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20 Chic Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

The wedding day is not only super important for the bride and the groom, but also for the wedding guests, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen. A lot of planning and preparation goes into how the bridesmaids will look their best – their dresses, of course, but also the makeup and hairstyle.hairstyle

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It is no great secret that your hair can change the way your face looks, and you would want to look flawless in a wedding, especially when you are a bridesmaid. Hairstyles can be of several types, but you have to figure out which one is best suited for your features and the texture of your hair. Depending on your hair quality, the theme of the wedding, and the weather in which the ceremony will take place, check out these 20 bridesmaid hairstyles for medium hair.

1. Soft bun with accessories

soft bun with acessories

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This is one of the most elegant hairstyles bridesmaids can put on for the wedding day. Set your hair into cascading waves, then loosely collect them into a bun at the back or side of your head. Pair that with an elegant, bejeweled hairband or even a small sprig of seasonal flowers, and you will certainly look the part of the perfect bridesmaid.

2. A head full of braids

hair full of braids

Image source: Pinterest

Instead of having one distinct braid running across your hair or over it, you can have a head full of braids, which will make you look stunning. Although it looks intricate, executing this hairstyle is not too difficult. Take four or five sections of your hair from different parts of your scalp, and tie them in very loose and messy braids. The loose ends can be gathered in a bun at the nape of your neck, which can then be adorned with the flowers in your bouquet or any other accessory.

3. The princess braid hairdo

princess braid hairdo

Image source: Pinterest

This might look very complex, but it really isn’t. Start braiding your hair from the side of your head – go for a loose French braid so that there is scope for those romantic loose curls to escape. From the side of your head, wind your braid to the back and then behind your ear and then back to the front, so that you get a braid crown of sorts. This gorgeous hairstyle will keep your hair in place throughout the ceremony.

4. The side wrap-braid

side wrap braid

Image source: Pinterest

First divide your hair into two sections with a hair parting. Collect one of the sections and start braiding it, so that it crowns one side of your head. Secure it with a couple of bobby pins, and then you can leave the rest of the hair in an elegant side-sweep. It is both elegant and excessively simple, and all you need is a couple of bobby pins and hair spray to keep those side-swept curls in place.

5. The vintage hair roll

vintage hair roll

Image source: Pinterest

This is one of the hairstyles where having medium-length hair works to your advantage. Take sections of your hair and twist them around to form small rolls or curls on the top or the side of your head, or even on your forehead, and the rest of your tresses can be slicked back into a neat bun. This will give you a beautiful retro look.

6. Rope-braid chignon

rope braid chignon1

Image source: Pinterest

The classic chignon might be the ultimate wedding hairstyle, but it can become boring. As a bridesmaid, you might want to do something different but at the same time manageable. A rope-braid chignon is the best alternative. Take a section of your hair and make a normal French braid along the side of your head on both sides. You can then secure the loose ends with the help of bobby pins into a loose (or tight) chignon bun at the nape of your neck.

7. Twisted crown

twisted crown hairdo

Image source: Pinterest

There are some hairstyles that make you look like a princess in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is take two sections of hair from either side of your head (preferably from behind the ear) and twist them together to form a rope of sorts. Take the two ropes and bring them together at the back of your head for one of the simplest, most elegant bridesmaid hairstyles for medium-length hair.

8. The four-braid twisted bun

four braid twisted bun

Image source: Pinterest

Divide your hair into four sections and braid them up as you normally would. Add some hair spray to keep the loose strands in place. Roll the two at the back into florets and bobby-pin them together to form a complex bun. Meanwhile the two braids in front can start out as French braids, and become normal braids to be pinned into your bun. Voilà!

9. Side bun with flowers

side bun with flowers

Image source: Pinterest

There is nothing prettier or more delicate than this updo, especially when you are a bridesmaid at a wedding. Gather all your tresses into a simple side bun and make sure you leave plenty of strands loose. Secure it with lots of flowers.

10. Classic messy French twist

French twist

Image source: Pinterest

One of the coolest hairstyles that you can check out is the classic French twist, which will go with any bridesmaid outfit. Start with a side sweep, and use plenty of bobby pins to secure your hair. Take the rest of your hair and start twisting it upwards until you have a roll that reaches your head. Secure that with bobby pins inserted horizontally into the ’do.

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11. Bulky top bun with accessories

bulky top bun

Image source

This one is cute and loud at the same time, giving you just the right amount of sass for a wedding party. Gather all your hair into a ponytail and slip it through one of those huge bun hairbands with tiny holes. Spread your hair around the band, so that it looks like you have a huge top bun, and secure that with bobby pins. You can add any accessory you want.

12. The Bohemian side braid

Bohemian side braid

Image source: Pinterest

If you are wearing a short dress for a semi-formal or casual wedding, then you can pin up your hair on one side and side-sweep the rest of it. With that section of the hair, you can either tie a fish-tail braid or a normal braid teased for volume.

13. The messy hairband look

messy headband

Image source: Pinterest

There is no end to the things you can do with your hair if you have a hairband. Apart from wearing it on your forehead, you can also use it to tuck your hair in, or even use it as an accessory to your messy bun. All you have to do is tuck and roll your sections of hair into the hairband for effect.

14. Fishtail halo

fishtail halo

Image source: Pinterest

This style might look too complex for your medium-length hair, but in reality it isn’t. Similar to the crown braid, this is simply done with a fishtail instead of a normal braid. You have to start braiding from one side of your head and continue till it reaches the back of your other ear. And then start again from the top.

15. Curls at the nape of your neck


Image source: Pinterest

There is a certain charm and depth about curly hair, no matter how fashionable straight hair might have become. Simply pin all those curls at the back of your head for an elegant look. This is one of the most perfect, elegant bridesmaid hairstyles for medium hair that goes with all sorts of outfits.

16. Romantic braids

 romantic braids

Image source: Pinterest

One of the most appropriate hairstyles for bridesmaids is the romantic braid, which can never look overused when it comes to weddings. You can pretty much braid your hair in any direction, and in any way, so that it gives an elegant and princess-like effect.

17. Delicate side-knot

side knot

Image source: Pinterest

This is a simple updo that will keep you hair in place as well as make you look your elegant best. Take three separate sections of your hair and connect them so that they create a literal knot at the side of your head.

18. Sleek formal bun

sleek formal bun

Image source: Pinterest

Not one single hair is out of place in this chic hairstyle ideal for bridesmaids with medium-length hair. Take the entire bulk of your hair, slick it back, and then pin it up so you have a sleek bun at the nape of your neck. You can either have invisible pins or tie it with a separate section of your hair.

19. Top bun with braided base

top bun with braid base

Image source: Pinterest

This chic hairstyle is perfect for any kind of wedding and any kind of attire you might have to wear with it. Take a section of hair from the top of your head and keep it separate while you put the rest of it into a bun. Braid the quarantined section, and then wrap it around the base of your bun for effect! Simple!

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20. Voluminous top knot

top knot

Image source: Pinterest

If you are in the mood for knots, there are endless options you can check out, as illustrated above. This is another one. Before you gather your hair into a bun, tease it in order to give it volume, and use lots of hair spray so that it doesn’t deflate easily. This hairdo can make your medium-length tresses look a lot longer.

These hairstyles are just some of the suggestions you can use when you are trying to look your glamorous best while sharing the spotlight with the bride. The best part is that these bridesmaid hairstyles for medium hair are simple, yet very elegant.

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