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12 Cool Double Date Ideas That Will Redefine Fun

All you love birds out there, get ready to get a taste of romantic fun. Dating is an adventure that we take on for the sake of pleasure and fun, so I don’t see any reason not to use our most creative ideas to make the most of it. And when we’re talking about double dates, come on people, it has to be a never-before treat of double-enjoyment.

So, here I’ve got some awesome double date ideas to help you experience romance at its colossal best. Enjoy!

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1. The food hunt

Food is the best thing to occupy quality time together, so what could be a better plan than going on a food hunt together with your friends and double date partners? There is only one rule: let it come… let it come. You will start by fasting the entire morning and will only leave your homes when you can feel the adrenaline stimulating a vigorous excitement for deliciousness in you. The four of you may have different choices in food, so let everyone pick one and go on trying every single favorite in a cyclic manner. And as you each try each other’s favorite in this marathon of deliciousness, you will inevitably become closer. A win-win!

2. Let music tune you in with melodies

woman listening to music1

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Music is the easiest way into love. You can plan an awesome musical foursome for a double date night. Start by choosing a cozy (and musically apt) place of any of yours, and like a musical potluck, you should all bring some of your favorite collections. Let the music go on and on and savor each note with some fine liquid pleasure. Just see how perfectly romantic the evening will turn out to be with the lovely blend of moods.

3. Gaming old school

couple playing video games

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Now this is a personal favorite. Nothing can bring you into ‘bonding mode’ easier than the sheer exotic thrill of old school gaming. Do you have a double date lined up for a weekend? Great! I say, you bring out those packed up video games and let your future chemistry brew up from the shared warmth of childhood memories. In games with teams, each couple can challenge the other and watch that virtual goodness manifest into an unbeatable delight in no time.

4. Hit the road to explore the countryside

couple cycling_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

Cycling, folks – that’s what I’m talking about here. You can add exquisite charm to your double date by relishing the healthy quiet and refreshing liveliness of the countryside on wheels. Either go out with four bikes—one for each individual—or do it the more adorable way by renting those tandem bikes made for two. Maybe after each of you has had a quality romance, you can have a guys vs. girls race and see how the x-factor of your date shoots many levels up.

5. Add a shopping afternoon to your to-do list

Oh wait, don’t just judge me already. By shopping, I don’t mean the usual boring venture, but I have something amazing and super cool planned for your next double date. So, here’s the thing. You write your names on chits, and whoever’s name you get, you will shop for that person in the day. Imagine how fun it could be. You can all go crazy and find entirely fun and refreshing looks for each other. The dinner afterwards would become a hell of a memory. Voilà! Mission awesome double date accomplished!

6. Let the wildest side of you show

couple singing at a karaoke bar_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

Ha! This is a brilliant way to get on your grooves and moves to have a quality time. Just find a karaoke zone far from your usual hangouts (believe me, it’s always safer this way), and just give it your all without any second thoughts. Don’t worry about the bizarreness. Just live your rock star fantasies, gulp in all those shots, and I bet you’ll end up with a fabulous one of a kind evening on your double date.

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7. Sign up for that cooking class

Food is the food of every relationship. Be creative, and don’t spend your dates on those usual dinners, but instead join in the culinary process through a cooking class together. It’ll be so much fun to learn something new together. You won’t just have each other’s support to motivate, but a healthy amount of humor would also be there to celebrate all your lame failures at cooking. You can learn to cook each other’s favorite dishes (after your own, of course), enjoy your beloved delicacies from your lover’s hands, and be able to host a homemade lunch on the next date. There’s just no end to the perks. Sounds mighty fun, doesn’t it?

8. How about a sports one-on-one?

go karting_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

Oh, this turns me on just with the thought of it. All you need to do is pick out a sport of your choice. It can be indoors or outdoors, but must have room for four. For indoors, I’d suggest monopoly, carrom, snooker or even cards. And when you’re ready to go outside, how about a match of tennis, go karting, or a challenge in skating? Just make sure to use your potential as four excited individuals. Personally, easy and super fun games like Frisbee and catch work for me. The entire idea is about having the most fun, spending the quality time with each other and creating some unforgettable moments together. So as long as that’s happening, you’re going to be just fine.

9. Get into some awesome dance classes

couple dancing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

Let’s not forget that the base of every date is romance. When we are planning some amazing double dating, why not add the double spice of romance and fun? Dancing: that’s the secret recipe you’re looking for. Just go and get enrolled in some outstanding dancing sessions and get ready to sigh out some ‘Wows’ when the moves will ignite some brand new romantic flames.

10. Give your favorite movies and TV series a chance with commentary

couple watching tv1-New_Love_times

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A double date is the perfect way to relive the magic of movies. All you need to do is organize a movie night with a pinky promise that no one’s to leave or spice up someone’s favorite flick with ruthless cruel commentary. In order to repay the torturous fun, you can do this in cycles and experience the most exciting double dates!

11. Get out there to play tourist

Now, here I’m not talking about just an evening, but about dedicating a little vacation to your double dating fun. If your schedules are quite busy, even a weekend’s recreational escape to a nearby exciting location could do. All you need is a change of setting and some new interests to spark the curiosity in you. Traveling brings you the perfect experience of spending technically ‘all’ of your time together. You get to know each other, the flavor of a new culture a bit better, and the ambience of your destination can work wonders in making your double date epic.

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12. Play the dirty secret game

spin the bottle_New_Love_Times

Image source: Youtube

My ideas of the perfect and utmost phenomenal double date ideas just have to end with this wicked one. Truth or Dare, man! All you need to do is empty a bottle of one of the finest vintage wines and get onto spinning that bottle for the best evening you will ever have. This is one thing we always want: for our partner to speak their heart out to us. This wonderful double dating idea is just going to bless you with an insanely cool (and possibly dirty) double date to relish (with a little embarrassment) for the rest of your life!

Which of these cool double date ideas gets you excited? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy double dating!

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12 Cool Double Date Ideas That Will Redefine Fun
Double dating is an awesome way to get to know each other as well as another couple. Check out these cool double date ideas you NEED to try TODAY!
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