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All You Makeup Lovers Out There, Have You Tried These Hair Color Trends Yet?

We are just finished with a quarter of 2017, and yet, we already know which hair color trends are going to ride the wave. This year is going to be about warmth mostly. People will go for copper, rich brown, creamy oranges and buttery blonds, according to the experts.

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Riawa Capri, a celebrity colorist, says,

“Out with the ice and in with the warmth! 2017 is going to bring back the sun, with golds, bronzes, and buttery tones!”

Cherin Chou says that the golden toffee blond will spread like wildfire this year, and we could not agree more. To get the inspiration you need to paint your hair the hue that best defines you, scroll on!

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1. “Aubrown”

When you mix auburn and brown, you get this luxuriant, unapologetic lustrous hue called the ‘Aubrown’. If you are still having difficulty imagining the color, then consider a deep bronze with a hint of auburn.

If you think aubrown requires you to be too bold, then you can try a neutral version of the hue. This hair trend is perfect for people with natural dark hair, who hate touch-ups (because with this color, you won’t require any too!).

2. Buttery Blond

The buttery blond was created by Kari Hill. Offering an instant and perfect upgrade for people who want to warm up their blond, this golden, buttery hue, will help you maintain your natural color.

If maintaining the natural-looking color is not your priority, go for a more golden rendition of the buttery blond, a hue that is more brassy than the original. Smudge the brown at the roots to ease the grow out process.

3. Toffee

Toffee is here to stay, people! With its caramel tones, this rich version of brown, offers a warm, auburn-ish base, that every beauty junkie is crushing over.

This on-trend take on bronde is what celebs are picking over the auburn hair. If you place warm and buttery notes at your hair ends, then this hue can offer you the perfect color correction.

4. Blorange

Blorange is taking the hair color industry by a storm! A mix of blond and orange (hence bl-o-range!), this hue first became a craze on Instagram.

Critics of the color have been alleging that the color is nothing different from rosé hair, which was a leading hair color trend in 2016. We, however, love it nonetheless. By varying the ratio of the two colors in the mix, you can come up with your own take on the hue.

With pretty peach tones this can add energy and life to your blonde locks. Plus, the brunettes can also have fun by adding dip-dyed streaks to blorange.

5. Organic Red

The organic red is on everyone’s lips, if not on their hair already! The color is vibrant, it looks natural, it gives a super shine to your hair, and it lends dimension. What more does one want from a hair color?!

If you want a red that works for every part you play in your life, then go for a bronzed copper version of the trend.

6. Bronde

The bronde is not brown. The bronde is not blonde. But the perfectly rich yet lustrous color that one would get by mixing brown and blonde, yes, that is bronde!

One celebrity who is sporting this hair color trend spot on is Gigi Hadid. This color helps one to bid adieu to the winter months and enter spring, effortlessly!

7. Ice blonde

There could not be a better time to get platinum! Michelle Williams has already given this shade a shot, and has gone well ahead in the game.

Truth be told, this trend is difficult to maintain, but one needs to put in effort for a head turner like this one!

8. Tiger eye

The Tiger Eye is a combination of caramel highlights on dark brown hair. This look has worked great on Jessica Alba, and it can do the same for you. This is the best balayage for them brunettes.

9. Grayish blonde

Stop hiding your grey hair; instead pop them up. You should embrace your gray locks and tryout this trend. This hair look is making waves, and it got a celebrity approval when Evan Rachel sported it.

10. Rich brown

Megan Fox is ruling the fashion scene with the rich brown hair color. Once the weather warms up, people tend to go for lighter hair colors, but this year, dark, rich browns are the most covetable.

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11. Golden strawberry blonde

If you are not ready to take a plunge and try the red hue, go for a golden strawberry blonde. It is pretty and gives you a look that is au naturel. Adele completely agrees with me on this, by the way.

12. Natural roots

Are you tired of making appointments every other day to cover up your roots? Well, I certainly am, and so, I could not be happier that the natural roots, is now a trend!

13. Sombre

Ombre is noticeably dyed, right, but sombre is subtle. One can hardly tell if you have colored your hair, and yet, it gives your hair the effortless, natural look. All our experts think you should go for this flawless hair color trend.

14. Color melt

The color melt is a brand new trend that’s giving ombre a run for its money. This shade is soft and gives a more natural and smoother transition from dark to light.

J.B. Shelton, a profession in hair strength supplies, says,

“A color melt is a gradual move from dark to light leaving no lines of demarcation or harsh transitions from one shade to the next.”

15. Bright blond

One of the very few hair color trends that will always be on people’s minds is blond. To give it a brighter twist, try this shade, but do not add chunky highlights to this suave shade because that will ruin its whole appeal. Keep it light, almost sun-kissed.

Christyn Nawrot, hair care training director at PHYTO says,

“The technique requires keeping the color close to natural at the root and taking very fine slices to add soft saturation.”

16. Reddish hues

The ones with a natural red hair, it is time for you all to rejoice!

Cara Craig of the Suite Caronline Salon in NYC, says,

“From true red to reddish auburn, red hair is about to have its moment. I can’t wait. Red is a great hair color to go for when you want to try something eye-catching and sexy, and also want to do something more unique than your classic color.”

To bring out your natural tones, ask your colorist to do the needful. Craig says

“You know how a lot of people ‘see red’ in their hair? That’s often just warm tones that are exposed when the hair is naturally or unnaturally lightened.”

17. Gilded brunette

Brunettes around the globe are getting their hair touched by Midas! I mean, they are getting a gilded touch.

Nawrot says,

(It’s all about) “taking a medium-to-darker chocolate brown and adding a touch of gold to the mid-lengths and tips. This frames the face.”

According to Nawrot, to create a buffer when you are placing the color, use the back-combing technique. This will create a halo, keeping the gold soft and natural.

18. Seamless lines

The seamless lines look good on everyone, from brunette and blondes to redheads!

Nicole Tresch, a colorist from New York City says,

“This isn’t about a specific color, but is definitely a thing of the here and now. The highlights, whether they start at the top or go more gradually toward the ends, is very seamless. (It almost) appears as if the hair faded into the next shade of color.”

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19. Cinnamon brunette

To up the ante, you can give your naturally brown hair a cinnamon brunette twist. This is undoubtedly a favorite of mine on this list of hair color trends. It has traces of spicy red which gives you that dramatic look, and makes the color a head-turning shade.

Leah Freeman, who is a global color director in Chicago, says,

“Cinnamon brunette is the new blonde for 2017. We are seeing women everywhere go for deep, rich hair.”

According to the professionals, the cinnamon brunette is perfect for people with fair skin torn because it adds the necessary warmth to your complexion.

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The hair color trends that will ride the wave this year are copper, rich brown, creamy oranges & buttery blonds, according to the experts. Read to find out more!
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