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How far would you go to join an elite dating site?

The great Greek philosopher Plato said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” meaning beauty is relative. What one might consider beautiful could very well be deemed ugly by another. There are as many interpretations of beauty as there are people on this planet. There is no one definitive way of deciding what or who is truly beautiful that is accepted across the board. So why then are people obsessed with looking beautiful if every person is beautiful in their own way?

Well, that is a pretty hard question to answer. People do crazy things in this quest to become ‘beautiful.’ What is the use of having free will if people get influenced by somebody else’s opinion of their beauty? And how far would they go in changing themselves to conform to the ‘accepted standards of beauty’?

Very far, apparently.

Picture this: An elite dating site called As is evident from its name, only “beautiful people” are allowed into the site. If you do apply for this site, chances are, your application would probably be rejected, just like more than seven million others who have been rejected since its launch in 2003. Coz you may not be ‘hot’ enough, you know.

What do you think some of the rejects of this site are doing? Well, they are making themselves “beautiful”!

Let me get into the details.

If you want to become a member of, you need to create a profile, with your picture and some basic details about yourself like name, height, weight, body type, et al. Then, once you’ve activated your account, your profile is displayed where it undergoes a 48-hour voting by members of the opposite sex, to determine if you’re “hot” enough to join the site. If you’re voted out, you can reapply as many times as you want, since there are no restrictions on the number of times you can reapply.

A lady from Los Angeles, Tawnie, has had some experience with this site, and she knows exactly how hard it is to be a part of She was voted out because she was not attractive enough according to the male members of the site.

tawnie's profile being voted out on the elite dating site

Tawnie’s profile being voted out on the elite dating site

Image source

So what did she do next?

Like one in four of the whopping 7.5 million rejections, Tawnie underwent an extreme makeover to beautify herself, and for a chance at dating the “most beautiful men and women in the world.” While some went under the knife, some others have spent hours in the gym, changed their diets, all for a chance to be accepted into the elite dating site.

Check out Tawnie’s transformation here:

tawnie following her transformation

Tawnie following her transformation

Image source

This disturbing trend seems to be catching on. Another former reject of the elite dating site, Aleksandra Pieczek, who is an administration student from Poland, said that her transformation has changed her life.

“I didn’t want to be a nobody, so I started to change my life – I changed my diet, my lifestyle, I started to be active, following a Mel B fitness programme, using my bike, swimming, zumbe, etc. After one year I lost about 8kg, my hair is now so long and healthy, I met someone new who helped me to change – I started studying, I became a cheerleader and photomodel.”

This is what Aleksandra looked like before her transformation:

aleksandra pieczek before becoming 'beautiful'

Aleksandra Pieczek before becoming ‘beautiful’

Image source

Now, behold the new and ‘improved’ Aleksandra here:

aleksandra pieczek showing off her transformation in a photo shoot

Aleksandra Pieczek showing off her transformation in a photo shoot

Image source

This trend is not just isolated to women, but many men are undergoing extreme makeovers too. Alexander Siegwardt is a German student, who said, “I was rejected by so many times, so I decided to change my life to boost my confidence. I worked out 7 times a week for 9 months now and I simply enjoy my transformation as much the attention and interest from others that I get.”

Here is how Alexander looked when he was rejected by the site:

alexander siegwardt before his extreme makeover

Alexander Siegwardt before his extreme makeover

Image source

Here’s how he looks now:

alexander siegwardt showing off his ripped body post transformation

Alexander Siegwardt showing off his ripped body post transformation

Image source

Another male user, a Briton, who didn’t wish to reveal his name, said, “Like most students I piled the weight on at University. I have always, always hated my big hooked nose. I lost some weight after uni and finally had the courage to take the plunge and get a nose job in June 2014. It hasn’t been easy – my brother hasn’t spoken to me since I had the rhinoplasty – but I’ve never felt better.”

This is what the managing director Greg Hodge, of the elite dating site,, had to say, “Because there are no limits to the number of times a rejected applicant can attempt to re-apply, it is not unusual for us to see three, four or sometimes more than 20 attempts to get through our very stringent voting-in process.”

He continued, “Take a look at some of the best looking celebrities in Hollywood and it’s clear to see they weren’t born beautiful. Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman and Ryan Seacrest are all great examples  and an inspiration to unattractive people the world over so if they can do it, then so can you. Sometimes it’s just down to straightening your teeth, curbing your appetite, grooming yourself with a little more care and getting down to the gym.”

Wow. This guy makes it sound so simple. Everybody should take this guy’s advice to make themselves “beautiful.” I wonder how he looks. Does he qualify as beautiful?

Another “service” offered by the site is mentoring by the successful members who work with the beautiful hopefuls to help them improve their looks and also improve their odds of being accepted by the site. Apparently, this mentoring service has contributed to a rise in second time success stories.

“Many people write us off as a heartless, lookist dating community that exists to alienate the aesthetically disadvantaged. But that’s not true. We want to encourage people to make the best of themselves.” Greg added, “We get more excited about successful transformation stories than any other application and our members who transform themselves tell us how our rejection letter was the best thing that could have ever happened to them – and that we’ve positively enhanced their lives.”

Sweden takes the cake as the most beautiful country, while Britain has the lowest acceptance rate in the world, making it the most ugliest.

Currently, has more than 800,000 members worldwide.

God save us all!

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How far would you go to join an elite dating site?
As many applicants get rejected from joining the site, they are taking extreme measures to get accepted again. Read on to know more about the story.
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