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#BestOf2015 Top 10 Kickass Feminist Moments Of 2015 (International)

Another year takes a bow. And this time around, more and more Hollywood celebs have left us in awe of their feminist sentiments for a positive change in 2016.

A lot of our favourite Hollywood celebs came forward to pledge their support to the said cause, making us like them even more!

Here are our top 10 favorite feminist moments in the international category:

1. When Beyoncé proved to the world that she f*cking loves the F-word- you know which one I mean..

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

We all know why she is the queen, eh?  😉

2. When Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed the world a mirror…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

…and we were pleased with the reflection it saw…

3. When Zooey Deschanel ripped labels and blew categorization to pieces…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

Just what was in our hearts all along.. #MadPropsToYou, girl!

4. When Aziz Ansari decided to divorce the funny from feminism…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

…because the feminist cause ain’t no joke… SERIOUSLY!

5. When Emma Watson proved yet again that she is like a bottle of wine, getting better as she matures…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

You go, girl… Also, the world needs so many of you… #HeForShe

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6. When Benedict Cumberbatch gave us another reason to love him…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

Like we did need another… Isn’t he the best?! <3

7. When Amy Poehler just clarified some basics…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

That’s some grateful talk from a graceful woman…

8. When Forest Whitaker proved that he is a man who wants men to fight for women…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

Our kind of man! :*

9. When Claire Danes called out the industry on discrimination between the sexes…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

On point, woman…on point…

10. When Tom Hiddleston stated the obvious…

feminist moments_New_Love_Times

…and the world still sat up and took note…

Feminists aren’t man-hating harridans… so let’s f*ck the misplaced connotations with this F-word and use it like these women and MEN do… to bring about a better, more equal tomorrow…


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#BestOf2015 Top 10 Kickass Feminist Moments Of 2015 (International)
The world needs more of these feminist 'cumberpeople' ;)
Amrin Talib

Amrin Talib

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