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This Taylor Swift Fan Got A Surprise Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Before The Concert!

As everybody knows, Taylor Swift is on her epic 1989 tour in the US. Saturday night happened to be her show in Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. However, before the pop star could kick off the concert, there was some excitement in the parking lot – with a sweet and cute marriage proposal!

taylor swift

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Steph Benson thought she was just going to be attending Taylor Swift’s concert, but her boyfriend Brad Haas, proposed to her in an epic way with a flash mob of about 40 dancers. The flash mob, which consisted of dancers from Pennsylvania and Ohio, danced to a mix of songs, including ‘Sparks Fly’ by Taylor Swift and ‘Leave The Night On’ by Sam Hunt.

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The sweet proposal was caught on camera outside Gate A at Heinz Field, much to the delight of Steph.

steph benson accepting brad haas' marriage proposal

Steph Benson accepting Brad Haas’ marriage proposal

Image source: Youtube

When the dancers were done with their routine, Brad grabbed Steph’s hand and proposed to her in front of dozens of people, including the dancers. Wondering if the proposal was a hit or a miss? Worry not, for it was very well received by Steph and she said, ‘Yes’!

Watch the surprise flash mob marriage proposal here in this YouTube video:

What a wonderful surprise for this Taylor Swift’s fan! Not only did she get to watch the pop star perform live, she also got to do with her newly minted fiancé! Awwww!

Would you accept a public proposal by your boyfriend? Do you expect it to be epic and grand and ostentatious and over the top? Or do you prefer a private affair where he bares his heart and lets you know he’ll love you till the end of time? Are marriage proposals becoming fodder for public and internet fodder for the number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ they can garner? What do you think of this trend in marriage proposals? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Taylor Swift Fan Got A Surprise Flash Mob Marriage Proposal
This Taylor Swift fan got a surprise flash mob marriage proposal from her boyfriend, and it's the sweetest thing you'll watch today!
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