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Here’s Our List Of The Best Curling Wand For Beach Waves

With Summer just around the corner, you must be preparing yourself for the hto sun, and days spent o the beach. But who said that you needed to go to the beach to get beachy waves I your hair?

Beachy waves help you master the casual cool and laidback look. It is the perfect summer hairstyle when you are catching up with your friends, or when you are going out but do not have the energy to style your hair in an elaborate. Beach curls are simple, yet they give your hair fun and exciting look. The secret to the perfect beachy waves does involve the use of some hair styling products such as salt spray, styling mousse along with texturizing products and hairspray but, the most significant component which helps your hair get the loose waves that you desire is the curling wand!

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The best curling wand for beach waves is one which has either multiple barrels to curl your hair or one which has a wave plate. A curling iron on its own may not be able to give you the loose waves that you desire. If you are looking for an appliance which will help you get the loose waves that you desire, then here are a few that are worth looking into:

  1. Hot Tools 2179 Deep Waver With Ceramic Tourmaline And Pulse Technology

Hot tools has consistently created products which give your hair the care that it needs. Hot Tools provides you with appliances which are sure to get the job done. This hot tool will give you beachy waves that last throughout the day with the help of tourmaline as well as pulse technology. The pulse technology helps in detecting heat loss and ensures that an even temperature is maintained throughout the barrel. Hence, this reduces the styling time and helps you finish your look faster. This tool helps in reducing static and frizz to help your hair look smooth and shiny. The tool heats up to 430 degrees and has different temperature settings so that you can adjust it as and when you desire. The tool also has an 8-foot long cord which can be quite useful for those who do not have a power outlet right next to their vanity. Overall, this tool is the best curling wand for beach waves so far in terms of providing you with loose, beachy curls that give your hair a relaxed and casual look, and also making them last all day.

  1. Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand

This hair appliance looks different to your usual curling wand, and for a good reason! This futuristic looking wand can help you get any type of curl that you desire. That is right! You can use a single wand to get tight ringlets to adorn your head or loose curls for a casual look. The barrel of this wand has spherical balls interspersed in between that you can wrap your hair around to help your hair get a loose and messy curl. The tighter space in between the interspersed balls of the barrel can be used to get tight ringlets. This curling iron uses tourmaline ceramic technology to impart shine to your hair. The device heats up to 400 degrees to help curl your faster and more efficiently. Along with this product, you also receive a mitten to ensure that your hands stay protected from the heat. This product is worth looking into if you want to have options when it comes to selecting a hairstyle for the day; you can keep it casual, or give your hair a more styled look with just one device.

  1. Revlon Long Lasting Beachy Waves Hair Waver

This hair appliance boasts of a triple ceramic layer technology. Thus it will help make your hair look sleek, smooth and shiny as if you came right out of a salon. The ceramic technology helps in reducing static and fizziness so that your hair looks perfectly styled. The barrel heats up to 400 degrees however you can choose from 30 different heats settings to select one which suits the texture of your hair. The appliance has three barrels which makes using it a hassle-free affair; you can achieve a messy beach wave look faster and more efficiently. Additionally, it also has a swiveling cord which prevents it from getting tangled up as you move it around to get different sections of your hair.

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  1. The Beachwaver Curling Iron

This product is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, but there is a good reason for that. This product is so efficient that it does the work for you! Styling your hair has never been easier. Many people would consider themselves to e challenged when it comes to curling their hair. Of course, using a hot appliance to curl your hair may come easily to some people, but for many, it can prove to be quite difficult. The Beachwaver Curling Iron is here to help out those who find themselves unable to curl their hair on your own. This revolutionary curling iron curls your hair with zero effort on your part. All you need to do to use this product is to press a button and watch as the magic happens. This curling iron can curl your hair in as less as ten minutes, and leave you with lose and messy beach waves that last throughout the day, even when you do not use hairspray to help it hold its shape!

  1. Parwin Beauty 2-In-1 Deep Waver Curling Wand

Want a device that can do it all? Then this is the one for you! This two-in-one styling device can give you glamorous TV style curls, or loose mermaid style waves in your hair with no problem at all. This device uses the technology or tourmaline and ceramic to help make your hair look glossy, shiny and frizz-free. If you travel frequently, then you will be happy to learn that this product uses a dual voltage technology. This means that no matter where you go, you will be able to use this product with ease, and it will quickly become a holy grail product for you when you are traveling overseas. The curling iron-slash-waver tool has a range of 140 to 450 degrees so that you can adjust the temperature as when necessary and adjust it to suit the texture of your hair. This hair appliance will help you achieve glossy waves that will last throughout the day.

  1. Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

Have you had stick straight hair al your life? Are you tired of spending endless hours trying to curl your hair only for it to all fall out within an hour? Well, there are many more like you! Finally, a solution to your problem has come around in the shape of Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand. Those who have stick straight hair are unable to maintain their curls for long even with generous amounts of hairspray because their hair may lack “inner protein.” However, all that your hair needs to get all day lasting curl is a little bit of a nudge. This device helps you get the glamorous curls that you so desire, and makes them last for a long, long time. Many users who have used this product have raved about how this wand was able to give them the perfect curl that lasted all day when other wands could not. However, this device does have a pretty big con! It does not have a heat adjustment setting. hence, you need to be sure that your hair texture is strong enough to withstand the extreme heat from this device before you buy. Otherwise, this device is perfect for those who are looking for long lasting curls.

  1. BlueTop Hair Waver

Beach waves are not reserved for those with long and flowy hair, absolutely not! Although it may be a little bit more challenging to get a styling appliance o to create luscious waves in short hair, with the help of Bluetop Hair Waver, it is possible. This is one of the best curling wands for beach waves for those who have short hair; this appliance is on the smaller side so you can easily maneuver it around your short hair to get the loose waves that you desire. This device also has an LCD which shows the exact temperature of the device to help you make sure that it is adjusted according to your requirements. This curling iron produces waves that are shaped like an  S, and ar glossy, shiny and free of any frizziness. So you get glossy hair which is sleek and smooth.

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Styling your hair is fun, but when you start doing it regularly, you must ensure that you are only using the best curling wand for beach waves. Apart from selecting a hair appliance where you can adjust the heat settings s as and when necessary, you should also ensure that you use heat protectant spray to help prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License 

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Here’s Our List Of The Best Curling Wand For Beach Waves
The best curling wand for beach waves is one which has either multiple barrels to curl your hair or one which has a wave plate. Read on to know better.
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