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Pretty AF In No Time: 12 DIY Makeup Tutorials That We Just Cannot Seem To Get Enough Of

It doesn’t have to be a special day for you to look exceptional, right? Cranking up the irresistible quotient in no time; yes, that’s absolutely possible. All you need to do is follow these 12 DIY makeup tutorials we have lined up for you. Whether it’s about acing the classic sex kitten or experimenting with the rose gold eyes, let these YouTube genii show you the way!

Stepping into the magical world of DIY makeup tutorials that will keep you pretty AF all the time:

1. 60s sex kitten

Sophia Loren’s sex kitten look’s drop-dead dazzling!  Thanks a ton to Chloe Morello for this make-up tutorial.

Always follow your pencil with the liquid liner for more definition, which is key to perfecting this look. You need to angle the catlike point by extending the curve from your lower lash and then going upwards.

Pro tips:

  • Start with an impact long wear pencil liner
  • Define the shape first
  • Draw the dashing pattern
  • Trace over your pencil line with gel liner
  • Use the liner to also thicken your cat eye as it extends out

2. Haute pink

Got pale skin and don’t know how to get the best out of it? This tutorial will help you get the silvery pink smoky eyes with a matte raspberry pout. Already drooling, are we?!

Pro tips:

  • Prime the lips
  • Cherry-pick the hue
  • Build the color gradually
  • Apply color with lip brush
  • Make it matte
  • Remember less is more
  • Lay off your brush

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3. Dawn to dusk

Two extremely sensual and racy looks in one! This tutorial by Shirley B. Eniang is very easy to follow!

Pro tips:

  • Romance the sass!

That’s all!

4. Faint yet stimulating

Pixiwoo’s smoldering and demure eye makeup and nude lip grouping is the best way to do a minimalist glam!

Pro tips (for the nude lips):

  • Exfoliate your lips
  • Cherry-pick the right hue
  • Apply a lip plummer
  • Shape the lips
  • Matte it
  • Finish with lip gloss (A clear lip gloss will accentuate your lush and kissable lips better than a coloured one)

5. Rose gold eyes

In this tutorial, Karima McKimmie nails the glow-y skin by heightening it with rose gold eyes.

Pro tips:

  • Create the base
  • Layer the medium shade
  • Add the smoky factor
  • Define the eye shape
  • Underline the lower lash
  • Revivify up the inside
  • Complete the look with flirty lashes

6. Grunge glam

A glittery smokey eye with a dash of pink lips! Now that’s an unconventional guise! Thanks a ton to Carli Bybel for this superb tutorial! Pretty AF? Hell, yea!

7. Flushed rubicund

Yes, red and pink is possible, people! See how Nikkie does the fierce graphic eyes and compliments it with a lip look that’s a kiss fantasy!

8. Wink, wink!

Thanks to the beauty bloggers, pink eyes is the trend that’s making not ripples but waves across the fashion industry! Diana Saldana tells you all about how to do them!

9. Contour

Contouring and highlighting, yes, that’s a basic, but are you doing it right? Find out now!

Pro tips:

  • Foundation should be a tone lighter than your current complexion
  • Think Matte
  • Exaggerate the shadows
  • Line under the cheekbone must be highlighted

10. Ombre sunset smokey eye

Want to go dramatic instead? Here’s your inspiration! The tutorial is very easy to follow. ☺

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11. 9 to 5 prima donna  

If getting ready in the morning before leaving for work is becoming tedious and you want a five minute solution to your makeup regime, this quick tutorial is godsend for you! An absolute essential to put an end to all your makeup related qualms is the Lakme CC cream.

12. Beach face

The colored eye liner is having a moment this year! Color fanatics suggest that the double eyeliner will emerge as the biggest trend by the end of this year. So how can you miss it?

Pro tips:

  • Curl the eyelashes
  • Coat with a high intensity mascara
  • A set of false lashes would complete the look

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Featured image source: Youtube

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Pretty AF In No Time: 12 DIY Makeup Tutorials That We Just Cannot Seem To Get Enough Of
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