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#SkirtLove: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Rock A Skirt

Whether you choose between an asymmetrical hem or a short skirt, showing off those legs never goes out of fashion. It’s time to ditch those jeggings and step out in style, with this basic guide on how to rock wearing a skirt.  Wear it with a simple blouse or a shirt, with so many styles to choose from, a fashionable skirt gives you that right amount of versatility that will elevate your look from stylish to uber chic.

But before you spend the moolah , first spend a little time understanding your body type and which skirt will really highlight all your best assets. A tall person or any one with long legs usually can pull off any style of skirt. However for a person with shorter legs or an elongated mid riff this can be quite tricky.


Image source: Instagram

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So stash away your fears ( and jeggings of course) and get prepared to understand what skirts to include in your wardrobe this season.

1. Short skirt

Any skirt that ends at a point 2 inches or more, above your knee ( includes minis and micro – minis )

short skirt

Image source: Instagram/vinsaelwholesale

A perfect wardrobe ‘must have’ for anyone with a petite figure or with legs that run for miles on end; this skirt visually elongates the legs and, of course, the flirting quotient. However, a short skirt may not do the trick for someone with an apple shape or with a fuller midriff section. Since this skirt already shows off a lot of legs, for a flattering look, team it with a top that does not show too much skin. Whether front button denim, suede or a frill skirt, creating a look for a mini skirt is the easiest. For the perfect street style, wear it with a flowing blouse or a loose tee or just opt for the classical look with a front button, high neck shirt.

Accessories to wear: Accessorizing for a mini skirt is almost effortless . Look like a bombshell by throwing on some chunky jewelry or even a  beaded chain for a boho glam feel. Put on your ballerinas or funky sneakers with those denim skirts for a casual look or try on some knee length boots or wedges for an evening out at the club.

Mood for it: Perfect for a night at the clubs but can carried off equally easily for a coffee outing with your friends.

2. Knee-length skirt

Any skirt that ends exactly at your knee or a few centimeters higher or lower

knee length skirt

Image source: Instagram/vinsaelwholesale

Feeling professional or have a meeting to attend? Nothing oozes sophistication more than a beautifully cut and fitted knee length skirt. This skirt is perfect for any body type. Its looks even better if raised slightly above the knee, to give it the illusion of being knee length.

Accessories to wear: Practically any shoe suits a knee length skirt. Want to keep it casual, wear it with open heels, ankle boots, flat sandals or even sneakers. For a sophisticated look put on those high heeled peep toes, suede wedges or an ankle strap stiletto.

Mood for it: Be stylish in that boardroom or go out on a date ( formal or casual) this skirt is usually perfect for nearly every mood.

3. Midi

A skirt that ends half way between your knees and your ankles

midi skirt

Image source: Instagram/melangemode

While a midi is definitely more feminine, it is not the easiest skirt to carry off . It is best suited for someone with an average to a tall height and requires the right combination for it to look just right . While wearing a midi, keep it simple. Choose single colors to keep it looking ladylike. If the skirt is printed team it up with a neutral shade shirt or pick up vertical strips create the illusion of  a more elongated look.

Accessories to wear: Wear your skirt with a chiffon scarf, a clutch or a sling bag and of course high heels. For a edgier look opt for an leather jacket and pair it with a studded clutch.  Go ahead create a runway look, team this skirt with ankle strap block heels or a pointed toe stilettos.

Mood for it: Create a day look with pastel colors; nothing can be more chic for an afternoon out with your fashionista friends . Or go bold with neon and dark colors for a party or dinner with your man

4. Maxi skirt

A skirt that kisses your ankles

maxi skirt

Image source: Instagram/vinsaelwholesale

A slightly tricky one especially for petite women, but when styled correctly it suits almost every body type. While it easy wear for tall women, a maxi skirt can easily swallow up a petite or thin women. The trick is to ensure that it that fits around the waist and the hips to create a sleek look. Whether a pleated skirt or a bold fringe, team it with a crop top for a page-3 look or pair it with a tee for a sporty look.

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Accessories to wear: Layer your look with a cardigan; show off a leather print belt or even add a hat. Wear it with heels or for even with universal flat sandals and simple ballerinas. Try it on with flip-flops for a casual look or wedges for a glam feel, this skirt is easiest to pair with almost any type of shoes. Give your hair soft curls, pin it up or simply braid it as this skirt effortlessly caters to the versatility of the skirt .

Mood for it: Step out in style any time of the day with a maxi skirt. Put on denim short jacket or a scarf perfect for the day or carry a clutch and team it up with high heels for an evening out. If you on a road trip, a printed maxi skirt, the kitsch sunglasses and a floppy hat , nothing can beat that

Featured image source: Instagram

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A Beginner's Guide On How To Wear A Maxi Skirt
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