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Have A Job Interview This Week? Use These Latest Makeup Tricks To Make The Best First Impression

You will be surprised to know how intensely interviewers pay attention to every tiny detail that commonly goes unnoticed to the untrained eye while hiring prospective employees during a job interview.

They observe every move you make, every tiny expression, body language, the way you walk and talk, and a host of other seemingly unimportant factors during the interview rounds. It’s not just your CV and qualifications and the amount of work experience you possess that matters; getting a job at the place you want to, requires much, much more than what we usually anticipate. It is very much possible for a very, very qualified and intelligent individual to lose out on a job they wanted, just because their style of sitting came off as aggressive to the interviewers. The popular saying, “first impression is the last impression,” is taken quite literally by the HR and hiring departments of majority of companies in almost all the fields of profession.

Once you score an interview for your dream job, rather any job or internship that you would like to work on, your work does not end there. After getting through your interview, comes the next step- preparing yourself for it. While it is imperative that you do your necessary homework and are prepared to answer any type of question that they may throw at you; how you present yourself is also of utmost importance. And by “presenting” yourself I obviously do not mean the kind that is propagated by several beauty and fairness products. You do not need to be remarkable in your physical appearance in order to land yourself a decent job. Physical appearance or attractiveness is not a prerequisite or a yardstick for success in your career. However, what is very much important is the fact that you do need to appear smart and presentable if you want to impress your future employers. And we’re going to tell you how to do just that.

Your makeup can say a lot about the kind of person you are. While having your unique style and being different is something that must always be encouraged, unfortunately job interviews are the last place you’d want to be labeled as that. The sad fact of the matter is that corporate companies always look for individuals who conform to the norm, and not those who defy it. And the very first trick to nailing a job interview is to appear as simple and conforming as is possible, in order to ensure that the only thing catching the attention of your prospective employer is your spectacular curriculum vitae and not the new shade of purple lipstick that you’ve decided to try out for the first time at your job interview.

Make sure that you do not go overboard with your makeup for job interview. Wear smart, properly ironed and well fitted formal clothes with minimal makeup that makes you look just the right amount of sophisticated and classy; and yet not give away the fact that you’ve been making a lot of effort in order to achieve that look. The key here is to look as natural as possible, but not so natural that all your blemishes and blotches are visible for their perusal. Going for loud makeup or too much color is a huge, huge no-no and could possibly jeopardize your chances of actually getting through the interview. So, it is important that you choose your shades wisely and are judicious in the quantity of makeup that you choose to apply.

Following is a list of do’s and don’ts to follow in order to ensure you have the best makeup for job interview that makes you look smart, dignified and glamorous-

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1. Match your makeup according to your skin tone

We cannot stress how important it is to go with the Natural makeup look when preparing for a job interview. It makes you look fresh, clean and does not give the impression that you spent all your time on your makeup and not on actual preparation for the interview. For someone with a pale complexion, avoid heavy blushes like magenta. On the other hand, those with dark skinned should avoid bright shades and lighter undertones. The trick here is to blend your makeup in as much as possible and to avoid contrasts.

2. Go easy on the blush

If you’re prone to flushed cheeks and redness of the face when nervous, it would be best to opt for a light bronzer or sheer highlighter instead of using a blush. Primers are also a great way to counteract any redness that might appear due to stress and nervousness on your face, as is likely in nerve-wracking experiences like job interviews.

3. Do not use lumpy mascara

This is a big no-no when it comes to makeup for job interviews. You do not want to look like you fell asleep with your makeup on and went for the interview with last night’s mascara. If that means going low on your eye makeup and ditching the mascara completely, so be it. In a job interview, less is always more and minimalism is elegant.

4. Research the vibe of the company

This will help you get some idea about the general atmosphere of the company and what it stands for. If you’re going for an interview at a startup, you can dress slightly informally, use bright shades of eyeshadows and blush for your makeup since startups are generally known to have flexible clothing policies when it comes to their employees. The more corporate the company is, the more conservative and minimal your makeup needs to be. Researching the vibe of the company will help you understand their ethos and principles, and also give you an understanding of how you will have to present yourself accordingly. 

5. Don’t experiment

As mentioned earlier, don’t experiment with makeup while prepping yourself for a job interview. Do not try out makeup you haven’t used before. Go for what you know you are good at pulling off. Trying new things will inevitably make you self-conscious, and you do not want that added stress while you sit for your interview.

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Here's The Best Makeup For Job Interview That You Need To Master Right Now
Here's a list of do’s and don’ts to follow to ensure you have the best makeup for job interview that makes you look smart, dignified and glamorous.
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