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5 Seriously Crazy Pre-wedding Crash Diets That Brides Are Flocking To

Brides put in a lot of thought and effort when it comes to picking the perfect wedding dress. And so, fitting into that becomes crucial. Shedding weight for the wedding is something brides are willing to give their everything to. Looking at the pictures of the wedding, years from now, they want to reminisce how beautiful they looked the day they tied the knot. There is nothing wrong with working out to trim down a little or to get fitter (because boy! Weddings are challenging!), but there are some who blindly opt for a pre-wedding diet to lose weight overnight.

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The thing about crash dieting or fad dieting is that the results don’t last long, but your body is affected beyond repair. So if you do any of the following pre-wedding diets, you will be doing more harm to your body than good. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and the person who is standing at the altar waiting for you to walk down the aisle to him, already knows how beautiful you are. Don’t do this to yourself and your health.

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Here are some pre-wedding diets that brides are going crazy over, and reasons why you should absolutely steer clear of them. You can thank us later.

1. The hCG diet

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One of the various crash diets that brides follow all over the world to cut major calories is the hCG diet, which is an insane hormone diet. It consists of consuming hormones, and sticking to an intake of only 500 calories a day. The foods that you can indulge in are awfully limited. You are sure to experience a bout of depression, fatigue, and crankiness. Those who swear on this diet, however, suggest you take hCG hormone injections or pills to drive away the blues.

hCG is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. It helps feed the fetus. The hormone makes the body release fat, which normally gets stored in your bloodstream. So if you are not pregnant, and you take an hCG pill, it will throw the fat out of the body since there is no fetus to feed.

The hCG pre-wedding diet is extremely unsafe and also very expensive. Superficially, you will be losing a pound a day, which amounts to 30 pounds a month. But seriously, why would you want to put yourself through a month of misery just before your wedding day?

2. The K-E diet

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This is an even quicker way of losing those extra pounds. It helps you reduce up to 15 pounds in only 10 days! When you are on this diet, you will have to get a feeding tube that will go through the nose into your stomach. You will have to carry around a pouch that will contain fat and protein mixed with water. This will help you sustain! You, however, need to be confident enough to go around with your feeding tube in public. People are sure to ask you if everything is okay with you. Is it really okay though?! Sorry, but this is insane!

I don’t argue with the fact that you will lose 15 pounds in 10 days, because you are practically eating nothing at all! The tube you insert in your nose will drip protein very slowly into your stomach. Though you will not be starving yourself, you don’t have any control over what is going into your body.

Does this sound fine? Of course, not! You are sure to feel fatigued and beaten, just like in the case of hCG diet. Your weight will not stay that way for long, and eventually, you will add more pounds than you actually had when you began. Some other side effects of this crash diet are constipation and bad breath. Now, aren’t those things worse than not being able to fit into a dress that is two sizes smaller than yours?! Jeez!

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3. Colon cleansing

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The only time one should worry about colon cleansing is before a colonoscopy, and not before a wedding. Brides fall for this because it claims to help you lose up to 22 pounds. But when they say “lose,” remember they are saying “poop”! They are going to make you poop that weight out. Now, isn’t that kind of gross?!

You will be having around 6-7 bowel movements a day when you are going through this cleansing process. I have no idea how you can run around and do all the chores building up to the wedding if nature calls you, like, 7 times a day?!

According to people who go through colon cleanses, their skin looks better and they feel more energized. You cannot have sugar or any processed food when on this diet, and that could be the probable reason for the skin rejuvenation.

In colon cleanses, you will have to consume laxatives in the form of pills, which will shove water up your butt and clean everything out. So, no thanks! The side effects include dehydration and infection. Doesn’t that sound fun?! Is it worth going through all that pain to fit into a dress that you will never wear again? Probably not!

4. Cabbage soup diet

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This diet promises a weight loss of 10 pounds in 7 days. You will love this diet, if you are a fan of cabbage! You can eat all the cabbage soup in the world, as many times as you want, until you puke it out. Then you can have some more cabbage soup! The logic behind this otherwise stupid crash diet is that cabbage being high in fibre, helps cleanse the system.

One of the main reasons why you are likely to ditch this diet midway is that the soup is really bland, especially because it is the only thing you will be consuming every single day for one whole week! But this is not the only reason why you should drop the idea of this diet immediately. The side effects among others include slowing down of the metabolism, which can have drastic effects on your body.

Why people refrain from mainstream diets is that they work slowly. You will be losing a pound in a week at most. But though it is slow and you might feel discouraged, it is way healthier than any pre-wedding diet of any kind!

5. Juice fast crash diet

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This diet became famous because of the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!” Well, if you are not dead yet, this diet will help you with that! This is a 60-day juicing diet, by the way. In the documentary movie, the actor lost about 80 pounds and could refrain from his medications. However, since brides don’t have two months on their hands, they try to incorporate this diet in a month, leading to loss of muscle, reducing your metabolic rate.

According to experts, the potential risks of crash diets include weight gain after the crash diet ends; most of the times, you gain more weight than was lost because of lowered metabolic rate. Your bones are more than likely to feel weak, potentially resulting in osteoporosis. You will be deprived of essential body nutrients which will inevitably affect your brain. Some experts even predict a cardiac arrest at most, and heart palpitations at least.

None of the aforementioned diets are either safe or effective because they are not healthy ways of losing weight.

We would like to add some more to the never-ending list of why we hate crash diets, especially ones done before weddings! Seriously, why would you put yourself under so much pressure? Appearing perfect for your wedding by undertaking such drastic diet plans is soul crushing for me! It is not the size of the dress that will make your wedding special. It is the vows and the moments that lead up to the most amazing part where you say, “I do,” and how your life magically changes into one of your dreams!

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These diets are extreme pressures that women inflict upon themselves to look good for just one day. It makes no sense at all. If you really want to lose weight to be fitter, you need to plan months in advance. You will have to do it in a healthy way. I know it does not sound sexy or easy, but a lasting weight loss begins with daily workout and smart food choices.

The benefits of natural weight loss techniques are long term, and certainly, more rewarding than temporary slimness, which comes with a truckload of side effects that we just discussed. These side effects have the potential of permanently damaging your system. No matter how desperate you are to shed some pounds for your wedding dress, we suggest that you do your homework well, rather than blindly resorting to crazy crash diets. We don’t want you to fall ill on the day of the wedding, or in the days that follow.

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