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It Is True That Balayages Are Bringing Sexy Back, But What Is Balayage?

Balayage (balāˈyäZH/) noun to sweep

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New hair trends arrive at the fashion scene every other day, but how many of them stand the test of time? Very few. And balayage is one of them.

Did you just go “bala-la-wha-a-a-t”?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. I, initially thought it was some French food!

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The experts at NLT have come up with the ultimate guide on the balayage trend. From what is balayage to whether it is for you or not, we have got it all covered!

What is balayage?

A French way of highlighting your hair. What makes it unique is that the color is hand painted onto your tresses. The stroke needs to be gentle yet done in one sweeping motion. This detail makes it different from other techniques of hair highlighting.

Since the color is painted onto your hair, directly, and since the colorist has to work the shades to achieve a natural looking shade, the trend looks good on almost everyone. You can also use it to get the usual highly-contrasted highlight look using this technique, though. But for a more sun kissed look that highlights not just your hair but also your best features, we prefer the former way of going balayage.

Is making the balayage highlights last longer a pain?

This is among the FAQs we have received regarding the balayage hair trend. And here’s the answer: Balayge, contrary to popular belief, is not difficult to maintain. The best part about balayage is that it gives you a natural look. You will not have to deal with pesky roots or a harsh natural line because the highlights grow out without a stark reminder of the same.

So for people like me who like hair trends that are low maintenance, this is the trend they should consider.

Who does this trend work best for?

Every. Single. One.

It is not only for people who are naturally blonde. According to experts, brunettes and redheaded people love this hair coloring trend because it gives their tresses a multi-dimensional color.  If your hair color is just a single shade, then chances are that it will look like a wig.

The technique has gained such popularity today, but it has been around for years now. You may not have heard the word, but you have definitely seen it on Jessica Alba, the Kardashians, and Rihanna, among other divas.

Finding someone to do the balayage on your hair can be a little difficult, though. Not many people specialize in this as the precision has to be to the t.

Is balayage just another name for foil highlights?

This is a myth that needs to be busted. BALAYAGE IS NOT FOIL HIGHLIGHTS.

Let me explain this further so that the difference is clear to you: Firstly, balayage takes longer than foils. That is not because it is cumbersome, but because when you get balayage you need to leave it on and sit in open air to allow it to dry. Foils on the other hand require heat for the color to process. Do I even need to mention that heat ruins your hair texture?!

Two, balayage has a lot more to offer than foil highlights. There are a number of balayage types. For instance, the American balayage. Hair colorists have even gone a step further, combined balayage and foil highlight to create the foilayage! By the way, foilayage is an amazing way to get a little adventurous with this hair art. You can color your hair several shades lighter, and yet it will look au naturel!

Third difference and also the most important difference: Regardless of how good you are at foil highlighting the results will never be as good as what is achieved through balayage.

Okay, one last difference (I promise!): Foil highlighting pulls at your roots to lighten it. This way the color gets diffused towards the end. In balayage, the colorist diffuses your roots more than the hair tips.

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Does balayage work on gray hair?

You can call balayage the smartest answer to gray or graying hair. The technique lets the hair colorist target the strands that are graying, that too without painting your scalp.

Should hair color come first or hair cut?

You should definitely cut your hair first. Most of the times, people get their hair colored and then realize they want a new hairstyle or that a new hairstyle would suit the color better. So it is always advisable to get a trim or a cut before coloring your hair. This also allows your colorist to work the color particularly to accentuate the haircut. Plus, if you cut your hair after getting a balayage, then you will have to get rid of the softer, shinier and obviously prettier, hair tips!

15 balayage ideas to try this year

Ombre’s subtle sister sombre has found her half sister, balayage, and you need to give her a try!

Here are some amazing balayage hair color ideas that will give you major hair goals:

1. Dusty Rose

For all those of you who are prepping for your summer music festivals, this is the perfect hair trend you should sport. With your boho ensemble and chunky jewelry, the dusty rose balayage makes one look like royalty!

2. Raspberry sorbet balayage

On hot and humid summer afternoon, one needs a chilled fruity sorbet, right?? Now imagine that delightful color on your hair!

Inspired by raspberry sorbet, this balayage helps you blend your favorite pinks and lilacs. Also they blend so perfectly into each other that helps the color pack the punch it needs to.

3. Gold lining balayage

Be the gold lining to your cloud, woman! Highlight your chocolate brown hair with gold linings to get this gorgeous style.

4. Sunkissed blonde balayage

Winters were ruled by dark and dusky colors, but now that summer has arrived, everybody will want to try on a hair color that has hints of blonde.

This hair shade can completely transform your look and turn into a beach babe.

According to experts, you might want to get a shaggy textured and layered cut before getting this balayage look. Also, do not forget to slip on a leather jacket to look every bit the killer you are!

5. Smoke and mirrors balayage

Just the name of it makes me grin and smile like a kid! To add a bit more mystery and enigma to your hair color, try this balayage. You get to keep your roots black, which evenly eases out into an ashy grey and finally a gleaming golden that lends the look the element of intrigue.

6. Supernova balayage

If you guys are lovers of the night sky and would love to replicate the marvelous starry night on your hair, then this is the style you are looking for!

This one is a stunner of a balayage that is more art than just hair color. The shades of black, deep blue and purple make me want to cry with happiness!

7. Neon Mermaid Balayage

Yes, you read that right. Neon mermaid balayage is possible! Accentuate your light brown/blonde hair with neon blue and light rose pink to get an imagery of a neon mermaid on your hair.

I don’t think there can be anything more gorgeous than this!

8. Dark chocolate balayage

Love nibbling on a chocolate ganache at your favorite pastry corner? Well, you can now reproduce that rich and lustrous (do I even need to say tempting?!) hair look.

If you have a naturally brown hair, then you are at an advantage. Embellishing it with soft browns and subtle auburns, give the hair an illusion of volume and dimension.

9. Caramel latte balayage

The coffee addicts like moi need to get inspired by their cups of Starbucks and try a caramel latte on their hair. Like coffee comes in an assortment of flavors, you can try different variants of this shade on your hair. This will also give your colorist an opportunity to explore more ideas.

10. Valentine pink balayage

This is a lovely pink that you can bank on. It is fun, has few shades of red and tones of pink. It looks great on a lob, say experts. Also, people with natural brown hair are at advantage.

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11. Rose gold balayage

Like the rose gold metallic hue, this balayage is a very popular choice among people. Hairdressers are giving this their own quirky twist, and so, you might see a variety of hair shades under the hashtag #RoseGoldBalayage. Each one of them is spectacular, so you have nothing to worry about!

So now if someone asks you what is balayage, you can wear the expert’s cap and give them an exhaustive ‘gyan’ on everything to know about the balayage trend!

Did you find this guide useful? Do you think we missed out on something? How about sharing that with us? Please find the comment section just below.

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What Is Balayage And Why It's The HOTTEST New Trend In Hair Colors
New hair trends arrive at the fashion scene every other day; however very few stand the test of time. And balayage is one of them. But what is balayage?
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