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Time For Some Action: 20 Seriously Sexy Movies That Will Lead You Straight To Bed, But Not To Sleep

If you are not the sort of couple who can get started with porn but like some good old-fashioned sexy movies to set the mood, then these 20 scorching movies will up the ante and lead you straight to bed:

1. Dirty Dancing – Make the right moves

The sizzling dance moves with the crackling chemistry between the lead actors is the perfect foreplay to a fiery dance in bed! 😉

2. Pretty Woman – You ain’t washing away my not-so-noble intentions tonight!

The sensuous bath tub scenes with the sexy Richard Gere and stunning Julia Roberts will make you want to jump in the tub yourself!

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3. Cruel Intentions – Horny much?

Lust, deceit, romance, forbidden relationships, everything about the movie screams SEX, and you may have to pause the movie multiple times for some action!

4. Twilight – play out your fantasies with a vampire, you know you’re thirsty!

Perfect movie for some role play, be the Vampire and suck! 😛

5. Ghost – Romance beyond the grave

The epic pottery scene with the actors getting their hands dirty will instantly want you to wrap yours around your partner!

6. Match Point – Scarlett fever

Johansson oozes sexuality in this movie where the actors do it everywhere, in bed and out of it- inspiring you to do the same.

7. Love And Other Drugs – Drug Me!

Staring into Jake Gyllenhaal’s deep eyes can make any woman swoon- the fiery passion between the couple will make you go kindling some fires of your own!

8. Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Hot hot baby!

A hunk and two babes, Penelope and Scarlett, in Spain! It cannot get any hotter in this drama with sex, passion and some hippie fun!

9. Magic Mike XXL – Pants off!

JUST the trailer is enough to call for some sexy action! Full of hot men, this is the perfect movie to make every woman swoon!

10. Fifty Shades of Grey – Spank me!

Don’t blame us if it brings out your deepest and darkest desires, the moves in this movie turn up the heat to a full blast.

11. Love – How much can you handle?

The obvious visuals get you excited but the intensity of the characters makes you want to explore ‘Love’ in its many forms!

12. 9 1/2 weeks – Torrid affair

This erotic journey of 9 ½ weeks is a peek into the raunchy affair which goes on to break every sex taboo there ever was!

13. Friends With Benefits – Are there any?

The hot no holds barred sex will get you rumbling between the sheets too! Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are hot AF in this sexy rom com!

14. Secretary – Not a regular office romance

Yes, this is the clichéd boss – secretary relationship but with a very twisted plot, here comes BDSM. This will get you to bring out your naughty side! 😉

15. No Strings Attached – But there are!

In the bed, over the sofa, on the floor, in the air, this couple has sex everywhere making you want to try all those positions yourself! 😛

16. Unfaithful – Exciting times ahead

Something about forbidden attractions makes your horny self come out, and no, we aren’t advocating infidelity! Unfaithful will take you to your dark fantasy of falling in love with an attractive stranger and make you go mad with desire!

17. Mr & Mrs Smith – Time for action

Just do it like Brangelina!

18. American Pie – Back to college

Boobs, horny college guys, awkward sex, this movie will drown you into nostalgia only to get you doing it like rabbits back in college!

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19. Chloe – Not your regular girl action

A betrayed wife embarks on her own adventure, this time with another woman. As Julianne Moore explores her sexuality, it’s time for you to start exploring your own…

20. Eyes Wide Shut – Too hot to handle

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starring in a sex orgy – who would have imagined! This movie about a secret society which allows for masked orgies unleashes the pervert in you, beware!

Are you feelin’ the heat from these sexy movies yet? 😉

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20 Seriously Sexy Movies That Will Lead You Straight To Bed, But Not To Sleep
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