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The Expert’s Guide On How To Wear Shorts

Do you know what’s the toughest thing about finding the right pair of shorts for you? Getting the right length. Allow us to let you in on a secret. The length of the shorts depends on which part you want to accentuate. If it is the thighs that you want to draw attention to, then go for a pair of vacation shorts or short tailored pants. If it is the legs, then definitely invest in midrange shorts. In today’s guide, we will tell you about the different kinds of shorts that are in vogue, and then focus completely on how to wear shorts. We also have some oomph-licious ensembles that you can try immediately.

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How to wear shorts

There are three things that you need to keep in mind while buying a pair of shorts:

1. Get your measurements right

There are three basic lengths of shorts namely, short, midrange and Bermuda-length. Once you decide which length you want, then you need make sure it flatters your body right.

Quick tip: Midrange shorts flatter EVERYONE.

2. Make sure the fabric isn’t too loose, until intended

Get yourself material that has more structure. Go for linen-cotton or may silk-cotton. It will be easier for you to find tops for them. Also, the colors you pick need to be just right. If you want a boho look, go for bright and vibrant colors; for a more pro look, go for neutrals. Solid colors such as carroty when teamed with a white top and a poor of chic sunnies, looks hot.

3. You need to pay attention to the accessories

Once you know which pair you are going to don and with which top, you need to focus completely on the accessories. These will determine whether the look is a winner or just bleh! Know when to pick a statement watch, when to slip into a definition belt; learn which shoes go ith what kind of shorts: do you want strappy heels, pointed flats or chic ankle-length booties? Don’t worry we have it all covered in the coming sections.

Shorts you need to invest in this season

Flared Shorts

These shorts have skirt-like detailing, but the stiff pleating gives it a shape worth dying for! If you like clothes that are breezy and loose, you need to invest in a pair of flared shorts, and wear it like a miniskirt.

Gaucho Shorts

The Gaucho shorts hit below the knee, and are on the stiffer side. But this pair has so much drama going on, that you can treat it as mid-skirt and no one will know!

The only catch is that you will have to team this one with a shoe that has heels. Also, go for a sleeveless top and a pair of sunnies which reflect your brightest side.

Tailored Shorts

This pair of shorts takes your pant game to the next level. You can keep it fancy, or you can be all casual, depends on the way you style it. Pair it with a smart shirt, and your tailored pants will make you the talk of the town.

P.S.: Do not forget to add some casual accessories in the mix.

Sport Shorts

People who like to chill out, need to invest in a pair of thin sport shorts that can be teamed with a casual tee to give you the ultimate look for this summers. Remember not to tuck anything it!

Vacation Shorts

This is a pair of baggy shorts that usually the length of a Bermuda, but can be shorter in some cases. The texture it lends and the fact that it is high waisted, makes it a beach staple. There are so many fun ways of styling this one, that I don’t know where to begin.

You can pair your vacation shorts with a cropped top that hits at the waistband. To complete the ensemble, get yourself a pair of espadrilles and a patterned beach bag. Don’t forget to carry your sunglasses!

Cut-Off Jean Shorts

Pairing the cut-off jean shorts with a graphic tee was cool once upon a time. This summer, take advantage of your pairs texture and wash and go for an apron-style skirt silhouette. Wear a sports bra under it, and yes, make sure it is seen.

You could just wear these with a graphic tee and sandals. But, why not take advantage of the pair’s texture and wash, and create an outfit that’s got some oomph?

If you want to stand out then do invest in a pair of dancing shoes for this ensemble.

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How to wear shorts like a boss

1. Statement shoes are a must

Suppose you are wearing a pair of denim cut-offs, and have paired it with a T-shirt, but you don’t want to err on the casual side. To make it fashion-relevant, complete the look with cool strappy sandals and see how you turn heads.

2. Wear them as half of a suit

We saw short suits everywhere last year, but the good news is, the trend hasn’t faded away. If you didn’t join the style bandwagon in 2016, don’t miss out this year. Pair your tailored shorts with a sleek blazer and see how the look kills people. You can also go for a cropped jacket instead of a blazer. Don’t forget to invest in some pointy flats.

3. Please mix prints for that matchy look

Yes, I am serious. To lend a seasonal touch to your ensemble, go for a pair of shorts with bold and graphic prints. You can team them up with a striped shirt. A patterned shoe should seal the fashion deal.

4. Tricks on how to keep it chic

If you want to dress classy, but want to wear shorts (yes, that’s totally possible!), you can go for a Bermuda that is slightly on the longer side, and style the pair like it’s a pencil skirt. Simple.

Team up your Bermuda with a pair of pointy-toe stilettos, and a button down blouse. If you want to go the distance, then do add a tailored jacket into the mix. You can thank us later!

How to wear a pair of shorts to work

If you are planning to wear your shorts to office, then do it in style. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  1. Try the pair of tailored shorts you bought last year. We are hoping it is black and knee-length because why not!? You can complete your look with a pair of patent boots.
  2. If you live some place where the sun always shines, then you need to invest in a pair of vacation shorts. Make sure it is printed, and that the hemline’s long. Team it up with a striped shirt and a pair of structured shoes.
  3. Bet your money on a detailed pair of shorts, and to up the ante, couple it with a knitted cardigan. We would suggest that you slip into a pair of strappy heels.
  4. Do you have a pair of pastel shorts? If yes, we love you already, if no, then you need to buy one immediately. Then find a matching blazer and pair them up. To add to the oomph factor, you can don some chandelier earrings. How about getting yourself some satin heels? Be sure that they are ankle length.
  5. A pair of shorts that look like a skirt? Yes, go and shop for that now. It should be patterned, obviously, and preferably, button-down.
  6. Planning to give away you Bermuda just because it is slouchy? Umm, we don’t think so! Pair it up with a statement belt and a top that gives the cold-shoulder, and see how the pair comes to life again.
  7. Leather never goes out of style, and when you complete the ensemble with chunky accessories and pumps that stand out, you up your style game by at least a few notches.
  8. You need to break that piggy bank of yours, and put your money into monochrome separates or prepare to have a major fashion FOMO.
  9. For high-shine, buy yourself a pair of embellished shorts from Zara (totally worth it!), and take mod to the next level.
  10. Do you prefer layers like we do? Well, then get a romper, pair it with a plunging neckline, and slip on a statement neckpiece. Finally, layer the look with a collared shirt.
  11. Team up a pair of knee-length shorts with a blazer top, but this time round, roll up the sleeves. Do not forget to wear a statement watch to complete the suave look.
  12. Want to go boho? Get some suede designs and work them with a long-sleeved, flowy blouse.

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Highlight your best assets, your legs! All those short shorts that peck the waistline and caress your hips… pick them immediately! Back-pocket shorts and belted shorts are going to flatter your whole look and put the accent on your natural waistline.

Match these fitted shorts with check shirts and knotted tops to bring out the best in you!

When it comes to looking good, it always boils down to how you carry it! That has everything to do with self-confidence and self-image! Once we deal with that, rocking a short is an easy prey!

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The Expert’s Guide On How To Wear Shorts
In today’s guide, we will tell you about the different kinds of shorts that are in vogue, and then focus completely on how to wear shorts like a pro.
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