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So How To Shave Your Pubic Area Safely? Here’s How

es, summer is just beginning. But why does pubic styling need to depend on a season?! Grooming the pubic area is a year-round activity for both men and women. And do you know, which is the easiest and most sorted method of doing the same? Shaving! 77 percent of ladies shave their bikini line instead of trimming it with scissors or going for a full Brazilian wax, says a study conducted by the University of Texas! Bumps, redness, irritation, these however, seem to be a part and parcel of this very efficient way of removing pubic hair.

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But with the following 13 steps, that should not be an issue at all! Through the following tips, we not only teach you how to shave your pubic area, but also how to do it safely! Thank us later.

1. Pre-trim

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A razor is likely to clog and turn blunt if it is used on long hair, since it is designed for fairly short hair. Gently pull the hair in the area up and away from your body. Now cut it using small but a sharp pair of scissors. We suggest you use clippers instead. A pair of electric scissors or trimmer which does not come with rotating heads is a better option. Cut your hair as short as 0.6 cm.

If pubic styling is new to you, you should leave the hair short for a few days. It will let you get used to going bare down under! If you are one of those people who is popularly called ‘Miss Butterfingers,’ then avoid taking something as sharp as scissors to the precious area! Go for an electric trimmer instead. Less chance of a mishap that way.

2. Foam up!

This will help you avoid any kind of irritation. A fragrance-free gel or lather which is designed not for facial hair but pubic hair is recommended. Never ever shave your pubic hair without loosening it with foam. Also, test your shaving gel on a different part of your body. This will help you know if you are allergic to the product or not.

Just because something is marketed as ‘for sensitive skin’ does not make it perfect for your skin!

3. Grab that razor!

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The newer it is, the better. It should have a lot of blades. If the blades are sharper, the easier it will be for you, and also safer for your skin. If you are not interested to buy razors every single time, then make certain you take care of the razor you reuse. The blade must be cleaned after every use. Keep one razor separate for the pubic area and another for your limbs. Never leave your razor wet since water accelerates the rusting of the blades which will obviously blunt them.

4. Stretch the skin tight

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If you keep it loose, you will cut yourself. Razors work well when they are used against flat surfaces. With one hand, hold the razor and with the other, stretch the skin and hold it tight. This will also give you a clear target. You should start from below the navel to make it easier for yourself. Whether you want a strip shape or a triangle or you want to shave it all off, depends on you.

5. Shave as slowly as possible and also gently

You need to keep two things in mind: firstly, shave with the grain as that will prevent irritation and also ingrown hairs. Secondly, shave against the grain as that will give you a closer shave. Take these two points into account when you go in for a shave. In case, you have extremely super-ultra-sensitive skin, you should shave with the grain, though that is likely to take twice as long as shaving against it.

As you work your way to getting a closer shave, go across the grain of pubic hair. If your hair grows downwards, shave from left to right. You need to feel the direction of the growth rather than seeing it. This will make the whole process way faster.

Make sure you don’t over-shave the area. If you don’t shave just as much as you require, your skin is likely to become inflamed and irritated.

If this is your first time and that’s why you are concerned about how to shave your pubic area, be prepared for some red pimples. It is normal and they go away in a day or two.

6. A hot shower!

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A hot shower is necessary to soften your coarse hair in that area. It is not a superfluous step, though it may seem like that. It will make the lengthy process manageable. So you say you don’t have time for that? You can simply cover your pubic area with a wet and warm washcloth for ten minutes and that will have the same effect as a bath.

The connoisseurs of pubic hair shaving advise that you should exfoliate your skin before and after shaving. Exfoliating the skin will allow the hairs to get aligned in one direction and outwards. It will also strip away the dead skin and get you a better shave without the razor scratching you.

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7. Don’t miss out on your rear!

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If you have ever got your pubic hair shaved, you know that you need to flip over! Ah, right! You’ve got to take care of another area that you conveniently forgot! Practice once or twice without the razor, just free hand. If you want to be completely hair-free, you need to aim for the bottom, front, back, inside, outside and everything in between! Having no pubic hair, however, increases the chances of acquiring and also spreading an STD such as HPV and molluscum contagiosum. So decide if you really want to clean the area completely.

8. Clean up the mess!

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If you leave your drain clogged up full of pubic hair in your hostel bathroom, be prepared to be put on garbage duty for weeks together! Also, prepare to become the reason behind all your friends’ jokes until Christmas! To avoid this embarrassment, clean the bathroom after shaving the pubic area. Trim over your pot and shave when in shower. This makes it very easy to clean up. After finishing the shaving bit, take a look at your drains and floors, the towels and your razor. You must make sure that there is zero evidence at the crime scene! 😉

9. Exfoliate after shaving

This will help you get rid of the dead skin that remains after shaving. Using a glycerine based soap, gently wash the pubic area. Whatever it is that is blocking the pores can be gotten rid of by gentle exfoliation. Knowing how to shave your pubic area safely involves how to not get red bumps at the end of the whole exercise!

Pro tip: With a sugar scrub, exfoliate gently to leave the skin smooth. You can even whip up some baking soda paste and apply it as a finishing touch to the job done well.

When exfoliating, never get the soap beyond the lips down there. You vajayjay is regulated naturally and the soap will only disturb the pH balance which wards off harmful bacteria, making the area susceptible to infection!

10. Egg oil!

Egg oil has bio-actives that prevent infections and help you stop inflammations. They also aid the irritated skin to recover faster than usual and come to its original form.

Massage the oil on the shaved area. Do it twice a day for at least a week. Leave the oil on until you take a shower. You don’t necessarily have to shower it off since it gets absorbed by the skin easily.

11. Moisturize the area

After rinsing off the unnecessary shaved remains of hair on your pubic area, pat it dry and then moisturize it with aloe vera. You can also use baby oil or any other moisturizer that is meant for sensitive skin. Go for a lotion which contains immunoglobulins. These avoid micro-abrasions and rashes. The creams which contain fragrance must be avoided. The perfume can irritate your skin and so, you should also avoid men’s after shave. They can cause a burn. If you are planning to get into some action under the sheets soon, avoid baby oil since it deteriorates lax condoms!

12. Powder the area

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Powder is really useful when it comes to absorbing the extra sweat and oil that is produced in the pubic area after shaving. If not powdered, there can be irritation and bumpiness. However, make sure the powder does not enter the V! Also, avoid smothering your skin with it since it will only clog the pores and encourage pimples.

If the talc does enter the sensitive area, it can cause ovarian cancer. Talc today is not used to dry-lubricate surgical gloves since it becomes toxic when applied to mucosal tissues.

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13. Tweeze the rest!

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Even if you become a pro and lecture others on how to shave your pubic are, you will always miss a few hairs here and there. So just grab your tweezers and pick up the extras that your razor left off! The pain is going to last only a few seconds. You can manage that!

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