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20 Of The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

Looking for some Halloween makeup ideas that will ‘scar’ you for life? You are looking to ‘scare’ some people on this most awaited night, right? Aha! Dust off those wacky cosmetics from your Halloween makeup bag; we have some skills to practice!

Some of the following creepy Halloween makeup ideas that NLT has lined up for you will have people flinching in terror! Eye shadows, body paints, false nails, fake eyelashes, and a little talent is all that you need! These makeup ideas will also give you more inspiration for your Halloween costume this year!

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1. Haunted wooden ventriloquist doll

creepy haunted wooden ventriloquist

Image source: Instagram

This makeup look was created by Instagram user Xtianaland. This Halloween makeup involves some serious face-painting skills!  The Instagram user described this as a ‘Wooden Ventriloquist Doll’! She could have worked a better wig for this, though who would notice the wig with  makeup like this? This is spook-tacular, man!

2. Screaming harlequin girl

creepy screaming harlequin girl

Image source: Earthporm

This ‘Jake Skellington’ paint job only involves white and black face paint and a set of false black nails. Can you imagine that? Ah, yes, you would need some real attitude to work this superb makeup look for Halloween!

3. Zipper face mask

creepy zipper face mask

Image source: Earthporm

Don’t get tricked by those beautiful green eyes. You will want to unzip the zipper to reveal the mystery. Well, we will help you out with that. Bright red face paint, a zipper, and some good adhesive so that you don’t have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ is all you need. Can I call it that?! 😉

4. Zombie-fairy glam

creepy zombie fairy glam

Image source: Earthporm

I am sure you remember the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland? This may remind you of that character, but it’s actually slightly different. She is a Zombie fairy, quite the paradox. Get tricked by the innocence and you will fall prey to this zombie’s attack! A good hand at eye makeup will really help create this Halloween makeup look. You need a white and a black eyeliner, black and white face paints, and a blue wig. Don’t miss out on the blue eye lenses!

5. Demon girl

creepy demon girl

Image source: Earthporm

There is so much going on in this particular Halloween makeup look that we had to add it to the list. The white wig here accentuates the whole idea of the Demon Girl. The eye makeup is vital and pulls together the whole look. A lavender eye shadow mixed with a lilac one will work best. You will also need a pair of all-black contact lenses. The creepiest part about this costume is definitely those teeth! Come in for a ‘bite’!

6. Fresh facial wound

creepy fresh facial wound

Image source: Earthporm

Look at that face! It looks scary, but it is easy to replicate. Just pour some acid on your face and you will be done! 😉 I am joking, pal! This look is indeed wacky and gets even eerier because of that pair of red contact lenses. This facial wound is an especially creepy idea to try this Halloween!

7. 2-faced girl 

creepy 2-faced girl

Image source: MadeULook

“7 Billion people. 14 Billion faces!”

A two-faced girl must never be dated or loved. But this is just a Halloween idea, c’mon! The neon green face highlighter and the neon contact lenses have spooked this look up a notch higher than usual!

8. Old wrinkly vampire

creepy old wrinkly vampire

Image source: Earthporm

This makeup idea for Halloween requires you to really wrinkle up that face. You can use a strong herbal pack or even liquid latex to make it look more life-like! Don’t miss out on the red eye liner and the all-black contact lenses!

9. Zombie witch

creepy zombie witch

Image source: Earthporm

When it comes to creating superb Halloween makeup looks, black face pant alone can work like magic! This ‘Zombie Witch’ look uses the black paint to create a graphic design on your face and neck. When you add a grey wig, you are in for some ‘freaky’ fun!

10. Demon with no eyes

creepy demon with no eyes

Image source: Letzmakepp

According to blogger Lezmakeup, this Halloween makeup idea was inspired by Mihchael Broussard, a graphic artist and a very popular comic illustrator. As the story goes, Michael came across this look elsewhere and then tried this on his wife. After getting permission to replicate this face painting, Letzmakeup then recreated it, and I must say, the job is well done!

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11. X-ray makeup 

creepy x ray makeup

Image source: Earthporm

Doesn’t she look beautiful? Okay, let’s make it creepily beautiful! The black shadow has been used to its fullest potential in this makeup look for Halloween. This is also a great way to flaunt those collarbones.

12. Alien girl

creepy alien girl

Image source: Earthporm

Doesn’t she look Egyptian to you? I think I am going bonkers here. This makeup art is amazing, dude! The black paint on the eyes and the pop of red lipstick make her look hot, if not super sensual! The creepy bit is in the interplay of violet and mauve face paints! For the wimple-ish drape, you can use the wackiest headscarf that you have or can borrow one from your bestie!

13. Creepy monster

creepy creepy monster

Image source: The Painted Lady

Creepy, indeed! This is one of the Halloween makeup ideas that you must try or maybe recommend it to someone who you think can pull it off!

The girl in this picture has managed to paint her lips jet black and hide the real smile beneath those ghastly painted teeth. This user goes by the name ‘The Painting Lady’ on Facebook. The range of her Halloween designs run from cute and pink to frightening and gory!

14. Miss twisted feet

creepy miss twisted feet

Image source: Pinterest

Well, there is no fix for the twist, but we can help you with the rest of the makeup! Splatter red paint creatively over a white or pink nursery suit and also a major part of your body, especially your feet. I forgot to mention the bow on the head. Now, that is a must!

15. Wink!

creepy wink

Image source: Pinterest

Funskool clay dough can be used for the eye cap. Yeas, you will need to get creative for Halloween! Don’t you see how she is pierced across her lips and cheeks? No, she isn’t a totally crazy. She has created a face prosthetic using toilet paper and then pierced them with rings! Halloween is no joke, my friend! It is a creative battle for the talented makeup artists!

16. ‘Cry me lava!’

creepy cry me lava

Image source: Pinterest

If you can work this look, your friends for will consider you a Halloween makeup genius – at least until the next year when you can try something else from this list! The artist here has created a face prosthetic and used a facial adhesive to stick it around the eyes. The eyes have been painted jet black to give that crawling effect! Rosemary’s baby, maybe!

17. Nail it!

creepy nail it

Image source: Pinterest

Well, she has really ‘nailed’ this idea! The nails were pinned using face prosthetics. The black and white eyes lenses could scare the hell out of anyone, regardless of you being all made up or not! The neck piece she has donned quite weirdly shocks us more, doesn’t it?!

18. The Shocker/Shocked!

creepy the shocker

Image source: Pinterest

This is the wackiest use of buttons that I have ever seen. It’s definitely innovative, to say the least! Again, the use of a very thick face mask and then piercing the nails through the mask has worked out well. The red lines on the eyes and lips are disturbing, and could win you the sash for ‘Best Costume’ at the end of the night!

Need a ‘coffin’ break?

I am sure you cannot resist the last two. So without further ado, scroll down!

19. ‘Bloody’ Mary!

creepy bloody mary

Image source: Pinterest

The red paint is scary, but what I love most about this Halloween idea are the lines used on the eyes. Pure imagination!

20. My ‘Fire’ lady

creepy my fire lady

Image source: Pinterest

Doesn’t she look like a pizza?! Okay, getting back to business, this makeup look is the best, and that’s why I saved it for last! This look requires a thick coat of different colored face paints left to dry, and then painted over again. Again and again! Yes, you need patience, but you need that for every good thing, right?

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Nope, I don’t blame you if you have ignored the neon blue eye linear (90s baby!) or the lilac lipstick (who are you, Beyoncé?). But yes, you need to take them out now since it is Halloween season. Those wacky products are going to be used to their best advantage – Halloween makeup!  When it comes to Halloween, we say the wackier, the better! If you want to spook the hell out of your family and pals, or maybe even that colleague or neighbor you don’t get along with, NLT’s got you covered!

Halloween makeup ideas go together with Halloween costumes. So find the best costume to complement your amazing makeup! Your best bet in the little time that we have left before this Halloween is one of these makeup ideas we have shared with you! Do let us know what you think of them and don’t hesitate to share your experiences after you’ve tried them in the comment section below! Happy Haunting!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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20 Of The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas
Halloween is right around the corner, and we thought why not scare the bejesus out of you ahead of time with these creepy halloween makeup ideas! Wooooo
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