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40 Brilliant Ideas That Can Be Used To Tackle Any Mother-In-Law Issue

For all those of you who believe in-laws should be outlaws, we feel you! We know the ‘baggage’ that comes in the form of a mother-in-law. And we know how this being called mother-in-law can make your life a living hell with the ‘laws’ she enforces for no reason except the fun of it! So we decided to help you… we have drawn a list of ideas that can help you tackle or draw inspiration to tackle any issue that maya emerge when the mother-in-law is hovering around. Be it keeping her from your home, tackling her stay, coaxing some help or drawing some perks from her- now you have the ultimate way out of every trouble. So, enjoy!

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1.With one of those vintage wines you keep treasured, the pie you’re bringing would taste heavens, I bet!

2. Oh do visit. Sam’s diarrhea is relapsing and with Susan out working, he’ll appreciate your full-time care for sure.

3. I hope you wouldn’t mind putting up in the store room. We’ll put a bed in there but we’ve turned the guest room into a nursery.

4. How about her hearing machine getting stolen by the new thief your neighborhood is terrorized of?

5. Sure, come over. I just hope you don’t mind sharing the guestroom with Sam’s new griffin.

6. So, she wants to cook? Bring over the entire gang and LET HER COOK!

7. A hidden recorder playing rattle of chains and whoosh of the wind as she sleeps would be excuse enough!

8. Make some black suits leave your home just as she steps in- act surprised and tell her her son is being falsely incriminated.

9. Invite your mother to live in as well!

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10. Kate’s late night rock band practice will keep you entertained throughout the stay; I’m so sure of it.

11. Ask her for the $5,000 bail you need to get your husband out of custody.

12. I love your meatballs, it’s such a shame we don’t take non-vegetarian food anymore.

13. Book her one-way trip to Afghanistan!

14. Plan an unanticipated bird attack from a thoughtfully left-open window.

15. Throw that stripper party you’ve been planning for so long.

16. Freak her out with a ‘I wish I had a mother like you,’ performance. ‘You’re an angel’ + the epic single tear rolling down your cheek’ should cut it.

17. It’s your grandson the kidnappers are asking those $50,000 for!

18. What would we do without you? The kids need you, Susan needs you, we need you!

19. Get her favorite TV channels blocked from the operator.

20. It’d be great if could bring along some bread and milk as well, the children haven’t eaten in over two days.

21. Oh, I’m not drunk; the floor is covered with my food poisoning.

22. With our water supply all broken, I hope you don’t mind swearing off bathing for the weekend?

23. Update your relationship status – Divorced!

24. I’m gonna need those $20,000 I gave you or you can expect the mafia to track the bills at your place, any minute now!

25. Show up with a new husband and ask for her blessings.

26. Kids can’t wait to have you over; and those pearls you wear will look lovely with Kate’s prom dress, right?

27. Shout out the ‘no fingerprints’ rule.

28. Flavor her cigarettes with some ‘green.’

29. How about a little snatch-and-run accident (planned with paid thugs) to shock her out of the idea of living in your neighborhood?

30. Fly and hide in the Alps!

31. Oh that, it wasn’t shouting; just the practice for a new play.

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32. Take mushroom farming as a new hobby.

33. How will she take the heat of your guestroom if the disrupted electricity takes two weeks for getting fix?

34. Run out of every supply she could possibly look for in your kitchen and the bath.

35. Blot her favorite sundress with your terrible laundry skills.

36. Let her babysit the little (monster) Sally, ha!

37. Put the Australian flag on your home! Or that of the party she’s against!

38. Walk her dog, feed her the food, take her shopping – fake worshiping her for a month and she’ll sign the will for you!

39. Scare her with your rabid dog (and cat) – use the pills!

40. Plan the family reunion of all the relatives she hates and she’ll run for life, I bet!

I hope you got some great ideas! 😉

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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40 Brilliant Ideas You Can Use To Tackle Any Mother-In-Law Issue
After the guide to impressing your mother-in-law, this one is warranted, right? Coz we can safely agree, the first one is kinda impossible :P
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