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How To Approach A Girl You Just Met And Impress Her

Approaching someone new to strike up a conversation with them is never an easy thing to do, especially when you’re a guy and you spot a girl who catches your attention. On the one hand, you are dying to go talk to this girl, and on the other, you are petrified of the nasty outcomes it may lead to if you are not careful as to what to say—you might end up scaring her away, or worse, have her think of you as a complete perv and go talking about you to all her friends. Yikes!

You have to admit though, that approaching a woman that too in public is nerve-racking and takes a special kind of confidence to execute. For centuries now, men have tried perfecting this art of how to approach women and try to impress them; some have succeeded—hats off to those crafty young fellows, but some have not been so lucky and have been shot down and kicked to the curb.

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But now, there is nothing to fear because right below lie the keys to approaching a woman. Use this as your ultimate guide on how to approach a girl in public. It just doesn’t stop there though; it just keeps getting better because not only will you be getting the low-down on how to approach a girl but also effective tips on how to impress them! So pay attention, boys.

Let’s start with you approaching her first; here’s what you do:

1. Say goodbye to cheesy pickup lines

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Those pickup lines that seem to work in the movies and sitcoms you watch might just end up back-firing at you in reality. Women are not big fans of having overused, cheesy pickup lines being used on them. If anything, it just comes off as fake and makes them feel that you are just trying too hard to be something that you’re not – it’s a complete turnoff. So please avoid it at all costs.

2. Get rid of the fear of being rejected

Boys, it’s a given that you win some and you lose some, but don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Your fear of rejection is your worst enemy, so don’t let it get to you. If you never try, you will never know the outcome. You will end up missing out on a great opportunity and always keep wondering to yourself what could have been. So take a risk and see where it leads you—might just turn out to be your lucky day!

3. Don’t go for the digits just yet

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Take things a little slow. After getting to know her name and what she’s all about, don’t be in a rush to get her number. Try another approach which is different and is sure to work. Instead of her number, ask for her email ID. Most women will give up their email IDs more quickly and easily because it is low-risk and more business-like—this will ensure you don’t come off as too eager. After this, you can get her number pretty easily start writing emails to her. This way, you guys can get to know each other and she can feel comfortable and get to know you. After a certain point, ask her for her number

Psssst… you can also try the “do you have a card,” variation!

4. Make a quick exit

The longer you stay to chat, the bigger the chances are of you completely blowing it with her. All that talking leaves room for a lot of mistakes; remember, all you have to do is approach her and get her information. Don’t just stand there and start having a heart-to-heart! Because the second you start talking, she will be on the lookout for the smallest excuse to reject you – so make sure you don’t give her a reason to walk away and get outta there as fast as you can!

5. Get your act together

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You have to have your basics in place; grooming is a big part of this. Make sure you are well dressed and have a nice cologne on. Don’t go approaching women while reeking of some ungodly smell. It will send her running for the nearest exit! You don’t have to get all James Bond on her though; just ensure your clothes are neat and clean and not too flashy. And finally, wear your confidence – this is the cherry on the cake, boys. There’s nothing more sexy than a man’s confidence; keep that in mind when you’re getting yourself prepped to walk up to her.

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Now that you have approached her, get your impressing swag on, boys!

1. Laughter is the best medicine

If you are able to make her laugh or even get a tiny smile on her face, you have bagged the prize, my friend. Women are drawn like magnets to men who can make them laugh. Which girl would not want a guy around who’s able to keep her smiling and laughing all day? It is a great way to break the ice and works as a very effective impressing tool to catch your lady’s attention and keep her eyes locked on you the whole time.

2. Keep your eyes up North, and not down South

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Okay, here’s a great tip for all you guys out there. After you approach her,  make sure you look her in the eye and maintain eye contact throughout, while talking to her. Yes, of course you can look here and there once in a while, but make sure your eyes don’t go lingering to her chest area because that is a major blunder that can cost you big time. Just concentrate on the conversation and not on her chest! That’s really creepy! *shudder*

3. Chivalry is not dead!

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Make sure to brush up on your gentlemanly skills: pull out a chair for her, offer to buy her a drink, help her with her coat, pay her a compliment. Things such as these will create a lovely first impression in her mind about you; it is hard to come by a real gentleman in our times, so you bringing out the gentleman in you is sure to leave her wanting more. But be a gentleman always, and not just for one occasion to impress her. That’s a bad way to go about things

4. Curiosity kills the cat? Or does it really?

At a stage like this, when you’re getting to know a woman, you should do your best to make her feel comfortable. Steer a conversation towards topics she’s comfortable taking about, like her life, her interests, her likes and dislikes, her dreams and aspirations. Make her talk about herself and show her you’re interested in what she has to say; she will love that. This will make her feel that you’re not just interested in her looks. There’s nothing wrong with being a little curious about her likes and dislikes, but make sure you don’t overdo it because that again might come off as creepy. Because this is your first meeting,  it’s best to make a quick exit. So don’t ask too many questions either, or it might just blow your shot with her!

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5. Don’t brag!

A majority of the male species seem to have all the wrong ideas about how to impress a woman. See, when you meet a woman for the first time, showing off  how much money you have, the expensive car you own, the big mansion you live in, and the branded outfits you sport, aren’t  gonna cut it! You don’t have to brag about your accomplishments, your success, and your money to impress her. In fact that’s not going to help in anyway. Instead, be real, be yourself, and don’t put on a show for her. It’ll get you nowhere!

Well, this brings us to the end of a very insightful journey on how to approach a girl and impress her. I hope all you men out there were able to take away something good from here that will help you in your quest to find love and companionship.

Life is short and unexpected, it is full of surprises; you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner. Hence, we should make the most of it. If you see something you like, go for it—take that risk and put yourself out there; don’t hold yourself back—this is all you get, one life—live it to the fullest! Good luck!

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