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12 Amazing Tips On How To Improve Your Sex Life

You’re in love. In fact, you’ve never been more in love than you are right now. The chemistry is great, both, in general and in between the sheets. If it isn’t, then maybe you need to stop and take a look at your relationship again. No matter what people say, physical intimacy is a part and parcel of human relationships. This is true, especially when you’ve been dating or married to someone for a long while. Sex is important, period. You need to connect on a physical level as well when it comes to loving someone. You might love your partner, but if the bedroom tales aren’t very good, then there might be a problem.

And maybe the sex was amazing in the beginning, which is really great! But fast forward 4-5 years down the line, and you’re in a place where you’ve tried everything new there possibly could be, but are still unsatisfied. You both are busy or too exhausted to have a go at anything new that might come your way. You’re also at a point where you’ve probably become too comfortable with each other, which is absolutely fine as long as you still desire each other sexually.

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You’re not sure when it happened, but suddenly all the fun in bed is just a thing of the past. It has become too predictable and decidedly less passionate. You love your partner and you definitely want things to get steamy with them; so, you need to get out of that black hole. But don’t worry! There are enough ways that will have you both back in action.

Here is how to improve your sex life:

1. Play dress-up

role playing in the bedroom_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Yes, we’ve all done it back in school and we probably hated it (if you’re anything like me), but we did it then and we did it for that coveted prize. It’s time to bring the game back into your life, because this time, the prize is something that you actually want. Role play, or take it one step further and dress yourself in a sexy avatar from your fantasies, or your partner’s, and it could add an exciting element to your bedroom games. Just remember to spice it up. A little sexiness and a dream come true will hurt no one. All that hard work will definitely be worth it in the end! After all, all work and no play is no fun.

2. Toys are always fun

Oh, yes. And, I’m talking about the kinds that the kids can’t play with. You have a variety of adult toys available out there. All you have to do is pick one and give it a go. If you’ve never tried one before and you’re wondering how to improve your sex life, this is your sure shot at hitting all the right spots! Surprise your partner by gifting them one or place it somewhere in the open when they come over. An adult toy conversation will definitely lead to more.

3. Talk to your partner

talking outside the bedroom_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

You HAVE to do this. If you don’t communicate with your lover, then there is no chance of them knowing or even realizing as to how you feel about any of this. You need to let them know that you want to do something about your lackluster sex life you share currently. For all you know, they might share your sentiments and you both could come up with solutions to the problem areas, together. So pick up your courage and talk to them, so that you can get on with working towards bettering your sex life.

4. Stay off it

Yes, and I’m not even kidding here. It is extreme but effective as hell! It’s because the more you can’t have it, the more you desire it. This holds true, especially if sex has become automatic between you and your partner. So, even though I’m talking about how to improve your sex life here, swearing off sex for a while will just push you harder to get some. Instead of getting to the end game, try teasing each other and exploring each other’s bodies to let the sensuality flow in. Two or three days of just this, and the two of you will be dying to break the bed! 😉

5. Change your routine

man stressed_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

When you have too much work, or when you are stressed out and when life becomes too monotonous, your libido is bound to take a nosedive. There is nothing that you can do about sex, if you’re too exhausted to even remain standing by the end of the day. So, do yourself a favor and take a break. Recharge your batteries and give yourself some time. Once you begin to relax, the sex will be more appealing naturally.

6. Make chores less boring

As crazy as this sounds, having a go at it while you are in the middle of something is obviously more inviting. The urgency and passion factor goes a little over the top. Maybe you and your partner could cook together or do the laundry or clean out the attic for all you care. Indulge in a little strip tease or turn something into an impromptu adult toy, and watch the fun unfold. The work might get delayed, but the sex will be good; I promise you that.

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7. Keep on it all day long

woman biting her lip_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

This can be one of the simpler yet most effective methods of getting your partner turned on.  Start off right in the morning about how you want them so bad. Get into a little detailing here, and give them a dose of naughtiness that will multiply tenfold when they see you next. Send them some racy snaps of you to get in their head so that they can’t get you off their mind till they get home. Then they just won’t get off you. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

8. Make the first move

Oh, yes. As cliché as it is, making the first move definitely is a major turn on. Especially if you’re a woman and your man does it most of the times, then go on ahead and begin the game. And, if you’re a man reading this, then don’t wait till she starts to seduce you. Pounce on your partner and make them feel like you want them. Give them a lap dance or a strip tease as a thank you for something small that they did. And, do all this when they’re least expecting it. They will love it!

9. Stray away from the bedroom

couple cooking together_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

This is one of the main problem areas that couples face in their sex life. Having sex in the same room and in the same surroundings can make things boring. What you could do instead is change the surroundings or add some flowers and candles to it to make it more sensual. Try different spaces in the house – like the couch or the terrace or maybe even the kitchen. It won’t be as comfortable, but it’ll definitely add the ounce of passion that your sex life could use.

10. Mutual pleasures will work

Maybe you and your partner just don’t do anything fun together anymore. Go on a nice romantic dinner, play some sport, go swimming or do anything that you both enjoyed doing together in those initial years or just explore and find new ones. Indulging in mutual interests will make sure you have a good time, and later, some good sex.

11. Work it out

This is not exactly an improvisation, but it is very important if you’re out of shape and stamina. Fit a half an hour workout session in your routine somehow, and watch the magic that ensues. You will feel more confident about your body image and definitely feel sexier when you’ll be brimming with all that energy and stamina.

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12. Take a vacation

couple on their honeymoon_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

Oh, hell yes! Just like how you take one to recharge your batteries after a long month at work; do the same here as well. Take a vacation with your partner, explore and have some fun. The new surroundings and the stronger connection will lead to more than just a happy vacation. It might turn out to be a time when you’ve had the best sex ever. Plus, who doesn’t like traveling? :)

There you go. Just remember that all these things will work only if you love yourself and are comfortable with your body and how you look now. In case you’re undergoing hormonal issues like menopause or erectile dysfunctions, don’t shy away from your partner. Talk it out and see what works best for the two of you.

You have enough and more number of things that you can incorporate into your lives for a better sex life. Just make sure that you work on it, because if you don’t, no one else will. It’s your partner and your sex life, so go get them! After all, who wouldn’t want a steamy sex life? Now, go hit the sack and remember to have some fun.

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12 Awesome Tips On How To Improve Your Sex Life
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