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All You Need To Know About What To Wear To Your Friend’s Fall Wedding

Autumn is probably one of the best seasons to get married in, more for the attendees than the couple itself, because they get the chance to put their best fashion foot forward. In fact, as a guest, you have so many options that you may find it difficult to figure out what to wear to a fall wedding. One good thing is that the weather will be on your side, with it not being too hot, or too cold, and the colors of the season are truly unparalleled.

Bring out the colors of fall through your attire, and add depth to your attire with layers and cool accessories. Whether it is your friends or your family members getting married, check out this guide for what to wear to a fall wedding in order to look gorgeous and appropriate for the occasion, depending on the kind of wedding at hand.

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White tie weddings

white tie weddings

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A white tie event is as formal as you can get – think the red carpet at the Oscars. For such wedding ceremonies, it is important to wear full-length gowns – go for darker shades, such as brown, navy blue, black or even a deep magenta of sorts, which could complement the occasion as well as the season. You can go all out with your jewelry and makeup, because nothing is too much for white tie events.

Black tie weddings

black tie weddings

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Black tie weddings are also formal, but slightly more laidback and are organized in the evening, which is perfect for wedding receptions. Feel free to wear a floor length gown or a short cocktail dress, whatever you think is appropriate. If you are confused about what would look best, you can always check with the bridesmaids or even the bride. For the fall, you can go with darker tones such as brown, black, or even grey.

Formal or black tie optional

formal or black tie optional

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This falls short of being absolutely formal and semi-formal at the same time. To put it bluntly, you just have to dress up nicely for the wedding. Wear a dress suit, a cocktail dress, and even a full-length gown if you wish. You can opt for materials such as chiffon, lace, and other ethereal materials to be in tune with the season. For the fall, you can bring out all those prints and neutral colors that you had closeted up for the rest of the year. Dark, elegant colors such as azure, charcoal, metallic, and even darker shades of red can give you the best fall wedding look.

Semi-formal weddings

semi-formal weddings

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This style is probably the most suitable for a season like fall, because it demands that you wear elegant materials such as chiffon and silk. But if the weather is slightly chilly, then you can also go for the more elegant velvet without worrying about your attire being over the top and out of place. You can always opt for a maxi dress, or a cocktail dress that reaches your knees or even slightly above. You can also go for a dressy skirt and a fancy top. Opt for colors such as teal, navy, beige, and even a floral print would do if you are feeling ambitious.

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Beach weddings

beach weddings

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A beach wedding can be one of two types – one is the casual kind, where the two people getting married will literally be exchanging vows on the beach in the sand; or the formal beach wedding, where they have booked a fourstar hotel for a formal gathering that is, nonetheless, on the beach. The former kind is pretty uncommon in the fall, but if you are invited to one nonetheless, you can go for light skirts and sundresses, cotton shirts, linen pants, tunics, etc. For the more formal kind, you can go for the casual maxi dress, or even skirts and tops with more elaborate jewelry and accessories. Colors like coral, shades of blue and red, darker shades of orange and soothing prints are perfect for the beach.

Dressy casual attire

dressy casual attire

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For borderline semi-formal wedding attire, you can wear more comfortable fabrics such as cotton knit, and you can embellish your outfit with various accessories and add-ons. If the wedding is during the day, you can always opt for a skirt and a top or even a sundress cut. For the evening, you can choose to go with more formal materials such as satin, silk, and the like. Colors like a dark red or a monochrome and even prints can look great for the fall.

Chic attire

chic attire

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This is neither casual nor formal, but something in the middle. Essentially, you are being asked to put your best fashion foot forward. Fall is the time when you might be confused about what to wear because the days can be really warm, yet in the evening you have to deal with the cool autumnal breeze. Pull out the quirky, earthen colors in your wardrobe and as many layers as you wish, adding depth to your attire with a stole, a shawl, or a light jacket. Wrap dresses or long flowy dresses with cool accessories are the way to go this fall wedding season. In fact, you can also go for a jumpsuit and make it look excessively elegant.

Festive attire

festive attire

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This gives you more liberty probably because you are allowed to have fun with your look. For a fall wedding in particular, you can opt for a nice cocktail dress along with fun and quirky jewelry. You can also choose to go with a traditional party dress, where you could play with your look with the use of bold colors and fun accessories.



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This may be the best dress code because you have the most options, but in this case it is easy to get overwhelmed. You can choose to be super casual with a light top, a skirt, or even dressy pants. Keep your jewelry and accessories to a minimum and as casual as you please – all you have to do is make sure that you do not turn up in your hoodie and PJs. Colors like coral, neutral tones, reds, and other earthen colors are perfect for this season.

With this very helpful guide to what to wear to a fall wedding at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong! All you have to do is enjoy your friend’s fall wedding!

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