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14 Times Sonam Kapoor Proved She Is Unbeatable In the Accessory Game

Sonam Kapoor, the actress who has not once underestimated the power of accessorising it right! Whether it is the bling by Mrs Sunita Kapoor, Sonam’s mom, or the oh-so-gorgeous stunners by her right-hand, Suhani Pittie, the actor has never shied away from eyeball-grabbing baubles! All that one needs to lend a finishing finesse to a look is an accessory or two, styled right!

If you want to stand out, you cannot afford to dress up like everyone else. Sonam Kapoor has always steered clear of the “herd mentality” which is a very common gaffe made by the stars in the film industry. She scouts for brand new labels, says “yes” to all things vintage, and experiments with silhouettes that are offbeat.

According to Miss Kapoor, if you are having fun with fashion, you are doing it right! So here are 14 accessories the diva has revamped; embellishments that you will so badly want in your wardrobe – Sonam Kapoor style!

1. A Moroccan old-style bag

A classic bag is a must, Sonam says. Her favorite, however, is a vintage hobo that has a chain handle, making it compatible with everything!

2. A pair of earrings


You could go for pearls or even diamond studs. Hoops of different sizes are really trendy, and you can wear them throughout the day.

3. A metallic clutch

You must always invest in a gold clutch! Wedding season will be here soon, and you cannot simply miss out on this one! Sonam calls this a necessary bling!

4. Hair accessories

A gorgeous hairpiece can instantly elevate your ensemble. Bowler hats look awesome on Sonam when she wears them with casuals.

5. Armlet

If heavy accessory is your thing, armlets are essential! Even statement cuffs can prettify that cocktail dress of yours!

6. Statement necklaces

80s is back, peeps! Chunky accessories, long hair, ripped clothes, leather jackets, they have all returned. Sonam, however, adores her Chanel charm neckpiece to death!

7. A cocktail ring

If you have a pair of cocktail rings, you don’t need any other charm, Sonam says.

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8. Hats

Wear them over a pair of boyfriend jeans, a ‘ganji’ and suspenders, and you are good to go!

9. Sky-high boots!

Without them heels, no outfit is whole! A pair of black boots can up your fashion game by a few notches at least!

10. Ballet flats

Sonam Kapoor loves golden peep-toes. Platform pumps are not only breezy and comfy, but also super sexy! Here’s a quirky pro tip: Today the trend is androgynous, and so, wearing socks and brogues with your ballets teamed with a pair of shorts looks adorable and school girly!

11. Sunglasses

Sonam has been crushing on the oversize Jackie O sunglasses for quite some time now. Also, aviators in different colours keep things zesty and add an immediate movie star glamour!

12. Chandelier earrings

This prettiness is always the dernier cri! The huge gold and diamond pair designed by her mother are Sonam’s favourite babies!

13. Anything gold!  

Your ornament box must always have some pieces of real old. It could be a ring or a small pair of studs or even a choker. Thin gold chains have made a comeback. You can wear them with different types of pendants. People are nowadays proudly flaunting (and rightly so) their support for breast cancer by donning lockets in pink gold! A Ganpati locket, given by the diva, Rekha, to Sonam when she was born is something Sonam cherishes even today. However, when it comes to bangles, Sonam prefers the glass ones over the gold ones. She thinks clubbing in bangles with Western outfits is really trendy and fun.

14. Belts

We Indians tend to have pear-shaped bodies, generally, and belts are our thing! It is a great way to show off that oomph-y figure. A beige cutwork from Alaia is Sonam’s darling!

That’s how you do it Sonam Kapoor style! She is the ultimate fashionista when it comes to styling an accessory! Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comment section below! ☺

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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14 Times Sonam Kapoor Style Quotient Was On Point In Accessories
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