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Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Blush For Dry Skin

NYX Cream Blush

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  • If you are dressed to impress, and you are going to go all out with your makeup for the veening, then you need to go for makeup which lasts longer, and has a high impact. However, you also have to keep in mind the formula of your blush, so that it doesn’t dry out your skin, because the level of exertion is much greater in this case. Here is what we pick for your party look.

Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip And Cheek Tint

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Tarte Cheek Stain

3. Choose your formula : Now just because someone told you that you can’t wear powder blushes because you have dry skin, doesn’t mean it is gospel. When it comes to makeup, you can create your own rules whenever and however you want, despite what the convention asks you to follow. The good news it, you can rock powder blushes really well if you have dry and flaky skin, without highlighting the dryness and the flakiness at all! Powder blushes should ideally give you a more shimmery, iridescent look, while cream blushes are more your staple.

  • If you are going for powder blushes, then you should definitely choose the ones which have a semi-sheer finish, and come in bright, popping colors. This is because powder blushes are ideal for a fun night out, when you want your makeup to reflect your mood- fun, loud and sexy. However, when you are using powder blushes, you have to prep your face better, so that the formula doesn’t absorb all the oil from your face and leave it feeling stretchy and dry. You should check out the powder blushes that come with Vitamins and hydrating formulas. It is also advisable that you moisturize your face, and use a cream based foundation before you apply your blush on your cheekbones. Here are our top picks for powder blushes which are great for dry skin.

NARS Blush

Sephora Colorful Face Powder  

MAC Mineralize Blush

  • If you are feeling more inclined towards cream blushes, then there is no way in hell that you can go wrong. Cream blushes were practically made to cater to the part of the population with dry skin, who can’t afford to draw out even more moisture from their skin. Cream blushes give you the soft, glowy look, without any extra prep with your foundation or moisturizer, which makes it the ideal option for you. If you are going for an everyday blush look, which you can sport without worrying about looking like a puff pastry at the end of the day, then cream blushes are the way to go. Here is what we recommend for you, if you are looking for hardy, long-lasting, dependable and hydrating blushes for your dry skin.

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The Ultimate Tips For Choosing The Best Blush For Dry Skin `
If you have been avoiding blushes because you have dry skin, avoid no more because here are our top tips and picks for the best blush for dry skin!
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