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An 18-Step, Fool-Proof Guide On How To Be Like Kylie Jenner

11. Get unlimited dogs (or whatever Kylie thinks they are)

Kylie is not Kylie without her pets (going to call them pets because I don’t know what she thinks they are). Take a million Snapchats of them, and then when your fans get bored of them, make your friends get you another puppy for your birthday so there is a constant flow of “awwwws” from your fans. It’s called business, guys.

12. Search for things in style

If you’ve lost the keys to your Rolls Royce, don’t rush about the house like a common peasant in your sweats and look for them. Make sure you wear couture, a full face of makeup, designer boots and go out on your driveway when there is perfect natural light and look for your keys on the porch with style. If you can’t find them, get a new car, but don’t compromise on the ‘gram. See how she does it:

13. Take pretend candids while boarding a private jet

Try to show you are just like normal people who eat normal food like Pepsi and fried chicken while your personal photographer is taking fake candids of you while you board your private jet with your sister who should preferably be wearing a silk bathrobe. Getting all these elements in place will take some practise, but once you do, you will immediately become more relatable to people, while still being just like Kylie.

14. Don’t be ashamed of your unflattering pictures

Kylie is all about embracing herself, and loving your inner beauty, so if you are thinking about what to do with those ugly selfies in your phone, here is what Kylie would do- turn them into Kimojis, put them on a T-shirt, create a meme and pretend someone else did it, talk about it for 10 minutes as part of a monologue on her reality show. Now that you have so many options, you know what to do.

15. Wrap your teeth in gold

This is required not only to show people how rich you are, but also to make your boyfriend feel better about his. Wrap your teeth with gold fillings and if you don’t have gold, ask your mum for some foil and protect your teeth from becoming normal *shudder*.

16. Be confident

Kylie is all about confidence and owning whatever she does with style. If you got lip fillers, be proud of it, if you got butt fillers, be proud of it, if you have no originality whatsoever and you use your sister’s fame to cash in on her 15 minutes and sell overpriced products to unsuspecting teenagers and makeup enthusiasts, own it like a boss. Kylie puts the K in Konfidence.

17. Wear Louis Vuitton for your mugshot

If you get caught speeding or breaking traffic rules or for a hit and run, don’t let the world see you like the mess that you are. Use any scraps of designer cloth that you have lying around to hide your messy hair, and make sure your make up is on fleek. However, for the perfect Kylie shot, you also have to get your Instagram handle as your license plate for your mugshot.

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18. Try to copyright your name

Sure there might be other people who have the same name as you, and they might slap a lawsuit on your absent common sense for trying to make money off a name that literally a billion people in the world might have, but the moral of the story is that you should leave no stone unturned to make sure that your reach unprecedented heights in life.

Once you get the hang of these basic steps, there is nothing stopping you from understanding how to be like Kylie Jenner, lip-kits, Bentleys, step-sons and all!

Feature image source: Instagram

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An 18-Step, Fool-Proof Guide On How To Be Like Kylie Jenner
If you thought you couldn't dream of being like Kylie, check out this guide on how to be like Kylie Jenner, with a 123% success rate.
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