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22 Stunning Vera Wang Dresses That Will Make You Want A Wedding ASAP

Before wedding dresses became a fashion statement in itself, and before all these new designers started specializing in wedding dresses exclusively – there was Vera Wang. As Kate Hudson rightly said in our favorite movie ever, Bride Wars, “You do not alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera.”

Vera Wang is literally the goddess of wedding dresses, and even though she has an entire clothing line which dresses the most high-profile celebrities for some of the world’s most important red carpets, it is impossible to overlook the sheer beauty and enigma of Vera Wang wedding dresses.

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Here are some examples of Vera Wang wedding dresses from her collection, which are going to result in your wedding goals shooting through the roof.

1. Staying true to tradition

An exquisite empire skirt, princess cut dress is something every bride desires. However, no one does it quite like Vera when it comes to these traditional masterpieces. This stunning dress consists of a full skirt of tulle ruffles, an embellished top with a wide belt, and spaghetti straps.

2. The contemporary Gothic bride

This exquisite piece is unique, to say the least. The draped skirt is a wonderful contrast to the deep V plunging top with the draped sleeves and a subtle jewel belt detail, which ties the entire look together.

3. Full lace retro creation

Despite its old school look, this Vera Wang wedding dress was actually a part of her Fall 2017 Bridal Collection. The entire body of the dress is composed of hand embroidered macramé lace, with a cut out neckline and ball gown structure.

4. Fitted chiffon wedding dress

Here is another piece which sets Vera Wang apart from the others. The exquisite ivory silk body is draped with crinkled chiffon, with an interesting take on the cold-shoulder sleeves adding drama to the illusion neckline already there. Also, we can’t miss the stunning red paint stain detail on the hemline.

5. The best mermaid dress ever

Excuse my tendencies to exaggerate, but you have to admit this is one of the prettiest mermaid dresses ever. The straight silken body gives way to a sudden burst of tulle ruffles which forms the mermaid clinched section starting at the calf. The wide black satin belt adds a contemporary effect to the otherwise traditional creation.

6. Elizabethan masterpiece

There is no denying that vintage is fashionable, and if you want to look unique and different, then there is no better option. This Vera Wang wedding dress has a ruffled collar, an illusion neckline and a body of lace details, with the double layer hemline adding all the spunk needed on this dress.

7. Yellow silk and lace dress

Vera Wang’s forte also includes colored wedding dresses, and this pale canary yellow piece is the absolute best. The bust contains detailed lace on silk embroidery and the skirt is a mass of pleated silk and tulle with lace details.

8. Trumpet-style silk on lace

This magical creation is composed of an uninterrupted expanse of silk with embellishments and an illusion neckline with lace details offsetting the plunging neckline and a floor length veil that is to die for.

9. Modified contemporary A-line wedding dress

The talking point of this Vera Wang wedding dress is definitely the inverted Peter Pan collars, which overlap with the sweetheart neckline of the modified A-line dress with the most gorgeous thigh-high slit. Also, there are tulle clusters on the train, which is an added highlight for the dress.

10. Ethereal Vera Wang concept dress

One of the biggest trends in the wedding dress world is that of monochrome. This wedding dress takes it a step further by incorporated a black cut-out strapless top with a large, loud, silk pleated skirt. This is the perfect wedding dress for the modern bride, who wants to spice things up with her wedding dress, but also wants to stay true to tradition.

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11. Full Goth inspired wedding dress

If you want a wedding dress that is completely unique and stunning, Vera Wang has colored dresses like these which are absolutely breath-taking. The corset-style top is sheer black. The skirt is a multi-layered A-line, with blush organza ruffles and frayed pale pink tulle, all of which is concealed by a split open black sheer overlay skirt.

12. Simple, urban wedding dress

One of the prettiest things about this wedding dress is its sheer simplicity, and subtly gorgeous details. The entire dress is made with panelled fabric, with simple embroidery on the neckline and thin spaghetti straps. The fitted body is covered with a cape-like overlay skirt in silk, which adds excitement to this utterly simple and gorgeous dress.

13. Custom made dark blush Vera Wang dress

These are the wedding dresses that dreams are made of. This custom-made number is exquisite not merely because of its dark blush ombré hue, but also because of the layers to this dress, including a tulle skirt over a silk drape, and a top embroidered with lace details and sealed with a satin ribbon at the low waist of the dress. You would think a loud dress like this wouldn’t suit an outdoor wedding, but it looks absolutely perfect.

14. Another smoky blush and white dress

The highlight of this dress is not the expertly layered skirt or the corset style wrap-around bust, but the fact that it has been dip-dyed to perfection. The layers of ombré blush throughout the skirt of the dress create a magical smoky effect.

15. Radical asymmetrical hemlines can look perfect too

This dress is testimony to the fact that you don’t have to be out and out Bohemian or contemporary to wear a wedding dress with a drastic asymmetrical hemline. The uniform nature of this otherwise traditional-style dress is broken with the comfortable up-down hemline, throwing into focus the details of the bust and allowing you to experiment with your veil.

16. Exquisitely detailed Vera Wang dress

There is so much going on in this dress that I am not sure where to start. Everything in this dress is incredible, starting from the detailed lace neckline, the A-line structure, the frayed organza hemline, to the overlay skirt that makes it all magical.

17. Improvised peplum-style dress

A peplum-style wedding dress is very common. However, Vera takes it a notch further with this exquisite panelled dress in pure ivory silk and detachable sleeves, which makes it the dream wedding dress for the urban bride.

18. Floral-printed wedding dress

If you thought you were missing prints from this list, then Vera Wang has that covered too, and she does it like a pro. Floral prints on wedding dresses can be overwhelming, however, this one stands out and looks absolutely breath-taking because of the silvery sheen of the dress highlighting the prints on the wrapped and pleated body.

19. Cute short wedding dress

This beautiful short wedding dress is just a couple of inches short of being a tea-length, which makes it unique, because this length is quite uncommon in wedding dresses. It is also quite trendy because of the straight neckline and the gentle creases in the skirt, which is also embroidered with floral motifs, making it the perfect spring wedding dress.

20. Blush dress with long train

Here is a full blush dress which is ridiculously pretty because of the variety in textures that has been created because of the way in which the material has been draped. Instead of a standard conventional belt, the dress is made even more appealing with the addition of organza clusters at the waist, which extends right to the train of the dress.

21. Appliqué monochrome Vera Wang creation

This dress is one incredible masterpiece and any bride would die to walk down the aisle in something as ethereal as this dress. The torso of the dress is completely black, and it is offset by the black lace appliqué on the hem and the train of this otherwise, spotless A-line wedding dress.

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22. Pale blue cut out mermaid dress

There aren’t many wedding dresses you see with cut outs in the front, unless they are completely contemporary.  This pale blue wedding dress goes a step further by comprising of a traditional mermaid-style lace and tulle body and a gorgeous cut out detail in the neckline.

The natural reaction to seeing these wedding dresses would be to start planning your dream wedding as soon as possible, with beautiful and gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dresses to choose from, and we couldn’t agree more!

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22 Stunning Vera Wang Wedding Dresses That Are Totally Drool-worthy
It is impossible to overlook the sheer beauty and enigma of Vera Wang wedding dresses. Have a look at these stunning masterpieces to get some inspiration!
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