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23 Ethereal Elie Saab Wedding Dresses That Are Ultimate #WeddingGoals

There are some names which immediately act as triggers for wedding obsessed people (like me) when talking about ethereal wedding dresses. Even though there are literally hundreds of names in the bridal fashion industry today, there are some labels that send you into immediate wedding-gasms when you look at their creations, just as Elie Saab wedding dresses do.

Even though Elie Saab is a common name on every red carpet of consequence around the world, they also have created the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen, and here are some examples of Elie Saab wedding dresses that will definitely convince you, if you feel differently.

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1. Full lace and tulle urban wedding creation

This extremely gorgeous number is made with a full body of lace on silk, and sheathed with tulle. The full sleeves are rare to see in urban wedding dresses and so is the textured illusion neckline.

2. Sleek unembellished silk dress

Very few people could create revolutionary designs as well as Elie Saab can, just with a plain expanse of the best quality silk. The dress looks incredible because of the plunging neckline that extends right up to the cinched waist belt, the A-line structure, and the elegant pleats.

3. Blush luxury dress

Honestly, do you even care what the dress looks like when it has a veil like this? The reason this is included is because whichever bride was lucky enough to wear this, probably gave some tough competition to Princess Di’s wedding dress because look at that veil and train.

4. Powder blue embellished creation

This out-of-this-world number from Elie Saab’s Resort 2017 Collection is one of a kind because of the color, the bell sleeves, and the silver-on-powder blue design that make it the perfect choice for urban brides with a taste for uniqueness.

5. Sequins and tulle on the most beautiful wedding dress ever

It is very difficult to look away once you look at a wedding dress like this one. The top half of the dress, which interestingly extends slightly beyond the waist, is embellished with fine silvery sequins. This gives way to layer after layer of frayed tulle, to create a feather-light empire skirt effect.

6. Sequined princess cut blush pink wedding dress

This is another reason why Elie Saab’s wedding dresses are visionary. The effect is created by the bunched up layers of tulle for the blush pink expanse of the dress, which contain thick sequined details and simple sleeves.

7. Roman-Gothic wedding dress in silver and gold

This unreal dress from Elie Saab’s Spring-Summer 2017 Collection is made of gold blush tulle, and embellished with gold and silver thread and sequins and crystals to create a magical effect that makes us want to cry tbh.

8. Minimalistic pink and monochrome dress

The simplistic structure of this dress only seeks to highlight the simplistic nature of embellishments, which are composed of black and white embroidery on a very light blush mass of structured tulle. Also, the black border strokes on the waist, wrists, neckline, and sleeves make the ultimate example of futuristic fashion.

9. Full lace, dainty wedding dress

Here is proof that Elie Saab is the master of revolutionary structures and use of material. This dainty lace structure looks almost too delicate to wear, but holds together with the cinched metallic belt and full sleeves. Also, that de-structured neckline and the excessively asymmetrical hemline is totally working for this dress.

10. Pale yellow and blush embroidered wedding dress

One of the most beautiful things about this dress is its conservative shape with its half sleeves and bouffant skirt. Despite that however, it is given a contemporary twist through the incredible color, the completely sequined top, and the embroidery which is done in patchwork style on the skirt.

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11. Elaborate dip-dye masterpiece

I am not even sure what to say about this dress, to do it justice. For starters, that has to be one of the most incredible skirts on any wedding dress that you have ever seen, with floral motifs that have dip-dyed an incredible shade of pink ombré.

12. Egyptian-style halter neck wedding dress

There is no end to the innovation in Elie Saab’s wedding dresses. This Egyptian-inspired wedding dress consists of a stunning, embellished halter neck, with an equally shimmery top and studded belt, which gives way to a wrap-around style skirt in silk with a high-low hemline.

13. Lace, lace and lace!

Even though all of Elie Saab’s dresses from the Fall 2016 Collection are masterpieces, this one especially stands out because of the most pristine lacework seen on fabric. Also, there is something about this particular off-shoulder kind neckline and full sleeves that radiate a ton of old school charm that makes you want to weep with joy.

14. Minimalistic white silk fitted dress

This dress is the very definition of minimalistic and classy. The straight silhouette is made of pure silk, without embroidery, details or embellishments, but still manages to shine in its simplicity. The large bow near the waist and the buttons near the full sleeves are all the highlights needed to make it shine.

15. Pantsuit style wedding ensemble

There is no rule stating you have to wear a dress on your wedding, and when it comes to creating ground-breaking designs for that, no one does it quite like Elie Saab does. This flowing pantsuit outfit in nude, blush, and gold with a matching floor-length cape, is the perfect wedding attire to look beautiful and unique.

16. Edgy urban wedding dress

Here is another dress that every visionary bride would lust after, for sure. The deep plunging neckline in the traditional sweetheart shape complements completely the anything-but-traditional tea-length dress, which is replete with silver embroidery and details, metallic belt, and surprisingly gorgeous full-sleeves.

17. Vintage glam lace wedding dress

Even when it comes to traditional wedding dresses, Elie Saab is ahead in the game. This gorgeous slim-fit dress is full of exquisite lace detailing, right from the cape style illusion neck to the trumpet-style flared skirt.

18. Silver embellished wedding dress

Silver wedding dresses can make you look like a mermaid, and this is definitely one those silver Elie Saab wedding dresses which is on everyone’s bucket list. The entire length of this otherwise simple dress is detailed with silver embellishments and crystals, and cinched waist adds texture and detail to the overall structure.

19. Ethereal sleeveless dress with a choker

Who would have thought you could rock a choker on your wedding day and look super elegant at the same time? This entire dress is a mass of dreamy silk and chiffon with just a gorgeous top with intricate lace details and silk choker.

20. Egyptian-inspired pale blue wedding dress

This is the kind of dress people talk about for years after you have worn it on your wedding day. This too, is an Egyptian-inspired dress, with a thick metallic belt in gold over the silky chiffon bodice, with gold details on the neckline and a matching cape that is going to give you major Cleopatra feels.

21. Blush wedding dress with silver accents

Here is another traditional wedding dress that makes us want to swoon because it is so pretty. The delicate structure of the dress is held together by that ingenious gold studded belt and the silver accents, stitched on the illusion neckline as well as on a substantial section of the tulle skirt.

22. Ultra Bohemian wedding dress

I am sort of a sucker for Boho chic wedding fashion, so when there’s an Elie Saab dress like that, my head goes into overdrive! This exceptionally beautiful dress is made in sections, where the panelled top is minimalistic with lace details and a plunging illusion neckline, and the top half of the skirt is layered lace. That leads to a translucent section of delicate lace details, finally ending in a feathery lace hemline, making this a one-of-a-kind creation.

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23. Another revolutionary Bohemian wedding dress

Since I have raved so much about Bohemian wedding dresses, it is only fitting that I end with another Elie Saab Bohemian masterpiece, which Lily Collins happened to wear on one of her red carpet appearances. An incredible, panelled lace number, with minimalistic embellishments and intricate lace structures would look incredible on a bride on her wedding day. (Also, that makeup and hair is on point).

After going through this list of some of the most incredible wedding dresses I have ever laid eyes on, it’s safe to say that it is time to go cry in a corner. BRB.

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23 Ethereal Elie Saab Wedding Dresses That Are Ultimate #WeddingGoals
Even though there are hundreds of names in the bridal fashion industry, the mere name of Elie Saab wedding dresses can send you into immediate wedding-gasms
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