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13 Metallic Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Visit A Salon ASAP!

Considering the metallic hair, but not ready to visit the salon yet? Wait until you skim through these metallic hair color ideas. We promise you will want to immediately call up your colorist!

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Hair color experts suggest that you get a proper consultation before getting your hair colored a metallic hue. But this guide is equivalent to a consultation. Initially, metallic hair color was not everybody’s go-to, because it does not suit every one (No point lying to you!). But today, with the variety of shades that you can choose from, it is not tough to rock the metallic trend! Yes, contrary to what is popularly believed, metallic color is not restricted to just a single slice of the color wheel. So if you have fallen hard and fast for this trend, you are in luck! We will discuss all the shades that look good on black, brunette, blonde and red hair, but before that, let us chew over how to go about coloring the hair metallic.

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Things to do before getting your hair colored metallic

1. Get a new hair cut

Before you color your hair, you might want to get a haircut, because I am sure you don’t want to go the extra mile, get your hair colored a unique way and then realize that you should get a new hairstyle!

2. What’s your natural hair color?

Those of you whose natural hair color is dark, it is difficult for metallic hues to show through. You may want to choose a darker metallic shade; however, the tinge will not look as vibrant as you would see on people will lighter natural hair color.

If you are naturally blonde, then too the results will be affected. Say for instance, you choose a metallic shade of red. It is likely that your hair color after dyeing will turn out more orange-ish than red. Similarly, if you go for a blue shade, then you may end up with jade.

If you have grey hair, then you are likely to achieve the desired brightness of the metallic hue you choose.

Ashy hair tones are very important when it comes to lightening your hair. It is a crucial part that gives your metallic shade the metallic edge. According to Anthony Nader, who is the creative director of a salon in Sydney, says that to give your hair the necessary bright silver, your colorist might lighten your hair further.

Though your colorist might suggest, avoid bleaching your hair in case you have got dark natural hair. Instead pick dark cool tones sapphire, metallic purple or emerald. For the people with lighter hair tones, consider something ballsy like the rainbow trend.

You also have to consider the texture of your natural hair before coloring it a metallic shade.  Though the shades look amazing on almost everyone, you have to decide which shade will look the best on you. Though with curls and cut-in layers are likely to get something extra out of this trend. According to Nader,

“The different metallic tones with the different shapes will add another dimension, so your hair will look like it’s got movement – not like it’s just one solid shape.”

3. Visit a salon

If you are thinking of dyeing your hair metallic by yourself, at home, then you may want to reconsider that option. The iridescent metallic shades are achieved only by playing with the color pigment of your natural hair, and for this reason it is best you get the hair colored by a pro. It is necessary that the mixing of the hues is right, and so, get an appointment at your nearest salon!

4. Wash your hair a couple of days prior to dyeing it metallic

Yes, dirty hair is what you need to get the right shade of metallic! With charged sebaceous glands, the natural oil will protect your scalp from irritation.

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Things to do to protect the color

1. Get yourself a color-safe shampoo

If your metallic color is semi-permanent or temporary, it will rinse out quickly. Some shades of the metallic hue are tougher to maintain, such as cobalt. To make your hair color last longer, wash it as less as possible. Also, always rinse your hair with cool water. A hot water bath can fade your hair color faster.

2. Dry shampoo over wet shampoo

To maintain your bright metallic color, go for dry shampoos. They do not strip your hair of its dyed color. Also it stops the hair from becoming greasy quickly.

3. Touch ups are a good idea

As soon as you think the roots are visible, you should get a touch up done. The touch up involves the entire dyeing process, putting in more effort on the roots.

Hair color ideas

Now that you are all charged up to color your hair in the trending metallic color, you need to pick a shade. Here are a host of ideas that you can pick from. You can go for an opal shade or if you have a natural blonde hair, then go for rainbow bangs with a metallic edge. Gold, silver and bronze are the most coveted metallic hues. For those of you who are willing to up the ante, metallic offers shades like rose gold, metallic navy and even platinum. If you have a favorite color, then you can ask your colorist for its metallic version.

If you are still not sure, then here are 13 hair color ideas:

1. Silky metallic blue

For people who like it subtle, silky metallic blue is the perfect option. It is not as striking as the other shades, and so, is the best place to start in case this is your first time.

2. Metallic rose

This dye has portion of pale pink, a hint of silver, traces of gray, and a touch of mauve. The point is: THE COLOR IS GORGEOUS! To know more about the shade, you should check out Guy Tang’s page. It will fill you with all the inspiration you need.

3. Metallic navy

Most people don’t know this but blue has as many metallic versions as gold. Metallic navy is my personal favorite because I prefer staying on the darker side of the color gamut. With a pixie haircut, the shade looks its best.

4. Platinum

The platinum metallic shade has been JLaw’s pet. The platinum blonde is white and silver in a ratio of 1:1, which makes it supersonic cool. However, this shade is HIGH MAINTENANCE, so choose carefully.

5. Silver

Gray up a few nicks, and you will have a striking silver color in no time. Kesha should be your inspo for this one.  Use toners to add as much dimension as possible to achieve the natural sheen of your metallic hue.  For silver metallic hair shade you should NOT consider coloring your hair at home as it is very tough to get the right mix and to create the correct dimension. Visit a hairdresser’s.

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6. Ronze

Yes, you read that right! Ronze is achieved by mixing red and bronze. It is a perfect option for someone with a natural red hair. Even for natural brunettes, it is a good choice. You need to ask your colorist to get the right balance of golden red and deep bronze, or else, the color will not flatter your skin tone.

7. Copper

Some people call this the Pumpkin Spice hair, but as our charming Shakespeare once said, what is in a name?! The combination that goes into this hue is red and blonde balayage. And, it suits practically EVERY SINGLE ONE!

8. Metallic azure

If you have curls, and want to get them, then metallic azure is your go-to color. The gray-blue mix in this hue makes the shade look mystic. And if you can DIY a braided look with this shade, then you can be sure to be the head-turner in the crowd!

9. Metallic pearl gray

You will get a number of versions of this shade, but the great part is, all shades are lovely. The pearl gray is more warm, and everyone should take a shot at this at least once.

10. Metallic opal

This dye offers you two amazing trends; First, a up-to-the-minute opal hair. Second, with metallic, people! The shade is achieved by mixing blue, purple and blonde, and looks good with long or short hair couture.

11. Rose gold

Rose gold hair is a dream come true. It is sweet, soft and warm. It is the finest option for brunettes, because they do not have to strip their natural dark hair color with bleach to achieve this hair look. Also, those of you who have golden blondes, this is your color.

12. Silver lavender

Consider this: Silver and lavender metallic hair color on a black base. Doesn’t it sound amazing?! Also, the colors blend in together effortlessly so you do not have to worry about that!

13. Metallic gray with hints of neon green and blue

If you want to go the distance, try this striking, to say the least, hair hue that will undoubtedly make you the queen bee of your group!

So which shade are you going to try first? Let us know in the comment section below.

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13 Metallic Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Visit A Salon ASAP!
Considering the metallic hair, but not ready to visit the salon yet? Wait until you skim through these metallic hair color ideas!
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