stylist. Get a hair stylist who is an expert in handling long wavy hair. The kind of styling and methods differ for wavy and curly hair types, and this needs to be taken care of.

These are just simple and really quick hair hacks that every wavy haired woman should know about. It is always best to embrace your natural self. So hesitate not, protect, pamper, and nourish your waves, and flaunt them in style.

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10 Quick Fix Hair Hacks For Wavy Long Hair
You can never have enough hair hacks. Check out these essential hacks for long wavy hair. You're welcome! ;)
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