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The Up-To-Date List Of The Best Primers For The Skin That Needs Care

To get a flawless makeup, you need to invest in the right formulas, apply them the right quantity and the right way. A formula which is usually not a part of the normal makeup routine that people follow is the primer. And that’s where they make the blunder.

A primer is a necessary product that cannot be dodged. After you wash you face and scrub it to get rid of the dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the pores, you apply a moisturizer to prep you skin. However, to create a better canvas for makeup, you need to use a primer after the moisturizer.

This primer will make the foundation and rest of the makeup last longer by giving them something to hold on to. Also, it will serve as a layer between your skin and the makeup, thus protecting your skin from harsh chemicals.

In today’s post, we will tell everything about how to pick the best face primer for sensitive skin.

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Like all other makeup formulas, you need to invest in a primer that suits your skin type. You cannot buy a primer that is formulated for oily skin type or dry skin type, and expect it to work wonders on your sensitive skin. On the contrary, it can wreak havoc on your skin.

best face primer for sensitive skin

Two of the basic things you need to consider while buying a primer for your sensitive skin is that it should not have any fragrances or scent-masking ingredients. These are triggers that can cause irritations, worsening the condition of your skin.

Synthetic dyes and parabens are also deadly for your skin, and so, you should absolutely ditch primers that contain these. Some people with sensitive skin are prone to developing red patches on their face. If this is your case, then you can try color-correcting primers. These will neutralize the redness, especially green-tinted primers work really well for your type of skin.

Once you have applied a color correcting primer, you can apply less of the foundation, just one layer. When it comes to finding the right primer for sensitive skin, you need to really assess the ingredients used. The primer should have a soothing property that will calm the reactivity of your skin. Primer with green tea extracts is amazing for people with sensitive skin.

The Best Tips On Applying Primers on Sensitive Skin

Some people dodge primers because they think it will further trigger their sensitive skin. When you put in so much thought, read up blogs, have a hard look at the review of formulas and also at the ingredients, you will choose correctly. However, application is also a very important step.

To apply it well, begin by first washing your skin and exfoliating with formulas made for sensitive skin. Once you have cleansed your face well, moisturize and apply a toner.

Now wait for about a minute for the toner to be absorbed by your face. Now take a cherry-faced amount of the primer, and apply it on your entire face. To apply better, dot the target areas first. Go for the forehead, the chin and the side of your nose. Now lightly buff it into the rest of your face in downward strokes.

Let the primer set for about five minutes, and then apply a layer of the foundation.

When choosing the right foundation for your skin, you need to know one thing: There is no one-size-fits-all product. This is because the sensitivity of your skin might be caused by a something totally different from what causes the sensitivity in my skin. As a result, the two of famous cannot use the same powder foundation.

The most important factors to keep in mind when getting yourself the right powder foundation is: one, it should be non-comedogenic; it should be hypoallergenic; it should conceal blemishes without further aggravating them; and lastly, it should be a long-wear formula.

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Best face primer for sensitive skin

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

best face primer for sensitive skin

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The first product on the list is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. This one is a creamy gel-like formula that is so light that you won’t even feel it on your skin. It contains vitamins A, C and E, which will improve the glow of your skin from within.

The primer also contains jojona oil, which I am sure you already know, helps enhance the skin’s natural barrier to harmful irritants that react with the skin to cause redness and acne.

This formula is free of parabens, which makes it a completely safe product to use for people with even extremely sensitive skin. Paraben, in case you are unaware of this, is one of the ingredients linked to skin cancer.

Though the primer looks pearlesque on its own, when it applied on the skin, it only leaves a natural-looking glow. And for that, you need to make sure you do not overdo your primer.

You can either wear this primer alone and dodge the rest of the makeup, or you can even use it as a highlighter for target areas on your face.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener

best face primer for sensitive skin

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The Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener is a great primer for sensitive skin. It will benefit your skin because it contains healthy and natural extracts. The grapefruit extracts in it will contribute to making your skin look luminous, while the green tea extracts will help prevent damage from free radicals. Free radicals cause premature aging of the skin, and as such, this primer formula will contribute to keeping your skin young and healthy.

It has grapefruit extracts that can make your skin more luminous. Apart from that, it also has green tea and white tea extracts to prevent free radical damage and combat signs of premature skin aging.

The primer also helps reduce the size of the pores and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin a smooth canvas for the subsequent makeup. When you apply a foundation after wearing this primer, it will not oxidize, which will in turn, prevent it from turning orangish on the skin.

A very lightweight product, this one, keeps excess moisture at bay, while rendering a completely matte finish with a hint of a healthy glow.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Primer

mineral wear

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Since we mentioned that people with sensitive skin can use a color-correcting primer her is one that we think you should definitely invest in. The Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Primer works best for people with sensitive skin. It is designed non-comedogenic to suit this particular skin type.

The primer is also hypoallergenic and talc-free, but the best thing about it is that it comes with a built-in applicator. Now why is this important?

 When it comes to applying the product, always choose a brush applicator or if the product comes with a sponge, use that. Stop using your fingers to apply products. Here’s why:

  1. You will be targeting the problem areas alone and blending the rest into the skin.
  2. You will not over apply.
  3. Applying the product with your fingers can cause a rubbing motion, which might further aggravate your dry skin, making the blemishes worse

Too Faced Prime and Poreless Pure Oil-Free Skin Smoothing Face Primer


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The last formula on our list today is the Too Faced Prime and Poreless Pure Oil-Free Skin Smoothing Face Primer. The product contains no fragrance, and causes no irritation, which makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

The sepi-calm in the primer, is an ingredient which soothes sensitive skin and reduces the redness.

The formula helps disappear the appearance of the fine lines and the wrinkles around the eyes and lips. It renders a matte-finish to your makeup. It will not bead on your skin. Try not to rub it in vigorously, but only buff it in. The formula gets absorbed by the skin really quick, and yet, you won’t have that cakey, undesirable finish.

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That is all we have on today’s post on the best face primer for sensitive skin. Was this helpful? Will you be recommending it to others too? If you have makeup queries that you would like to share with us, then please do so in the comment section below. Our experts will get back to ASAP.

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How To Pick The Best Face Primer For Sensitive Skin
In today’s post, we will tell everything about how to pick the best face primer for sensitive skin.
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