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17 Ways Sex In Your 30s Takes A U-Turn From Where (And What) It Was In Your 20s

Kids in their 20s think that they are having some ah-mazing sex! But let me tell you this, kiddos, getting into your 3rd decade in this world, you learn a lot about yourself, especially your body. You have a much better grasp over what you are game for and what you aren’t buying. Your body may get slouchier, but your confidence is at a f*cking awesome height (quite literally!). You learn how to accept things the way they are: basically, you know fantasies don’t work out the way they are in your head! The bottom line is, your sex in your 30s is much better than ever!

Believed me?

Am I a good liar or you a…? Never mind! Here are the 17 real differences between sex in your 20s and in your 30s! P.S.: Everything doesn’t get better with age, unlike wine and George Clooney. Certainly, not sex!

1. While in your twenties, contraception was a major issue. You’d be yelling (not so loudly coz… you know!) “Where the f*ck is your condom?” before he stuck it out, in your 30s, conception is a b*tch! “No I am not on I-pills, okay?!!!”


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2. In your 30s you transform into a sexual monk! No, it’s not a one-night metamorphosis, but a result of hours of research in your 20s! Like in life, NOW you know exactly what you want and how to get it!

P.S.: In your 30s, when he says, “s*ck my d*ck,” you know he isn’t expressing his apathy towards you!

3. Period sex doesn’t make you go all hysterical and woozy (no pun intended!). You just go, “pass me that towel!”


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4. In your 20s, he wanted to have more sex than you. In your 30s, he still wants to have more sex but you are more than game!


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5. In your 20s, he said things like, “There? Is that good?”

In your 30s, you say things like, “Yep here. F*ck! That’s gooooo…d”

6. You don’t tolerate your n*pples being squeezed any more coz you know exactly what’s coming next. No point enduring that sh*t in anticipation of the next thrilling move! 😉


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7. Rear door sex scares you in your 20s. In your 30s, you are glad that for those 15 minutes, you don’t need to see his face!

8. In your 20s, when a guy goes down on you, you have no clue what to do and make sounds that are something between a purr and a croak! Sex in your 30s, you ain’t faking sh*t!


Image source: unzippedtv

9. In your 30s, you have a discreet blowjob policy. It starts with a “me first!” P.S.: You also stop getting your Brazilian waxes, coz hairy is the new sexy? Nah! At last, you don’t care!

10. In your twenties, you giggle and chuckle when your partner talks dirty with you. Now you just ask him to get on with it!

11. Foreplay in your 20s, is a few seconds act before you do it. In your 30s, it is a compulsory 30-minute appetizer!


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12. Threesome in your 30s is totally allowed. That’s at least what you think!

13. In your 20s, sex in public places is just so enthralling. In your 30s… “I have a bed at home, you know! How electrifying is that!”


Image source: lifehack

14. There are no two ways that you are going to compromise with your zeds anymore. “A quickie?” “Umm, let me sleep for five more minutes, puhlease!!” 😉

15. Slack *sses, mid-age spread, furry b*shes and bald spots. Growing up is a beautiful mess. That’s all!


Image source: sheknows

16. In your 20s, it is hard for you to believe that the oldies, baldies and the uglies are getting it too! In your 30s, you know every one’s doing it, because… 😉

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17. You think, in your 20s, that sex is the awesomest way to spend time with someone you love. Well, that bit doesn’t change! 😉

Not impressed? Well, that actually sums my case! 😉

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17 Ways Sex In Your 30s Takes A U-Turn From Where (And What) It Was In Your 20s
Everything doesn’t get better with age, unlike wine and George Clooney. Certainly, not sex! Like sex in your 30s?
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