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10 Essential Dos And Don’ts Of Being Manly Without Being A Jerk

You may think that you need gargantuan muscles to be manly, right? Well, you have got it all wrong, my friend! Let us show you how to be manly without being a jerk!

Aggression will always fetch you the girl, and the good guy always finishes last. Is that a belief you put faith in? Now, that hardly happens, except in some clichéd (and a bit sexist) movies. Straight women are attracted to men who have a masculine charm, but more importantly, know how to use that charm. Regrettably, some men do not venture down the path of sensitive, emotionally supportive, and respectable males, but strive to add to the pile of douche bags! Now that is just sad!

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I agree to the contention that the interpretation of machismo hinges on the eyes of the beholder. There are people who depict manhood on the basis of the number of bench presses or push-ups they can do, while others (like me), think it is more about whether or not one is willing to take responsibility and the amount of confidence they radiate. So we did branch out but are back to the same question, right? What makes a man manly?

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So, if manliness is about being an alpha male who maintains a very macho social status, has a lot of flings, and dominates the weaklings with his masculinity, then why do women usually not get attracted to them? Because they consider them jerks. If you are not the kind who goes to frat parties, lifts weights to show off, guzzles booze just because that is a manly thing to do, I am sure you are wondering how to be manly without being a jerk? Hence, the article!

Here are 10 tips that list the dos and don’ts of being manly without scaring the ladies away!

The don’ts

There are two ways of doing anything: The right way, and the wrong way! The former will help you come off like a dreamboat, while the latter will only make you look like a brat. Here are some things that must be avoided if you don’t want to come across as an aggressive and annoying man!

1. Don’t fight about everything

I understand that you are a man with a specific kind of mental makeup, and loads of testosterone, of course, but trying to impress girls by picking a fight at the drop of a hat?! Nah, that will not work. Also, bar fighting, where it is your alcohol that is talking and not you, is not only dangerous but extremely repelling.

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2. Don’t talk about adult movies and how much you like big b*tts!!

So you want to come across as someone who is manly, eh? Well, let me give you a pro tip here. Talking about blue films that you watched last weekend or the action you got under the sheets, or even how you are the god of t*ts and wine, does not make women look at you as manly, but more as an ahole! A big fat chauvinistic pig! If you constantly talk about how many weights you lifted at the gym today or how you lurve (!) Pamela Anderson, you will only make women alienate you. So don’t do it, please.

3. Don’t pick on the weaklings

You know what Morgan Freeman recently tweeted about homophobes? He said that he hates the word homophobia. These people are not scared; they are just a-holes. Also those who make fun at feminists, calling them feminazis, are just intolerable buffoons. If all around equality makes you feel less masculine, you have a serious problem. Also, picking on little guys, does not make you a macho man, but more of a bully. And should I even get started on those who torture animals and post a video about it?!

The dos

Now that we have pinned down the don’ts, which you must totally avoid, let us look at how to be manly without coming off as the greatest douche canoe that has ever existed!

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1. Treat the ladies courteously and chivalrously

This is one among the ultimate qualities that one must develop to be a real man, that is, know how to behave with her. And I am not just talking about the time when you are with her in bed. Oh, come on! But you need to be courteous there too, by the way. I mean, really courteous! You cannot demand her to fulfill your whims and fancies even if she is not comfortable with them. You need to make sure that the experience is as pleasurable for her as it is for you. She is a person with hopes and aspirations, and as her partner, you must not just recognize that but also respect that.

Also, there is something else that men should know, and that is… women can be really crazy sometimes (take no offence, ladies)! So if you really want to be manly, take our mood swings with a pinch of salt. Never ever should you make PMS-ing jokes, because that is plain sexist and are sure to make us angry. Be mature and understanding, and we will love you for that.

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2. Do radiate self-confidence

Self-confidence minus arrogance and pompousness is super sexy. It is one of the most definite signs of manliness, the kind that women like. A man who is confident and self-assured, will be clear about his intentions in life, and have a plan in his head to get it done, no matter how much effort he needs to invest. He is not proud of himself, but he takes pride in what he does, and there is a difference between the two. When he takes pride in what he does, he exuberates with enthusiasm and positivity, which are always attractive qualities in a man.

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3. Do lead, when required, but more importantly, do not follow blindly

A real man will have the courage to march on his own path even when there is no one standing by his side. He does it because he believes in his cause, he knows how important whatever he is fighting for is. I am not implying that you be rebellious just for the sake of being different. What I mean is, you should not give into pressure. You should not be a pushover, from whom people get what they want. You should have the ability to take decisions for yourself. Leadership is the quality that separates nice guys from real men.

4. Do give your woman a great time in bed!

Great sex always makes men feel manly; now, let us not be hypocrites here, boys. But if you really want to feel like the King of the World, you need to make it pleasurable for the lady first. Trust me, you will feel majestically macho if you make your woman feel like a queen.

Women, usually, require more time than men to have a climax. Also, we need to be given more attention, because pleasing us is a tough job, and yes, we take pride in that! So take that big O as your big challenge; you love challenges, don’t you?! 😉

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5. Do be protective, but not possessive

I keep harping on this piece of information because it is essential! Being possessive about your lover will only make you come off as a lunatic who has a jealous rage. She will soon block you from her life first, and then from all her social media accounts, and rightly so. Being protective, on the contrary, shows how genuinely you care for her, because you love her. Your protective quality should also be extended to the downtrodden, the minorities, and the wronged, even if they are strangers to you. This shows how you respect what is right and are willing to fight for it, because you are someone who cares, aka, someone who is manly.

6. Do use your aggressive gene in the proper place!

Just pumping your testosterone will not get you anywhere. I just mentioned that, right?! Rather than using your aggressive streak on the guy who by mistake bumped into your gal at the movies, you need to think of better places where your aggression might actually help. You should explore different options; say, boxing, working out, playing sports, and/or doing the most ideal thing you can do: joining the armed forces.

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7. Do bro it out, dude!

Your girlfriend may be your best friend, but you need to spend time with your bros to get back to your basics. Go for a bros’ night where no girls are allowed. Watch football matches, play foosball, indulge in the geeky side of you, or do things that make you feel macho. This is a very fun and healthy way to not only sustain your relationship, but also get out all your manliness.

Stereotypes will have you believe that manliness is more to do with street fights and muscle power. But we here are challenging that contention. Manliness, according to us, has more to do with confidence, responsibility, and empathy. You need to embrace what being a man means, and do that with charm, wit, and tact so that you can save yourself from the shame of being called a jerk!

Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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10 Tips On How To Be Manly Without Being A Jerk
Real men don't need to flex their muscles to show how to be manly to others. They are confident and comfortable in their skin without bullying anybody.
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