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13 Amazing Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Adult Toys

Adult toys are arguably one of most fun ways we’ve devised to make ourselves happier, because they work. Here are 14 amazing facts that you probably didn’t know about adult toys:

1. The origin of vibrators: Vibrators were originally used by reputable Victorian doctors to ‘calm’ down and provide ‘pelvic massage’ to women suffering from anxiety, depression, and some other common psychological ailments when they got tired of using their fingers. The inventor of the first electric vibrator was Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, followed by the invention a steam powered model of it by the American Physician George Taylor. He called it ‘The Manipulator’.

2. The Rabbit Vibrator has weird origins: The infamous Rabbit vibrator looks like a rabbit for exclusively legal reasons. This device originated in Japan, where it was illegal to manufacture anything that resembled a ‘penis.’

3. Men are fearless: Contrary to popular belief, almost 80% of women have brought vibrators into bed with their male partners. Men today truly are fearless gladiators.

4. The US is lackadaisical when it comes to adult toy regulations: This is just the polar opposite of Japan. In the States, many are coaxed into buying ‘organic’ adult toys, many of which have known carcinogens. Depending on the kind of adult toy one is using, their experience might range from pure pleasure to annoying rashes.

5. Creepy descriptions: The patent description for the adult toy ‘Fleshlight’ is “a discreet s*men collecting device”.

6. Alaska, where the horniest men reside: Besides selling 4 million units of the ‘Fleshlight’, and they shipped to Alaska more than any other US state.

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7. The pre-sale arousal: According to a London sex shop, 61% of female customers find the idea of buying an adult toy sexually arousing in itself.

8. They can survive economic holocausts: Adult toys were seen to have sold more during the recession than ever before, reports the online sex toy distributor ‘Adam & Eve.’ In 2009, adult toy purchases went up by 17% while sales of Trojan Vibrating Mini Massager went up by 20%.

9. An oral sex simulating vibrator exists: Yes, it does.

10. Market viability: The market for vibrators is 1 billion USD, which is over twice the condom market size. When a device for a single sex sells more than a necessary anti-reproductive precaution for both sexes, you know what’s wrong with the world.

11. Vibrators can be embarrassingly dangerous: If you’re not careful, you might just land yourself in the hospital. In 2014, a woman reportedly went to the hospital because her vibrator accidentally got stuck in her urethra. In 2013, a man live tweeted his visit to the hospital because he “shoved a dil*o up his a*s.” (his own words).

12. The pink fever: Men are reported to generally choose vibrators and other adult toys which are ‘pink,’ as opposed to colors like purple.

13. Cleopatra’s weird kink: This might be a popular one, but Cleopatra had a ‘vibrator’ too. Well, it wasn’t a ‘vibrator’ running on electricity, so to speak. It consisted of a gourd filled with angry bees, and apparently the Egyptian queen enjoyed the ‘buzzing’.

Did you get any of them? Don’t worry if you didn’t, live long enough on the internet and you’ll begin to gather the most useless (but fun) trivia.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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13 Amazing Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About Adult Toys
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