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12 Stunning Ways To Rock Ruffles

Everything that you thought was 90’s fashion has now come back in full swing and taken the fashion industry by storm. Among a volley of these fashion trends, ruffles have made a fabulous come back with this frilly fabrics spicing up all kinds of outfits on all kinds of pretty people.

Here are 12 extremely fashionable ways in which you can rock the ruffles fashion.

1. A sexy ruffled dress

You would think a slit dress with ruffles would only look good on exotic Spanish dancers, but this dress proves otherwise with its adorable red-pink contrasts with the ruffles lining the skirt. The spaghetti straps on the top and the extra detail on the skirt allows for minimal chic accessorizing.

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2. Beachy ruffles

Who said you can’t rock ruffles on the beach? A simple off-shoulder ruffled shirt with supportive spaghetti straps paired with a fun-colored pair of shorts lined with sparse ruffled details is an outfit made for the beach during the sweltering summer months.

  1. Ruffles on a mini skirt  

If you think ruffles on your skirt will make you look like a flashy party girl, then think again. This sobre, yet classy casual ensemble consists of a white on white combination, with a T-shirt paired with a short mini skirt with triple layered ruffles and a chic denim jacket.

4. Ruffles can be casual chic too

We totally dig this casual chic look pulled off amazingly with ruffles on a plain white shirt with an upturned collar, loose distressed jeans (which you can replace easily with its slim counterpart) and retro accessories to complement the ruffles.

5. Unconventional midriff ruffles

If you want to add ruffles to your outfit without putting them in any of the conventional places, then a sundress with diagonal ruffles along the midriff with chunky accessories is the perfect way to go. You can make it even more interested with floral print.

6. Ruffled shift dress

A shift dress in itself looks super cool, but when you add to that ruffles in several intriguing layers, you get an outfit that you could rock anywhere, whether you are going out for a house party or for a casual walk outside.

7. Peplum ruffles along with flared three-quarters

This interesting oriental outfit can be constructed with a simple peplum top with added ruffles instead of delicate pleats for the hemline, which can be paired with a pair of flared three-quarter pants in pristine white. If you are unable to find them, then you can even go with linen full pants in the same cut, but the effect created here is way more unique.

8. Stripes and ruffles for your formal chic look

Ruffles and stripes have so far been considered to belong to two opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, but fashionistas today can experiment with the two, and the results are clearly stunning. You can keep the tone retro with high-waist pants and over-sized shades, or you can even go with even toned trousers for a contemporary twist.

9. Nudes and pastels and ruffles

For a fashion-forward party look, a short dress in pale pink with non-aligned ruffles works really well with a pair of thigh-high grey suede boots. This look works out for you not only in terms of adding ruffles (aka the X-factor) to your outfit, but also makes you look edgy.

10. Ruffled skirt in tulle for some roughed up romance

Ruffles on skirts are traditional for a reason- because they have looked good for time immemorial. Pair a full black bodysuit with a long ruffles skirt in tulle, and bonus points if you can get it in polka dots.

11. Ruffled tunic for a Boho chic look

A tunic dress is one of the cutest outfits you can wear by itself, but when you add to it subtle ruffles on the sleeves without disturbing the shape of the dress, you have an outfit that makes you look like a million bucks without putting in any real effort at all.

12. White ruffles and velvet

This combination is so traditional looking, yet so beautiful even in a contemporary context that it has to be experimented with. The neckline of the white ruffled shirt is so typically Victorian, but the twist is in the form of the velvet pants, which remind us of the classic outfits of royalty.

Are you obsessed with ruffles fashion yet?

Featured image source: ifitu

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