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Your One Of A Kind Bridal Mehendi Ideas

Wedding bells are ringing and you’re excited and anxious for your big day. This is exactly the occasion when every girl wishes to live her princess dreams for real. It’s only natural for you to want everything to be beyond perfect on the night of your life. Everything from your enthusiasm, preparation, and attire plays a great role in shaping you into the bride of his dreams.

So while you’re preparing the best mix of everything for the bridal recipe, don’t skip over the exclusive and specific role of mehendi. It is the token of his love on your hands after all. So, here I am going to discuss the finest and the most distinctive bridal mehendi designs that are sure to add even more charm to your beautiful self and will never let him take his eyes off you.

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1. If your beloved is on the traditional side

 If Your Beloved Is On The Traditional Side

Image source: livefitandhealthylife

If your husband-to-be is a man of true Indian festivity, there’s no better way to woo him than with a traditional design like this. Inspired by the lushness of nature and the elegance of curves and petals, this henna heightens your femininity. As the design doesn’t extend much further than the wrist, you will not have to worry about your additional accessories hiding the exquisite patterns.

2. All glamour and shine

All Glamour and Shine

Image source: maharaniweddings

A wedding is probably the most special day in every girl’s life. So don’t you want to shine your absolute brightest on such a dreamy night? This stunning bridal mehendi idea is designed to make you glow and grab his attention for a lifetime. It uses a combination of traditional red henna along with with black mehendi and sparkles. The best part is that it lets you color coordinate your henna with the colors of your wedding dress. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

3. The symmetrical you

The Symmetrical You

Image source: socialphy

This is a mehendi design that is just right for a typical Indian wedding. It contains traditional Indian charm and the intricacies of the patterns will complement your outfit beautifully. But the special attribute of this design is its symmetry. Indian wedding rituals call for you to join your hands at many instances, and that is when this design will showcase its true magic and will leave all your spectators in awe.

4. Elegant sophistication

Elegant Sophistication

Image source: stylishtips

When you’re planning your traditional wedding, nothing can keep you away from the royal and sophisticated appeal of this perfect bridal mehendi. Starting from the very tips of your fingers, this design flows all around your hands and all the way up to your arms. It marks every inch of your hands in pretty patterns to remind you of his love for you. Just wear this design and I bet there will not be a single person that can take their eyes off you.

5. Simple and authentic

Simple and Authentic

Image source: yohyoh

If you’re a more modern girl who wants to incorporate some traditions but don’t want to overdo it, here is this perfect bridal mehendi design for you. It is simple in its form, and leaves so much breathable space. It definitely exudes a classy and royal appeal through its exquisite design. Pair it with the Indian attire of your choice and let the authenticity of your heart speak for itself.

6. Express yourself

 Express Yourself

Image source: wiseshe

If you feel like you want something different from the typical full flowing and dense mehendi designs, don’t frown darling, as here I have just the design that lets you express yourself on your dream day. This is a classy motif design, emphasized by the softness of the delicate curvy filling. With a simple floral pattern, this bridal mehendi defines a modern bride-to-be like you with laser sharp flawlessness.

7. Bridal Arabic blend

Bridal Arabic Blend

Image source: tremendousstyle

Arabic patterns are best to go for if you’re looking for an attractive, breathing floral combination. This mehendi design is my pick for the brides who wish to stick to the traditional style, yet also want to express their individual personalities on their wedding nights as well. These pretty designs bring out a splendid and charming magnetism. Highlighting the lacy flora and the magic of space, this design works wonders in grabbing his attention.

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8. Simply Indian

Simply Indian

Image source: Tumblr

For all the brides looking to complement their wedding attire with a simple and attractive mehendi design, here is my idea for you. This design doesn’t appear to be extravagant, but it won’t fail to leave a strong impression of your exquisite bridal loveliness. This is a magnificent design that will not only balance out your accessories, but also impress the heart of your husband-to-be with its effortless neatness.

9. A unique statement

A Unique Statement

Image source: worldsstyle

I advise you to go for a design like this one if you want to make a unique statement at your wedding. This is a perfect blend of Arabic and traditional mehendi designs that will take your looks to another level of beauty. The loveliness of this design is in the aesthetically sound spacing that lets the patterns breathe a little on your hands. The curves and lines create a breathtaking impact that will definitely blow your hubby’s mind away.

10. Royal extravagance

Royal Extravagance

Image source: maharaniweddings

Well, it’s your wedding and you’re the queen of the night after all. So why hold back from expressing that royalty and love on your hands? This is one of the most intricate bridal mehendi designs that never fail to create forever-lasting impressions and win you the hearts of all who glance at your beauty. And nothing complements the lavishness of your wedding dress better than the richness of this henna design.

11. The fabulous bride

The Fabulous Bride

Image source: Pinterest

Let the super stylish and fabulously Indian bride in you show with this bridal mehendi. It is one design that blends your natural playfulness with the delicacy of traditional patterns into a beautiful modern design. It takes inspiration from royal decorations and blesses the bridal caliber of your looks with its unmatchable flow and space. Let this design cast its charms on all of your guests during your wedding celebration.

12. A different equilibrium

A Different Equilibrium

Image source: bridalwearz

This mehendi design is a great pick for all the ladies who are fans of traditional Indian Madhubani-style (a form of art that is prevalent in Bihar) lines. I say, dress your hands with simple, artistic lines of henna that will surely be eye-catching for everyone in the room. It weaves delicate, symmetrical lines into geometry driven patterns. It may be a bit of an unusual choice, but this design is sure to set you apart from every other bride and isn’t that just what we’re looking for?

13. Gone with the flow

Gone With The Flow

Image source: thedulhandiaries

If you’re a mehendi freak like myself, how can we ever let the one chance of reveling in it slip away? It’s your wedding and I encourage you to decorate yourself with mehendi to your heart‘s content. This design, with its fabulously composed streams of Arabic henna patterns, will make your hands look magnificent and will make it impossible for your groom to keep his eyes away from you, even for a second.

14. Traditional Rajasthani design

Traditional Rajasthani Design

Image source: hitfull

This is a beautiful example of truly traditional Rajasthani mehendi design that never goes out of fashion. Flowing from your palms right up to your sleeves, this design leaves not even a single inch of your hand unmarked with the love and affection of your groom. So let the authenticity of your excitement express with this bridal mehendi.

15. Unparalleled exclusiveness

Unparalleled Exclusiveness

Image source: wiseshe

Every bride wants to look like the perfect version of themselves on their wedding night, and this design helps achieve that. It is a breathtakingly beautiful henna design that accentuates the beauty of your hands through the lovely simplicity of its design. Although it is nothing very rich or intricate, the delicacy of the curves and the sophistication of its beautiful repetitions define the unparalleled exquisiteness of your beauty. It is one mehendi design that I would recommend to all brides in order to steal the hearts of your groom.

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The unique bridal mehendi designs like these are the life of every wedding. The color of henna on your hands is believed to be the token of his love for you. So if you wish to ignite that eternal flame of romance and love as you begin your new lives together, a perfect mehendi design like these can do the trick for you.

Featured image source: tremendousstyle

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15 Traditional Bridal Mehendi Designs That Are Breathtaking
Mehendi or henna is a very important part of an Indian wedding. Here are 15 bridal mehendi designs you can try at your wedding.
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