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The Ultimate DIY Guide To Help You Color Your Hair At Home Like A Pro!

This is the DIY generation. From creating fancy home decoration pieces to decorating our own selves, we like doing everything on our own. So when it comes to dyeing our hair, why would we visit a hair salon and pay a fortune to get our hair colored?

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Skim through this ultimate DIY hair color guide, and become an expert on how to dye your hair at home. All you require is a boxed hair dyeing kit, and these DIY techniques that we will discuss below, to color your tresses the hue you want to, in the private space of your home!

The ultimate DIY hair color guide

Getting your hair colored a new hue makes you look and feel like a completely different person. Now different can mean a host of varied things. You could look good different and bad different, right? To look the better version of you, find out how to color your hair yourself with this DIY guide. Follow these steps:

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Before dyeing

1. Choosing the right shade

To pick the right shade for you, you need to consider a few things: Your natural hair color, your skin tone, the color of your eyes etc. Generally, it is suggested you pick a color that is 2 to 3 shades lighter or darker than the natural color of your hair.

If you are having trouble choosing between two colors, pick the one that is closer to the natural shade of your hair.

2. Perform a strand test

Before you color your hair, be sure to do a strand test. Color an inch of a section of your hair first. Observe the result under day light and only if you are satisfied by it, keep on.

3. With a little help from your friends!

DIY does not have to mean you do it all by yourself. You can always ask a friend to lend a hand. This friend of yours can inspect that you have applied the dye to each and every section of your hair, and have not left a single strand. And if they are real helpful and kind, then you can ask them to apply the dye on your hair. P.S.: Then you can blame them for the mess! 😉

4. Preparing the hair dye

For this step, follow the instructions provided on the hair color kit or the hair color box. Usually you need to pour the color into a small bowl. Add the medium in the ratio of 1:2 and mix the two. Nowadays, ready-to-use dyes are available, which can be transferred to a bowl, and immediately applied using a paintbrush.

NOTE: While applying the color, be sure to protect your clothes and the skin on the forehead, neck area and the ears. Be sure to wrap a dark towel and wear an old t-shirt while coloring your hair. Pull the ends of the towel in front and tie them up. If you do not want to ruin your towel or your tee, then you can wear a large bin bag to protect against stain.

To protect your hand, use gloves while dying. A pair of latex gloves are usually available in the hair dye kit.

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Getting down to business!

1. Part your hair into sections

Begin by combing your hair and dividing it into sections. You can part it into two or four sections. This will depend on the thickness of your hair.

2. Apply the dye

With the brush provided to you in the hair dye kit, apply the hair color to the sections of your hair. Take one section at a time, to be able to color more efficiently and to ensure you don’t miss out a single strand.

3. Secure your hair with a clip

Once you have applied the dye, gather your hair into a bun or a top knot, and secure it using a clip or a band. In the instructions given on the box, see what is the designated time for which you have to leave the dye on. Follow that religiously, if you do not want to get allergies.

4. Rinse out the hair color

Once the alarm goes off (yes you should set one!), wash your hair. You do not need to use a shampoo, as most of the dyes come with an intrinsic shampoo. You can apply the conditioner provided to you in the hair color kit. You can also use your regular hair conditioner.

Deep conditioning your hair is essential as your hair might lose its natural texture otherwise. This also restores the moisture in your hair, keeping your hair lustrous.

To dry your hair, you can use a blow dryer or let it dry naturally. Now examine your hair color under day light to see if you have achieved the hair look that you wanted.

After dyeing

After dyeing your hair, if you are not happy with the color and want to,

1. Lighten your hair

Use lemons since lemons work as natural bleach owing to the acid in them. They lighten your hair slightly and can give you the color you desire.

To apply, in a small bowl, mix water with lemon juice in the ratio 1:3. Now pour the diluted lemon juice in a spray bottle. Sprig the mix on your hair. Make sure you cover each strand. Now sit in the sun for about 45 minutes to set your hair color.

Rinse out and apply conditioner.

2. Darken your hair

To darken your hair, apply coffee or black tea. Begin by brewing a cup of Americano or black tea. Let the beverage cool to room temperature. Transfer the liquid to a spray bottle. Apply the brew to your hair and leave it on for about an hour.

Rinse out and apply conditioner.

NOTE: The color you achieve depends on your natural hair color. If you have very dark hair say black or dark brown, then expect your hair to end up with a bronze tint or even an orange-like shade. If your natural hair color is light, say blonde, then expect a highlighted effect of the coffee or the black tea brew.

3. Give a dramatic tinge to your hair

To lend your hair the much coveted drama, you need to raid your pantry!

A Kool-Aid can give you colored streaks, tips and even complete color.

To do this, start by boiling two cups of water in a bowl. Once the water boils, remove it from the heat, and pour it into another bowl. Now add 3 packets (if you want a richer color, then go for 5 packets) of Kool-Aid to this water. Let the powder dissolve. Make sure the Kool-Aid is not sweetened. Transfer the mix into a bottle and spray it on your hair. Leave the diluted Kool-Aid on for half an hour. Wash out with your regular shampoo and condition deeply.

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Tips to color your hair at home

  • When you color your hair, make sure your hair is totally dry. You should shampoo or wash your hair a day prior to the coloring date.
  • If despite the towel, t-shirt and bin bag precautions you drop some dye on your skin, then be sure to wipe it off immediately.
  • After coloring your hair, shampoo first. Then use conditioner. From then on, wait a couple of days before washing your hair. This allows the sebaceous glands to work and produce natural oil. This step is necessary as it defends your hair from chemical reactions and allergies. Also, it lets your hair color set better.
  • You need to purchase a hair color kit. Also buy some hair clips. Use them to separate your hair into different sections and tie your hair once you have applied the dye. You need a small hand mirror to check whether all strands are colored or not. Also, an alarm or a timer is necessary to make sure you do not leave on the dye longer than it is supposed to be kept.
  • Always read the instructions provided twice before actually coloring your hair.
  • A strand test is mandatory.
  • If this is your first time on your own, then start at the crown. You can also begin at the nape of your neck. The natural hair color in these areas is the darkest, so it is best you start here.
  • Deep conditioning the hair is vital if you do not want to ruin the natural texture and luster of your hair. Also it gives volume to your hair, making the hair color look great.
  • Before coloring your hair, apply the color behind your ear lobes to see whether you are allergic to the dye or not. Only then should you proceed.

That is all we have on the ultimate DIY hair color guide. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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The Ultimate DIY Hair Color Guide To Help You Color Your Hair At Home
Skim through this ultimate DIY hair color guide, and become an expert on how to dye your hair at home.
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