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Doing Highlights For Brown Hair The Right Way

Tired of the single-tone hair look? Want to try something exciting with your lustrous mahogany hair? How about getting highlights for brown hair?

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Below we share highlight ideas that you can try. But before that let us guide you through some hair color terms that are often misunderstood.

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Difference between highlights and coloring your hair fully

Hair color now has so much to offer that at times it gets a little overwhelming to decide what you actually want. And when you yourself are not clear about, how are you going to tell your colorist what it is that you want?

There is contouring, and there are highlights, and there is balayage. Phew! So many words to keep abreast of! But do not fret. Let us help you with the difference between highlights and all-over color, so that you know which is one is better for you.

All-over color

This is a single-process hair coloring technique, a one-step process where your hair colored just one shade.

There are three types of this technique: Semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent. The difference between these lie in their strength as well as the number of days they last.

While semi-permanent hair color is the gentlest and so the quickest to fade, the permanent color lasts very long and employs ammonia because of which it is slightly harsh on your strands. Demi-permanent hair dye, on the contrary, is gentler than permanent but not as mild as semi-permanent.


Highlights provide your hair with accents. They imitate the look that is produced when the sun rays fondle our hair, that too without the damage that UV rays can actually cause.

There are a number of ways to highlight your hair, the most common one includes the application of bleach to your hair and an aluminum foil.

Depending on whether you want the highlights to look au naturel or unnatural, your stylist will apply the color. For those of you love drama, you should most definitely go for chunkier, unnatural-looking highlights.

For those of you who prefer subtlety over drama, you might want to mix the highlights with lowlights to give birth to a more multi-dimensional look.

For the artsy ones out there, we have balaayge. Though this technique of highlighting has been around since the ‘70s , the trend has only caught fire fairly recently.

Also called “Pintura”, this technique involves the use of hands to paint the hair. The sections of your hair will be accentuated by hand, making it look as naturally sun-kissed as possible.

Shades that would look best as highlights for your brown hair

Before we get into the perfect highlights for brown hair, let us briefly discuss what shades are likely to best suit you.

For those of you who have light brown hair and like embracing and flaunting a wow-ness when it comes to fashion, we recommend you try blonder highlights. You should ask your colorist to try the ashy blonde highlights, especially in the lower half of your hair.

For those with dark brown hair, the best option is to go for tone-on-tone accentuations. This helps increase the vibrancy of your dark hair. Instruct your hair stylist to go a shade lighter than your natural hair color. Also ask them to layer various tones of this hair color shade to add an illusion of bounce, depth and volume.

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15 Highlights for your brown hair

Here are 15 highlights that work best for brown hair.

1. Ginger highlights

Let these auburn highlights add that necessary red to your natural brown hair. Against the deep brown base, these highlights will allow a beautiful amalgamation of shades. Also, if you have curly hair or get someone to curl your tresses for you, expect these highlights to give the necessary bounce.

2. Light brown highlights

If you are a fan of enigma like me, you would want to add the same allure to your hair as well, right? With these stunning highlights, expect people to go weak in their knees when they see you walk by. Your brown hair with its mahogany-deep color, will get the bounce it deserves.

3. Ash brown highlights

Minimal is the new black, people! If you want to ride this trend, then prepare to highlight your chocolatey hair with ash brown accents. You should instruct your colorist to make sure the colors blend together, so that the result is a natural yet gorgeous hair look.

We suggest you straighten your hair to get the style to the t!

4. Burnt sienna highlights

For that warm balayage-like glow, try these burnt sienna highlights. Imagine being offered a cup of hot chocolate on a wintery evening. This shade will conjure up those memories.

5. Platinum blonde highlights

If you are a fan of super girl Rogue, then you need to try your hands on these highlights. Also, Jennifer Lawrence fans, these are the highlights that your favorite actress swears by.

As we reluctantly bid adieu to spring and step into summer, these highlights are sure to give relief in this sultry hot weather. Also, the way the accents contrast with the natural brown of your hair is beautiful, to say the least.

6. Bronde highlights

Bronde, or brown + blonde, are the coolest highlights for brown hair. The shade is beautiful, and you are sure to be the head turner at every party.

When you highlight your dark brown hair with bronde, expect an effect that will make your hair appear more lustrous. Gigi Hadid can give you some major inspiration when it comes to bronde highlights.

7. Bronze highlights

For those who prefer a metallic finish, this is your best bet. Bronze highlights, contrary to popular belief, blend really well with one’s dark brown locks, fashioning an enthralling effect. He best haircut for this style is the long bob, say experts. Get the hair cut first and then get the highlights.

8. Mahogany highlights

Brown on brown never looked better! Mahogany highlights are my personal favorite because they are rich, radiant and craft a stunner of a vision for people to behold.

Expect the highlights to soften into your brown hair giving it the bounce.

9. Golden blonde highlights

This gold-tinged highlights are the next big thing. Imagine pouring some sizzling honey on your dark waffles. The same image is created when you apply golden blonde highlights on your dark brown hair.

If you want the best out of this hair look, then get curls.

10. Streaked blonde highlights

Are you hitting the beach this summer? If yes, then wouldn’t you want your hair to complement your mono-kini? Yes!!!

For the perfect sun-caressed hair look, get your colorist to give you these highlights. Style it wavy, and you are ready to channelize the boho chic in you.

11. Blonde face framing highlights

If you are not game when it comes to bleaching your hair, then these highlights will work best for you. These not only accentuate the natural brown of your hair, but also frame your face beautifully, highlighting your bets features in the process.

12. Coffee brown highlights

Want something passive yet full of zip? Then try these highlights. They are subtle and only one or two shades lighter than the natural color of your hair. They draw attention to your hair, while not screaming out for the same. Also, these highlights shore up all makeup looks, so that’s a plus!

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Hair care for your highlights

Spending so much money on your highlights and not taking good care is worse than not getting highlights in the first place. Soon your highlights will start looking rough and ugly. Also, the texture of your hair will be ruined forever.

So hair care is VERY IMPORTANT.

According to hair stylist, Ashley Streicher, the first important rule after getting highlights is that you should wait for as long as 48 hours before you wash your hair.

She says,

“Your hair is ultra clean from being chemically processed and then thoroughly washed. Waiting gives your scalp and follicles enough time to fully close and lock in the color and start nourishing your scalp on its own.”

You must wash your hair with a formula that is created for highlights, specifically.

Kari Hill, celebrity stylist for L’Oreal Paris adds,

“Anything that swells the cuticle — like hot water or hair masks — can let color molecules escape.”

And so, you should use cold water while shampooing your hair. When you use deep conditioners, make sure you leave them on for few minutes only.

Avoid the sun as much as you possibly can. You can even wear a hat to protect against Ultraviolet rays.

That’s a wrap on everything you need to know about getting highlights for your brown hair.

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Until then!

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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Highlights For Brown Hair
Tired of the single-tone hair look? Want to try something exciting with your lustrous mahogany hair? How about getting highlights for brown hair?
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