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25 Greatest Love Songs From 2000 to 2014 That Made Our Heart Sing!

Ah, love! What a wonderful thing it is to be in love. You feel like you’re floating on air, that the birds chirp and tweet just for you, that the sun shines bright just so you could smile, and the trees sway this way and that just so you could brush back locks of your hair from your forehead. You feel as if you’re on cloud nine and that everything in the world is as it should be. And when you’re feeling like this, what’s better to keep you and your sweetheart company than the best English love songs – of the 2000s? Think there aren’t any that can capture what you’re feeling? Then think again; for here we have 25 of the best English love songs from 2000 to 2014. Buckle up for the ride, bucko!

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1. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol (2006)

When you’re in love, you feel like you’re on top of the world, that if you just have your love beside you, nothing else matters. This desire for the other person to feel the same way is beautifully brought out in Chasing Cars. The slow build up of the song leaves you gasping for more.

Lyrics we love:

We don’t need


Or anyone

If I lay here

If I just lay here

Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

2. The Scientist – Coldplay (2002)

This song in the slightly-nasally voice of Chris Martin beautifully captures the poignancy of a screwed up relationship. Every relationship goes through ups and downs, but how you handle these as a couple and come out stronger on the other side is important. But this song speaks about all the things he/she screwed up, and wishes to explain the reasons with science, but is unable to do so. So he wishes to go back to the start of the relationship when everything was perfect.

Lyrics we love:

Nobody said it was easy

It’s such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be this hard

Oh, take me back to the start

3. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars (2010)

This one is just super cute and a guy who says things like this to the woman in his life, is the best kind of guy there could be. Hold on to him, and never let go. If he thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are, despite all the shortcomings and imperfections you see in the mirror, he’s a keeper for sure.

Lyrics we love:

I know, I know

When I compliment her she won’t believe me

And it’s so, it’s so

Sad to think that she don’t see what I see

But every time she asks me, ‘Do I look okay?’

I say,

When I see your face

There’s not a think that I would change

‘Cause you’re amazing

Just the way you are

And when you smile

The whole world stops and stares for a while

‘Cause, girl, you’re amazing

Just the way you are



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4. You And Me – Lifehouse (2005)

When you love someone, it’s not always necessary that the other person feel the same way about you. Sometimes you get your heart bruised and bumped and dragged along in this journey of unrequited love. But sometimes, it just so happens that the person you’re in love with, sees you for the first time as you see them, and it’s … magical. No other word to describe it. This pain of unrequited love is captured soulfully in this song.

Lyrics we love:

‘Cause it’s you and me and all of the people with nothing to do, nothing to lose

And it’s you and me and all of the people

And I don’t know why I can’t keep my eyes off of you

All of the things that I want to say just aren’t coming our right

I’m tripping on words

You got my head spinning

I don’t know where to go from here

5. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine (2011)

Love makes two hearts beat as one. You become so attuned to the one you love that you both are basically two bodies and one soul. This thought is captured in this peppy yet meaningful song.

Lyrics we love:

My heart’s a stereo

It beats for you, so listen close

Hear my thoughts in every note

Make me your radio

And turn me up when you feel low

This melody was meant for you

Just sing along to my stereo

6. How To Save A Life – The Fray (2005)

Although different people can interpret this song in different ways, I choose to interpret it in the context of a breakup. Most breakups are hard, and it leaves a hole in your heart the size and shape of the relationship you’re left mourning. Even when you love someone with all your heart, you can’t really change who they are inherently and how they feel about you. So it’s best to leave the relationship while you still can and try and move on.

Lyrics we love:

Step one, you say, ‘We need to talk.’

He walks, you say, ‘Sit down. It’s just a talk.’

He smiles politely back at you

You stare politely right on through

Some sort of window to your right

As he goes left and you stay right

Between the lines of fear and blame

You begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend

Somewhere along in the bitterness

And I would have stayed up with you all night

Had I known how to save a life

7. Come Away With Me – Norah Jones (2002)

Such a simple song yet holds a wealth of meaning. In this song, the woman is asking her lover to come away with her to a world where there are no lies, no criticisms, or even unrealistic expectations. The woman is telling her lover to physically, mentally, and emotionally escape the world to an unknown land where she could walk with him hand in hand, with no disturbance, but just surrounded by their love for each other.

Lyrics we love:

Come away with me and we’ll kiss

On a mountaintop

Come away with me

And I’ll never stop loving you

And I want to wake up with the rain

Falling on a tin roof

While I’m safe there in your arms

So all I ask is for you

To come away with me in the night

Come away with me

8. White Flag – Dido (2003)

Being abandoned by the one you love is one of the most heart-wrenching things that could happen to you. This song talks about how the act of being abandoned leaves unfinished business between the couple. That although one of them still loves the other, there’s almost no chance of a reconciliation due to past hurts, and that she’ll continue to love him even though that love is never going to be reciprocated.

Lyrics we love:

I know you think that I shouldn’t still love you,

Or tell you that.

But if I didn’t say it, well I’d still have felt it

Where’s the sense in that?

I promise I’m not trying to make your life harder

Or return to where we were

9. Unfaithful – Rihanna (2006)

Sometimes unfaithfulness and lies wedge their way in between a couple. They fester and become deep wounds, erasing trust and respect and love – the foundations on which a relationship is built. It doesn’t matter if the woman was unfaithful or the man – cheating is cheating – there’s no excuse for it. Cheating on the man in her life, the lies she tells him, and the fact that that has now become a sort of unacknowledged truth is what Rihanna croons in this heartbreaking song.

Lyrics we love:

Our love, his trust

I might as well take a gun and put it to his head

Get it over with

I don’t wanna do this


I don’t wanna do this anymore

I don’t wanna be the reason why

And every time I walk out the door

I see him die a little more inside

And I don’t wanna hurt him anymore

I don’t wanna take away his life

I don’t wanna be …

A murderer



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10. Hero – Enrique Iglesias (2001)

When you love someone, you need to be able to trust them, feel safe enough to reveal your vulnerabilities, and to feel one with them. In this song, the guy reveals his vulnerability when he asks the woman in his life those questions in the beginning. Then he goes on to say that he could be his hero, kissing away all of her pain, and be there for her – always. If a guy who does this, even though he’s not as articulate as Enrique here, hold on to him and never let go – he’s a keeper for sure.

Lyrics we love:

I can be your hero, baby

I can kiss away the pain

I will stand by you forever

You can take my breath away

Would you swear that you’ll always be mine?

Would you lie? Would you run and hide?

Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind?

I don’t care. You’re here tonight.

11. Falling Slowly – The Swell Season (2008)

Just love is hard to sustain a relationship. A relationship needs more than just love to make it through all the bumps and dips in the journey of life. And sometimes, even after all you’ve put in to a relationship, it’s just not enough to sustain it. That’s when you have to make a choice – to break if off and move on. This is what this song depicts.

Lyrics we love:

I don’t know you

But I want you

All the more for that

Words fall through me

And always fool me

And I can’t react

And games that never amount

To more than they’re meant

Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time

Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice

You’ve made it now

12. Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

Love can hurt as much as it can make you happy. When you love a person who gives you pleasure on the one hand and hurts you on the other – what are you supposed to do? This dilemma is what Alicia Keys is singing in this song.

Lyrics we love:

I keep on


In and out of love with you

I never loved someone

The way that I love you

Oh, oh, I never felt this way

How do you give me so much pleasure

And cause me so much pain

Just when I think

I’ve taken more than would a fool

I start fallin’ back in love with you

13. First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes (2005)

The lines that stuck with me from this song are the ones where the singer says he’d rather work for a paycheck than wait around to win a lottery. The way I interpreted these lines – in life, not everyone gets to have a grand adventure, fall in love, and be consumed by passion for the one you love. Sometimes, you just have to look at the big picture and see what’s right in front of you – Mr Right Now, rather than wait around forever for Mr Perfect to happen along your path.

Lyrics we love:

Remember the time you drove all night

Just to meet me in the morning

And I though it was strange you said everything changed

You felt as if you’d just woke up

And you said, ‘This is the first day of my life

I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you

But now I don’t care I could go anywhere with you

And I’d probably be happy.’

So if you want to be with me

With these things there’s no telling

We just have to wait and see

But I’d rather be working for a paycheck

Than waiting to win the lottery

Besides maybe this time is different

I mean, I really think you like me

14. We Found Love – Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris (2011)

You don’t decide to fall in love; love just … happens. But this might not be the love you need or deserve; but you feel hopelessly powerless to distance yourself from this person. You feel such intense and deep love for this ‘wrong’ person, that it seems like you’re addicted to them. That it’s as bad as a drug – while making you seem euphoric, it’s corroding you from the inside out. This song is all about finding love in a hopeless place.

Lyrics we love:

Yellow diamonds in the light

Now we’re standing side by side

As your shadow crosses mine

What it takes to come alive

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny

But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place

We found love in a hopeless place

15. Like A Star – Corinne Bailey Rae (2006)

When you love someone, you accept them with all their faults, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. It doesn’t matter if you yell at them or scream at them, you know, deep down, that it’ll be alright when the dust settles down – cause you know that your relationship is built on solid ground – trust and friendship, and not to forget, love.

Lyrics we love:

Still I wonder why it is,

I don’t argue like this,

With anyone but you,

We do it all the time,

Blowing out my mind

You’ve got this look I can’t describe,

You make me feel like I’m alive,

When everything else is au fait,

Without a doubt you’re on my side,

Heaven has been away too long,

Can’t find the words to write this song

16. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis (2008)

When you’re hurt in love, you try to close yourself off from ever feeling that way again. You start to think that no amount of love is worth all the pain it leaves behind when it’s over. You build all these walls to protect yourself from further hurt. But, once in a while, a bright ray of sunshine in the form a new love makes their way past these walls and make you fall in love again. And now that you’re open to it, people around you seem to think you’ve gone off the deep end, maybe even crazy, for rushing into a new relationship. But when you know, you know. There’s nothing stopping you from loving that person with all that you’ve got.

Lyrics we love:

Closed off from love

I didn’t need the pain

Once or twice was enough

And it was all in vain

Time starts to pass

Before you know it you’re frozen

But something happened

For the very first time with you

My heart melted to the ground

Found something true

And everyone’s looking round

Thinking I’m going crazy



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17. Love Story – Taylor Swift (2009)

Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet, the star-crossed lovers. And it was a tragedy. The same star-crossed-ness happens in real life too – due to various reasons. Some men and women too, are just not brave enough and defiant enough to give their love a chance – away from their parents and family’s influence. But how wonderful would it be if Romeo and Juliet had had a happy ending! That is what Taylor Swift does in this song. By the time the song ends, Romeo, asking Juliet to marry him, tells her that her father is okay with the union. How wonderful it would’ve been had it happened that way in the original!

Lyrics we love:

I got tired of waiting

Wondering if you were ever coming around.

My faith in you was fading

When I met you on the outskirts of town.

And I said …

Romeo, save me, I’ve been feeling so alone.

I keep waiting for you but you never come.

Is this in my head? I don’t know what to think.

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said …

Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone.

I love you, and that’s all I really know.

I talked to your dad – go pick out a white dress

It’s a love story, baby, just say, ‘Yes.’

18. It Will Rain – Bruno Mars (2011)

When the love of your life leaves you, it feels like your heart is being ripped in two and that your churning stomach will leave you retching – for the rest of your life. That you’ll never feel whole again. Dreading this separation in an unknown future, the singer talks about how neither religion nor medication would save him if she ever leaves him. He also goes on to say that without her beside him, the sunlight fades away, the skies are ominous with swathes of dark clouds, and that his life would resemble an eternal rain – always crying.

Lyrics we love:

There’s no religion that could save me

No matter how long my knees are on the floor

So keep in mind all the sacrifices I’m makin’

To keep you by my side

To keep you from walkin’ out the door.

‘Cause there’ll be no sunlight

If I lose you, baby

There’ll be no clear skies

If I lose you, baby

Just like the clouds

My eyes will do the same, if you walk away

Everyday it’ll rain, rain, rain

19. The Only Exception – Paramore (2009)

Losing a parent to divorce or worse, cheating, is not a pretty situation from any angle. Not only is the cheated-on parent left to pick up the broken pieces, their belief in love is also shattered. This shattered belief sometimes makes them bitter and resentful, which, they unwittingly pass on to their kids as well. In this song, the singer has seen her father suffering from a broken heart and keeps her distance from love by creating everyone at arm’s length. But there’s that one person who made her realize that love is worth it, and that it doesn’t necessarily mean heartbreak – always. That he’s the only exception. But, despite him being the exception, she also talks about the inevitability of ending up alone. That she has to find a way to be happy – alone.

Lyrics we love:

And I’ve always lived like this

Keeping a comfortable distance.

And up until now I have sworn to myself

That I’m content with loneliness.

Because none of it was ever worth the risk.

Well you are the only exception.

20. Crazy In Love – Beyoncé featuring Jay Z (2003)

When you’re in love, the early phase – the honeymoon phase, so to speak – leaves you wanting more and more of the person you love. You want to be with them every minute of every hour of every day. You can’t bear to be apart from them. You need to touch them – even if it’s just a brush of their hand with yours. This song talks about this honeymoon phase of a relationship, where, you seem like you’re going crazy – in love – in a good way (sort of)!

Lyrics we love:

I look and stare so deep in your eyes,

I touch on you more and more every time,

When you leave I’m begging you not to go,

Call your name two or three times in a row,

Such a funny thing for me to try to explain,

How I’m feeling and my pride is the one to blame.

‘Cuz I know I don’t understand,

Just how your love can do what no one else can.

21. In These Arms – The Swell Season (2009)

When you’re riddled with uncertainties and insecurities, you have to find yourself and love yourself first before looking for love elsewhere. This is what the singer in this song talks about. Giving in to his insecurities, he ran away from the woman he loved. And she moved on with her life with others. But remaining true to her, he came back for her and realized that he was meant to be with her.

Lyrics we love:

You were restless

I was somewhere less secure

So I went running to the road

And so now there’s

A long list of places I was

I quit my rambling and I came home

Cause maybe I was born to hold you in these arms

Maybe I was born to hold you in these arms

22. Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey (2013)

This song beautifully and hauntingly showcases a woman’s question that she asks of her lover – ‘will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful.’ Then, as much to convince herself, she asserts she knows that he will; that he will love her even when she’s old and wrinkled and can hardly see. If your sweetheart loves you even at your messiest, angriest, and the worst, then he’s a keeper for sure. Don’t let him go. Hold on to him, because he’s worth it.

Lyrics we love:

Will you still love me

When I’m no longer young and beautiful?

Will you still love me

When I got nothing but my aching soul?

I know you will, I know you will

I know that you will

Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?

23. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran (2014)

When there’s love between a couple – the kind that holds true when you face the challenges that life throws at you, when you weather the storms your love is caught in – together, and that is evident even when you’re so old, you won’t be able to do more than just kiss your sweetheart to show that you love them, that’s worth sticking around for. That’s the kind of love that the singer of this song professes to his beloved. It’s such a sweet song, you won’t be able to fall in love with your darling all over again while listening to this playing. Sigh!

Lyrics we love:

When your legs don’t work like they used to before

And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

And, darling, I will be loving you ‘til we’re 70

And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23

And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe just a touch of a hand

Well me – I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am



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24. Stay With Me – Sam Smith (2014)

You can only love, you can’t predict or control the outcome, or even the reaction of the other person involved. Love isn’t always meant to last; sometimes it’s just love – pure and simple – without any reciprocation. And sometimes, you try to hold on to that fleeting moment of connection to try and make it last as long as possible. This song is speaks of a love that didn’t last.

Lyrics we love:

Oh, won’t you stay with me?

‘Cause you’re all I need

This ain’t love, it’s clear to see

But darling, stay with me

Why am I so emotional?

No, it’s not a good look, gain some self-control

And deep down I know this never works

But you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt

25. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding (2014)

When the man in your life is both the cause and cure of pain, the light and the dark in your life, but he’s also as vital to you as the blood that runs through your veins, love is like a drug to you. You’re addicted to it; as long as it’s in your love, you’re okay. To me, this song speaks of the good and the bad that’s present in a person. That when you love someone, you accept all of them – both the good as well as the bad. That’s what makes them who they are – a unique individual who is the object of your affection. This song is one of my absolute favorites from this list.

Lyrics we love:

You’re the light, you’re the night

You’re the color of my blood

You’re the cure, you’re the pain

You’re the only thing I wanna touch

Never knew that it could mean so much, so much

You’re the fear, I don’t care

‘Cause I’ve never been so high

Follow me through the dark

Let me take you past our satellites

You can see the world you brought to life, to life

So love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Touch me like you do, to-to-touch me like you do

What are you waiting for

Well, these are our picks for the best English love songs from 2000 till date. Of course it’s not a comprehensive one, but our picks – the ones that resonated with us with their lovely and soulful and haunting lyrics that touch upon almost every aspect of love. If you have different choices, do let us know about them in the comments below. Ta!

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