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#BeachTime The Hottest Swimwear Trends To Sport This Season, As Shown By Our Favorite Celebs

At last summer is here, but our stars have been chasing it for few months now! They started indulging in the swimsuit fun without awaiting the sun to shine a little brighter! To kick off 2016, celebs like Jessica Simpson and Gwyneth Paltrow ran off to Mexico, but the Kardashian sisters, Hadid sisters and Iran Shayk left quite a dent on Instagram by flaunting their swimwear trends! Jennifer Lawrence and Hilary Duff are daredevils of the highest order, brandishing their fit figures in teeny-weeny bikinis! We should think of these pictures as indications of what’s going to follow in the months to come! Repeat after me: We are in for a sizzling second-half of summer!   

Here are some of the best swimwear trends from this year!

1. Gold bondage one piece swimsuit

For those with an hourglass body type, like Jenner’s, the caged bikini with harness detailing all over the body is ideal! Gold in design, this metallic swimwear instantly attracts eyeballs. The black straps highlight your curves, flattering your figure.

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2. Mixed media prints

If you thought white bikinis are boring, this geometric suit will prove you wrong! With a layered or beaded necklace, you can have fun ornamenting this outfit. Mixed media prints are finding themselves everywhere in apparel, but they look best in a swimwear! The sunglasses always play a big role in how you look at the beach! With a geometric suit like this one, ditch the aviators!

3. Denim bikini  

This is as essential as your daily jeans! This is not an urban myth. A little inventive styling, and you will be ready to rock this trend. You can try pairing your high-waisted skirt with the bikini top before you take a plunge into the sea. And if you are only interested in the dip, try a lace up denim bikini!

4. Speaking of lace-ups!

More than what she is wearing (which we absolutely heart), we crave for that straw hat! Instead of going for a monokini, try a two-piece scalloped swimwear to rock that hat.

5. Sparkling pink bikini

We saw Miss Witherspoon recreate her look from Legally Blonde, and we lurved it! The tiny pink two-piece is cue for you to work this look for yourself. Team it up with a pair of glossy shades and a plain kaftan to turn all heads towards you!

6. Polka dots

When you go polka, take another step backwards and do a 70-style swimwear with pin-ups! You will be dressed to kill, Missy!

7. Mix-and-Match

One of the hottest swimsuit trends on this list is by Lea Michele. If you are heading a beach that has palm trees and turquoise water, slip into a bold bright bikini to officially win summer!

8. Wraps

The hippest way to rock a simple bikini is to turn it into a wrap bikini! Add a choker around your neck, or any other waterproof accessory, and you are good to go!

9. Fringes

Do not forget to get a spa treatment for your back, before flaunting it in a super-rad red fringe one-piece!

10. Going vintage!

Try donning a bikini that has light frills, accessorizing it with a flirty body chain and oval sunnies!

11. Flag-patterned swimwear

Display your patriotism in a quirky way while still being super stylish! This is a must-have!

12. Itty-bitty beachwear

Try pairing your less-is-more swimsuit with a flowy white cover-up. A round pair of sunglasses is highly recommended!

13. Gold monokini

Only a Kardashian can do justice to a revealing gold swimwear? Well, we disagree! Show off that well-toned bod with this leisurewear of the season!

14. Straps

Gold-plated waterproof accessories for this one! Keep it minimal, though!

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15. Aubergine

We love this unusual color that can be paired with a black kimono if you are only in the mood to laze around the beach!

Are you the kind who counts days until summer? Do you love getting all prepped for the sun and the surf time? Do you follow swimwear trends for every season? Well, you have found yourself a perfect guide!

Did you love or love 😉 the best swimwear looks that we rounded up for you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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The Hottest Swimwear Trends To Sport This Season, As Shown By Our Favorite Celebs
For a sizzling second-half of summer, the BEST of the BEST swimwear trends...
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