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A Healthy Eating Guide For A Bride-To-Be

You are engaged to the man of your dreams and you are all set to walk down the aisle with him. You have all those fancy ideas in your head about the wedding and have planned things perfectly with your wedding planner. However, when it comes to the dress bit, brides always have one major concern—pre-wedding weight gain! As a bride, you need to know that there is every chance you may end up heavier after consuming all those cheesecakes and cupcakes during your hen do or even stress-eating during the days leading up to your big day.

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However, no need to fret for we have here a healthy eating guide for a bride-to-be, that will help you be in shape for your wedding.

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Let’s take a look:

1. Detoxify

The most important thing to keep in mind is that healthy weight management is possible when you have detoxified your body. The body, at any point in time might be full  of toxins. These actually hamper your weight loss goals while also ensuring that the results show on your skin and face! The best thing to do here is understanding what foods are most oily or most harmful for your skin type and body. You may even get in touch with a nutritionist who will be able to assist you in formulating the right diet for detoxifying your body before anything else. A healthy eating guide starts with detoxifying.

2. Understand the calorie myth


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The calorie-counting phase that we all go through is nothing more than a myth. You have to understand that calories are just numbers and no matter what a package says, it is actually the actual amount of calories you consume that matter. Evidence has been found that reveal how people even on 1000 calorie daily diets are not able to shed weight. The fact here is the body will need to burn calories as much as it consumes it. Therefore, before your wedding, make sure you burn half the amount of calories you consume. Have it all but have it in moderation, with the right dose of exercise.

3. Burst the exercise bubble

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You need not exercise daily, they say. However, no one specifies that in the very type of exercise you choose, lies the success or failure of the same. It is suggested that you go for proper training with an expert and do intense cardio workouts. You will not gain much muscle from light aerobics and running on the treadmill. These can be done as warm ups, but you sure need to go ahead and do some heavy gauge exercises that are actually good for your body. Measure the results on a weekly basis and see how the exercise regime in helping you in your weight loss goals.

3. Actively de-stress

De-stressing is key to managing weight before your wedding day. While eating right is mandatory, you need to club it with de-stressing. Stop fretting over the amount of cream slathered on a slice of cake at your celebratory lunch with friends. Eat with a free mind but check where you need to. Totally blowing off everything that you enjoy and keeping on thinking about how many calories are there in everything you eat, and how it’ll affect your weight will only stress you further. Eat everything you like, but in moderation. Moderation is key.

4. A healthy diet plan

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The best thing to remember here is that the importance of a healthy diet is known to all but knowing what diet works best for your body depends on your body type. Please stop wasting energy or efforts over the extreme fad diets. It might work on celebs, but before your wedding day, you need to keep it simple. No need to add extra stress to your already stressed out mind. Another important thing to remember is that you will have to ensure that your diet is not totally bland. Once you go for a too-bland diet, chances are you will end up feeling deprived and ultimately end up binge eating on impulse.

5. Say NO to complete abstinence from things you love

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It is foolhardy to try and give up every little thing you truly love. Make sure that you do not abstain from everything all at once; try giving these up in steps. Say, for instance, you may even have a cheat day at the end of every month where you can have a slice of pizza or a fudge cone. Moderate here as well, but do not try to be severe on yourself. After all, a sad bride is something none of us love to see on their wedding day.

6. Sleep well

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Healthy eating needs to be followed by ample sleep as well. Sleeping well will actually help you get rid of stress and ease those puffy eyes owing to the all-nighters you’ve pulled planning your wedding. Eat light at night and try to retire early. Try and avoid the late night long chats with your fiancé. You must understand that the sleep cycle is very much related with the food habits you indulge in.

7. Drink lots of water

A healthy eating guide for brides will always stress on this key point. Hydrate yourself well enough. Make sure that you drink at least seven litres of water a day. The trick here is to know that drinking lots of water right before you go to bed is not really good. Drink up early in the morning and keep sipping on water around the day. This way, you can actually avoid snacking as well as find a natural cure against acne or pimples!

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8. Create a balance

The idea behind any bridal healthy eating guide is to create a balanced diet and exercise plan. Unless you find this balance, you are sure to remain stuck in an imperfect loop. Cultivate healthy eating habits from right now so that you look picture perfect on the big day of your wedding!

So, are you ready to follow this healthy eating guide so you look fit and fabulous on your big day? :)

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A Healthy Eating Guide For A Bride-to-be
A bride-to-be is under a lot of stress, without adding her weight management into the mix. Just follow this healthy eating guide and be ready for your D-day.
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