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I Guarantee You Are Going To Fall In Love With These Androgynous Models

  1. Beck Holladay

Beck Holladay is not a name that you would easily recognize, mostly because she hasn’t been picked up by some of the biggest brands yet, but she still has a huge fan following, because of that face which is damn-near perfect. Oh, she is also obsessed with sea-salt products and has a range of hair styling things which you can buy (you’d definitely want some, considering how perfect her hair is also). However, she has starred in a number of fancy editorials, and we can only hope that more people will not let this beauty go unnoticed.

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  1. Agathe Mougin

Agathe Mougin, believe it or not, is not a full time model, which I honestly believe is a crime against humanity because we need to see this face constantly. After modeling for fashion giants like Karl Lagerfeld and Dolce and Gabbana, she decided to become a full-time DJ at the age of 27. However, she is still super involved in the fashion world, and is said to be the pioneer of androgynous aesthetics on the runway. She also does secret colabs with high profile designers and makes the world a radically more beautiful presence with that angelic face.

  1. Ari Fitz

Ari Fitz has close to a million followers on Instagram, and if you spend 10 minutes scrolling through her feed, you’ll know why. She is one of the most sought after androgynous models, but her talents don’t end with her having one of the most beautifully versatile faces ever, nope. She is also an acclaimed filmmaker, with her channel TOMBOYISH regularly releasing a number of important videos about andro aesthetics and other social issues. However if you aren’t interested in any of that, then you can always check out her Instagram and drool over that incredible face forever.

  1. Harmony Boucher

Shot by @marcofalcetta … who is an absolte G obviously.

A post shared by Harmony Boucher (@harmonyboucher) on

You might recognize her from the uber popular Calvin Klein Jeans campaign. She is also a regular face in shows by Gucci, where she has modeled menswear and women’s wear alike. She also has a cult fan following, with people gathering regularly to drool over how incredibly beautiful she is. However, she also sings as is the front-man for her incredibly hipster and niche band- Vuvuvultures. I mean, could this person get any cooler?

  1. Darel Ferhostan

Is this a painting? Is this a person? Who knows. Even though Darl Ferhostan hasn’t taken the modeling agencies of the Western World by storm yet, he is one of the most well-known faces in Indonesia, his hometown. Back there, he has modeled for some of the biggest labels, and starred in all the important magazines, and we are clamoring for him to grace the covers of all the biggest publishers in the world because this face deserves to be seen. He is also considered one of the first, and definitely the most successful androgynous model in all of South East Asia, and we are here for it!

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13 Androgynous Models We Are Borderline Obsessed With
Need someone to fall desperately in love with? No worries. I have collected the world's most beautoful androgynous models for your viewing pleasure.
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