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How To Flaunt Those Big, Luscious Lips With The Right Lip Look

There are numerous ways you can apply lipstick on your plump lips, but with a few makeup tricks and techniques, you can make your lipstick look slicker, crisper, and last longer. Here’s the quintessential guide that will change your lip game altogether, and usher you into the league of the pros.

We will first show you what a proper lip ritual comprises of. Then, we will move on to how to apply lipstick on big lips. Lastly, we will show you how you can achieve some of the classic variants, like the ombre and the Gothic effects.

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1. Begin with exfoliation

Exfoliation a prerequisite to diva-like lips. It helps you get rid of the dead skin cells, while smoothening your lip canvas to paint on. It also renders the lips soft and supple, making the rest of the routine easier to follow.

Gently scrub your lips using a soft toothbrush for about 10 seconds, or if your lips are very delicate, rub them, lightly, with a damp towel.

You can make yourself a lip exfoliant at home, with brown sugar and coconut oil, mixed in the ratio of 1:1. Jojoba and olive oils are good substitutes. If you are allergic to oil, you can use honey.

2. Moisturize with a balmy lip cream

For velvety and smooth lips, this step is a must. The moisturizing balm will also allow the lipstick color and lip liner to go on evenly instead of forming bumps. After bathing your lips in a gentle moisturizer, wait for at least 20 minutes before putting on anything on it. You can do the rest of your makeup or your hair, as you wait.

While picking your lip balm go for a waxy balm, and not an oily one, since the latter can leave behind greasy residue.

Pro-tip: Before you swipe on that lipstick or trace the lip line with the liner, check if there are remains of the lip balm on your lips. If yes, wipe it off with the help of a tissue or a moist cotton pad. Leftover lip moisturizer can make it to slippery for the liner to draw well, and will prevent the lipstick from laying the color.

3. Prime that pout with foundation

When thinking of how to apply lipstick on big lips, priming the lips with foundation becomes important, as it throws the spotlight on the natural shade of the lippie. This is, however, an optional step. But if you do decide on smearing some of that foundation on your lips, make sure you use the same shade for the rest of the face, neck and at the back of your hands. Spread on the foundation using a makeup sponge for even application. While doing this, smile, in order to fill in the cracks or blemishes, if any.

4. Pick the ideal lip liner

Lip liner is the deciding factor when it comes to getting the ultimate goddess-like lip look. The lip liner stops your lip color from bleeding, and also helps an even application of the lipstick. The lip liner also plays a crucial role in making your lip hue last longer.

If you are planning on wearing a murky, sultry color, go for a lip liner which is darker, by a shade, than the lip tint. This gives the lipstick shade a deeper appearance, making it opaquer.

But if you are priming your lips with foundation, and want to go for a nude or muted lip look, match the lip liner color to the color of your lips.

5. Trace your lip line

The way you draw your lip line determines how the lip look is going to turn out. You can make your lips look bigger than they are, or make them look smaller. You can also create an illusion of smaller or rounder or wider lip shape, using your lip liner. Let us show you how!

(Rookie tip: Draw the lines first, and then fill the color into the lips.)

To make your lips look thinner: Apply the liner inside your lip line. Rub in some concealer or foundation to hide the natural lip line.

To make your lips look plumper: Apply the liner outside your lip line, while touching the natural lip line.

To make your lips look broader: Apply the liner along the natural lip line, while extending it at the corners of your lips.

To make your lips look narrower: The same trick as above, but when the liner reaches the edges, draw inside the corners. Hide the natural lip line at the corners with a foundation or concealer.

To make one lip appear plumper than the other: Trace the line to outside the lip line of the lip you want to plump up. For the other half, stay within the natural lip line.

For the au naturel look: Blend in the lip liner at the edges using your index finger to soften the sharp corners.

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6. Pick a lippie that flatters your skin tone

Understanding which lip tints and compositions suit your complexion the most is essential for the perfect lipstick application that you desire.

For those with a dark skin tone, an audaciously bold lippie works best as it offers a pretty contrast. But if you have a wheatish complexion, a nude, muted or a light coral shade stands enough. A medium complexion again, brightens up with tints of mauve, cinnamon and plum.

If your lips are chapped and dry, matte lipstick must be avoided at all cost, as they will make your lips dry out further. Go for lippies that have emollients and conditioners as ingredients. Or, you can apply a lip primer before you swipe that lipstick to create a block between the lippie and your lips.

7. Douse your lips in liberal coats of your lipstick

While applying the lipstick, begin from the center of your lips. Then, brush the lippie outward. Fill in the gaps in one swift motion. For more precision, pro MUAs suggest you apply your lipstick using a lipstick brush and not directly from the tube.

To make a statement, you need a second coat, as the first one acts only as a base. The second coat locks the lip color, and gives you that dramatic, intense lip look.

To bolt the color on the inside of your lips, stick your pointing finger into your mouth, and put your lips around it. Now pull out the finger in one swift motion. This stops the color from bleeding onto your teeth.

8. Dust your lips with powder to make the color last longer

Take a tissue, and pull it apart, so that you are left with two, very thin sheets, Press a sheet against your lips. Now dust a translucent powder to set the lipstick. Pull out the tissue, gently, and apply the second coat of lip shade.

9. Use a concealer to clean the mess ups, if any

Drop a thin brush into your concealer. Pick a concealer shade that matches your skin tone exactly. Now outline the lips with the brush. Blend the concealer outward into the foundation. This prevents the lipstick from smearing, and also, lends the lips a crisp outline.

10. Apply some highlighter on the cupid’s bow

To accentuate your naturally plump lips, use a highlighting pencil on your cupid’s bow. Use an ivory or white highlighting pencil for the same. When you trace the pencil, draw above the lipstick and not over it.

Swipe a sheer lip gloss for that shimmer

This is optional, again. It will just help you accentuate your plump lips. Apply the lip gloss only o the center of your bottom lip, and not all over. If you are trying to make your lips look smaller, however, duck the gloss.

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11. Try out these classic variants

To highlight your plump lips:

Try the two-toned lippie. Swipe that usual lipstick of yours, and then go for a shade lighter by a notch. Down at the middle of your upper and bottom lip. Meld the colors well.

To lend your lips the matte finish:

Use a blush that is the same color as your lip shade. After applying the lip liner and the lippie, sweep your brush in a blush of the same color, and dab it onto your lips. Dab the blush to cover the whole lip to make the lipstick appear matte.

Pro-tip: Dodge the shimmery blush. Also this technique won’t go with all lippie shades. If you don’t have a blush of the same color as your lipstick, use a matte eyeshadow instead.

To create ombre lips: Go for a lip liner darker than the lipstick shade you pick. Trace the natural lip line, and then fill in the lipstick. Now put a lighter shade of lippie on to the innermost part of the lips for an exaggerated ombre effect. Blend the colors together with a sheer lip gloss.

To create rosebud lips:

To spot the femme fatale look from the flapper dapper era, outline the middle part of your lips keeping the corners short. Fill in with a bright red lippie. Try your hands on a 30s finger wave hairdo, and you are ready for the gods.  

To create the Gothic look: Pick that black or oxblood lipstick for this lip look. You will need a lip liner of the same hue as the lipstick. Couple the Gothic look with an outfit and coiffure as mysterious as you lip do.

That’s a wrap on how to apply lipstick on big lips. Was this guide helpful? Rant and rave in the comment section below.

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Apply Lipstick On Big Lips
Here’s the quintessential guide on how to apply lipstick on big lips that will change your lip game altogether, and usher you into the league of the pros.
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