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#WorstOf2015 10 Worst Bollywood Songs Of 2015

You know those songs you come across on TV or stumble upon on YouTube that make you curse your misfortune and wish you didn’t have ears? Yes?

Here’s just a list of such terrible songs Bollywood doled out in 2015. If you do manage to listen to all of them, give yourself a proud pat on the back and maybe go take a walk in a park to, you know, not lose your mind… 😛

worst bollywood songs_New_Love_Times

Here is whatever-you-call-the-opposite-of-eargasm..

10. I really pegged Akshay Kumar for a classy guy. My ears disagree big time.

‘Ke dil kare chu cha chu cha che ke dil kare chu cha chu cha chaaa’ Whateven!?!  @$%^*#!

9. Honey Singh does it yet again! ‘Baby you just like a fish, kisi ke haath na aaye…’

Um, I don’t know about Sunny Leone, but that ain’t flattering to any normal woman!

8. Oh my God! I have no words. If someone played this for my birthday I would never, ever, ever talk to them. Like, NEVER!

No, I am not kidding.

7. White girls in a skanky chaniya choli to accompany an equally atrocious song. Ugh!

Now I have seen everything!

6. The sixth place would have to go to Mera Naam Mary. I don’t know what made Kareena do this song.

“Mary sau takka teri hai.” Seriously, Kareena??? What were you thinking?

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5. I think the track’s name speaks a ton for its image…

Stop, Bollywood, stop!!! What in God’s name are you doing?!

4. Wait. What the f*** is this crap?

And why did I listen to it till the end?! Help! My ears are bleeding…

3. The third place goes to… DJ Wale Babu!

I cry at my misfortune for having to listen to this song. I do, really, I DO.

2. Bas jitna aapki beti
Ek mahine mein udati hai
Ek hafte me meri gaadi utna tel khaati hai
Hai ghar, hai paisa, hai gaadi
Ab do jodon mein ladki bhejo
Ladki hui hamaari…

I sh*t you not, these are the actual lyrics. If my ears could cry, they would…

Okay, bye.

1. Aaaaaand… the WORST song award goes to… *drumroll*

Never Ever the Remix from MSG!

This song is guaranteed to make your ears bleed. And the video is equally cringe-worthy! Double miserable! Go on, hit play and I will tell the world you are the bravest soul ever..

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the damage inflicted on your ears or your mental state.

Now, please excuse me while I go cleanse my ears with some quality music!

Featured image source: Youtube

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#WorstOf2015 10 Worst Bollywood Songs Of 2015
Just when we thought Bollywood couldn't get worse... Sigh!
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