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10 Effective Tips On How To Keep A Girl Interested

Being in a relationship is one of the best feelings ever; because you finally find someone you can share your life with, and someone who is ready to be your best friend in all capacities. However, most men seem to think that once they get together with a girl, it is the end of their pursuit. The usual sentiments are – “She already is in a relationship with me, what could possibly go wrong now?” The truth of the matter is that a lot could go wrong if you are not willing to treat your girl right. You need to know how to keep a girl interested not only to ensure that your relationship is a healthy one, but also to ensure that you have a secure future together, where she is reminded time and again of how much you love her.

Whether you have a girlfriend or not, you need to know how to covet her if you want her to be with you forever. If you give up and let go of all the effort that you used to put in during the courtship, then it is likely that she will not wait around for you. The real job begins after you have gotten together with each other, and rest assured, keeping a girl interested in you is anything but tiresome and difficult.

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Here are 10 fun and creative ways in which you can keep a girl interested in you.

1. Make sure you don’t run out of things to do together


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One thing that long term couples have trouble doing is finding new things to keep each other engaged. Whether it is doing new stuff in bed, or doing things together otherwise, it is important to ensure that you have a girl’s attention trained on you, when you are together. This is difficult to execute when you are doing the same old boring stuff according to routine, or you passing your time idly. In order to figure out how to keep a girl interested, find out how to make your life exciting, and then consistently keep it that way.

2. Go on holidays together

Going on holidays together is one of those things that couples who really mean to spend a considerable amount of time together happily should do more often. A holiday, whether on your own or with your friends, gives you a chance to break out of your normal routine and go on adventures and misadventures together, which helps you create some precious memories, which is one of the most effective ways of keeping a girl interested. Nothing says love and excitement like a great holiday.

3. Surprise her

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Surprises are one of the most effective ways in which you can ensure that your girl remains interested in you. You might have pulled out all the big guns and effort back when you started dating, but no one is expecting you to keep putting in as much effort, during the duration of your relationship as well. Simple things like sending her flowers without occasion or taking her out on an impromptu date or the like will convince her that you are definitely a keeper. Also, she will anticipate some form of surprise and excitement or the other, ensuring that she remains interested in you for a really, really long time to come.

4. Make sure that you are kind to her and everyone else

Kindness is a highly underrated virtue, because of which it is coveted by most people, especially women, because they seldom seem to be on the receiving end of it. Girls are also very compassionate by nature, so when you show her kindness, and you do the same with people around you (especially people like waiters, the homeless, random strangers on the road, etc.,) she is bound to be interested in your disposition, and your qualities as a human being, leading to a stronger bond between the two of you.

5. Maintain an air of mystery around you

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This is usually advice which is given to girls, in order to keep men chasing after them instead of coming across as ‘easy.’ However, the same applies to men as well. If you dump a girl with every possible detail and information about your life, then there will be no aspect of you left for her to discover. If you want to know how to keep a girl interested, then you could try withholding some information about you, and reveal them slowly as your relationship progresses. These may be anecdotes, likes, dislikes, talents, or anything else that might be of interest to a listener. This will make you infinitely more appealing, where you will come across as a person who has a lot of undiscovered aspects of his personality.

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6. Play an active role in her life and display genuine interest

Ask her what she likes, engage in learning new stuff together, make sure that you have a good rapport with her friends and family, be a person she can say anything to. After all, you are there to live through most of her experiences and are the most likeliest candidate to understand what she is saying, when she is relating a story or saying something – whether it is her job or her family or her friends or something she has an acute interest in.

7. Arrange for enough alone time with each other

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If you are constantly surrounded with people, whether it is friends or family, it is impossible for you to spend quality time with each other, and have her undivided attention. You have to ensure that you give a girl the opportunity to be sufficiently interested in you, for which you need to manipulate circumstances to be in your favor, where the two of you get left alone more often. Spending time alone will yield immediate results with regards to garnering her interest towards you.

8. Give her space to live her own life

How is that going to help your cause if you are trying to keep a girl interested, you ask? If you think that clinging to her 24×7 is going to be conducive to your relationship, then you are gravely wrong because the only thing that could happen in such a situation is you scaring your girlfriend away because you suffocate her with your eternal clinginess. In order to ensure that a girl remains interested in you, you have to let her have a life of her own, not only to allow her her own space, but also to ensure that you give her room to miss you. This way, she will want to pursue you all over again, rather than get bored of your constant presence.

9. Be firm and confident about your decisions

A girl always likes a man who is able to take quick decisions, with conviction and confidence. Whether you are taking a decision about your job, your future, or your order in a restaurant, it is important that you do so with confidence, without doubting yourself or your judgment. Such confidence shows strength of personality, which is always an interesting trait and one of the surest ways of keeping a girl interested in you. This does not, however, mean that you will disregard her opinions and decisions either. You should also have the ability to work out a compromise if you disagree about something. Such qualities are essential to attract and keep a girl interested in you.

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10. Do not underestimate the importance of personal grooming

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This is one thing that is completely in relation to you and not the girl whose interest you are trying to secure on a permanent basis. A girl always likes her man well-groomed, and one common mistake that men seem to do is let go of the way they look after they have entered into a relationship with the girl they were in pursuit of. Gentlemen, you have to remember that she fell in love with the well-groomed, proper-looking you, not a scraggly hippie with no concern for their appearance or personal hygiene. If you want to know the best way on how to keep a girl interested, start with making sure that you do not compromise on your personal grooming, no matter how long you have been together for.

These simple, effortless steps that you can take are more than sufficient to ensure that the girl you are interested in, is in turn interested in you. Above all, you should ensure that you don’t compromise on your dignity and self-respect in pursuit of her, and when you are able to hold your own in front of her, she will in turn get immediately more attracted towards you, with renewed interest.

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