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12 Indie Brand Clothing Companies That You Should Definitely Check Out


UNIF is a family-owned clothing brand, which makes some of the most hipster stuff you will lay eyes on. If you are into late 70s pop chic fashion, and you have a thing for colorful, quirky clothing, then this is the place for you. The designs are simple, but the way the clothes are made will immediately give you a unique and special feel.

The wonderful thing about this brand is that they don’t mass produce their stuff, so the chances someone else owning the clothes that you get from here is almost nonexistent. Basically, this is the ultimate clothing brand for you, if you are super invested in looking cool and unique and different.

5. Nor Black Nor White

This hipster Indian fashion label is seeking to reclaim indigenous Indian textiles, and create some of the most beautiful clothes that you can lay your hands on.  Whether you want quirky, colorful clothing or holo clothing, this online store has it all. They also feature some of the most gorgeous models, so it is also great for ogling purposes (which I do all day).

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6. Saul

This gorgeous L.A. based clothing brand is all that your modern fashion dreams are made of. They recycle vintage fabric and old clothes, to create some of the most stunning and Instagram worthy minimalistic clothing, which is going to leave you looking fashionable and feeling fabulous as hell.

They also have limited edition stuff, which are released periodically, so that you can become an actual hipster in Saul’s clothes. Isn’t it perfect when you have a clothing brand that you can depend on, which not only provides you with an unlimited supply of cool clothes, but also reduces its carbon footprint? It is basically a win-win here.

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12 Indie Brand Clothing Companies That You Should Definitely Check Out
Tired of boring, mainstream clothes? Check out these amazing and affordable indie brand clothing companies that you can follow and shop from, on Instagram!
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